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With this episode we got a true debut for Cure Majesty. I think the focus last week was fairly directed to Skearhead since he was easily the best antagonist we’ve gotten in the show so far. That does remain the case in this episode, but I do think the focus really was on Cure Majesty this week. Both in setting things up and continuing to show off how utterly broken she is! If anyone was hoping for a new Precure to show up and utterly smash enemies up then they certainly got that!

Here’s our Ace Fighter!

One question going into the Cure Majesty era was whether Ellee would permanently age up (like Cure Felice) or stay a child outside of battle. They’ve clearly gone (at least for now) for the latter approach. I’m not shocked they made that choice. Ellee has continued to define herself as a character and building her up as been part of the show for over half the runtime. Suddenly aging her up to the same age as the rest of the cast could have been awkward. It would be a bit late in the run to suddenly change her whole personality. After all, Cure Felice by comparison first appeared in episode 22 of Mahou Tsukai. It’s probably better to just let Ellee take minor steps forward here.

This does create an unusual situation. Ellee is clearly still very childish since an insane amount of time hasn’t passed since this show started. So she’s going from being very childish to several years older while in combat. That’s a bit of a strange situation to watch unfold. Right now they haven’t actually given Majesty that much personality. She stays relatively quiet during combat and simply takes down whoever she is up against. But it will be a bit weird when she starts getting challenged and occasionally overpowered. It will be interesting to see how they’ll handle Majesty in terms of her personality.

“I have the power!”

I do like that they didn’t waste much time looking into who Majesty was. Ellee can communicate and everyone has trust in her. She can be a bit of a…selfish kid at times, but she isn’t one to lie. So makes sense that people are quick to believe her on this. All the more so since she’s literally the one who gave them all the power to turn into Precure. If they can turn into those then believing that Ellee can transform into an older body isn’t anything too unbelievable.

What did take a while obviously was figuring out her transformation. They say that Ageha knew what she was doing, so will just trust them on that. Honestly it just seemed like she was being supportive while waiting for Ellee to figure it out. That and she was recapping everything Ellee did immediately after she did it. I know it isn’t just for the audience, but come on Ageha we’re watching the show and Ellee was the one doing it. We’re all good here! It was a decent mystery since obviously she transformed originally without any Mirage Pen. So I wasn’t even going to discount the chance that she could do it while holding a spoon XD.

Tough day for the main cast

Makes sense that for Ellee it was all about wanting to protect the main cast. They had done so much for her across this show and (no offence to her parents) they were raising her. Having their lives be in danger was a good motivator. But I appreciate that she needed a reminder that the feeling of wanting to protect was important. Once she had that figured out then she was ready to get rolling. And once Majesty took the stage that fight was basically over. It’s nice that she doesn’t pre-packaged with a finisher so she could let the main feel like they had a purpose anymore XD.

Skearhead must have taught him the Kamehameha

While it’s a bit too bad that Skearhead isn’t doing all the fighting himself right now…I do find it hilarious that he’s using Minoton as his minion XD. It says something about how much I don’t like Minoton that I’m enjoying him being recycled by Skearhead as a useful blunt weapon. No more working out and pointlessly summoning minions for that guy! Instead can just keep re-using Minoton by grabbing him each time the Precure purify him. It’s kind of awesome in how horrible it is to do that. I half expect they’ll properly save him next week. But it’d be funny if Minoton replaced the monsters of the week for the show.

I also both appreciate getting to partially see the main villain and roll my eyes at her incompetence. Just barking orders while completely ignoring that she’s the one that let Ellee transform into Cure Majesty. Now Skearhead is left to clean up her mess. It’s kind of refreshing that they’ve dropped the whole kidnapping Ellee thing. But that just raises even more questions. If they wanted to stop her from turning into Cure Majesty…why not just kill her in episode 1? Maybe Kabaton wouldn’t kill a baby, but it still seems weird to kidnap her. And if they wanted her power for something…wouldn’t they still need it even if she can transform into a Precure? I don’t get this Empress.

Sora is still cool (even if not the most powerful)

This episode was solid. Majesty got to utterly show off her power. Though it’s going to create an interesting dynamic. They are basically raising Ellee, but she’s also easily their most powerful fighting force. So, they do need to drag her to fights even when she doesn’t have a good grasp on her power. They have a good motivation to get stronger. But they could easily run into a moment where they feel utterly unhelpful in support of the person they are supposed to be protecting. At the very least, the secrets of Ellee are steadily being revealed. And the show is far enough along that they don’t have that much time left to fool around with unimportant sidequests. But we’ll see how things go. At least this episode moved things forward.

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