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This episode had a solid start that established a bit of mystery while also delivering enough comedy to keep things fun in the meantime. Helck was a driving force to this episode, but I’d also say we haven’t really gotten to learn about him yet. Instead, the viewpoint character of the episode was mostly Vermilio which makes sense. It allows us to get to know the general situation a bit better, her reactions are entertaining, and it allows Helck to be a factor while still being a bit mysterious. Can his stance be taken at face value? Fair for Vermilio to question it since Helck seems a bit too chipper about suggesting slaughtering humanity XD.

Just a little upset

I do get why Vermilio was losing her mind for so much of the episode. Of course, a human hero competing to become a Demon Lord is a bit…questionable. I suppose if we take the title literally it could be considered a lord of demons and not a demon that is a lord. But it’s still a bit unusual. Even more so with a human hero having recently killed the Demon Lord they are holding this tournament to replace! Obviously, it’s revealed that person wasn’t Helck so it’s not like he’s competing for the job opening he created!

Still, I get Vermilio’s worries. Could a human hero really want that job so badly for a legitimate reason? I’d say the answer is yes considering humans can be awful. And it wouldn’t be the first story of a hero betrayed by humanity wanting to get some payback. It’s not like she’s just purely anti-human, but rather being concerned about her people. If someone that insanely powerful gets a position of authority there will be no stopping him. Not that there is any stopping him now. Kind of have to hope that he is a great guy since their plans to stop him…didn’t work. Even Vermilio herself couldn’t fail him during the food competition…because it was too delicious!

I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy

The comedy is honestly a solid element for the show right now. Helck himself is just so OP but also seems like a fun guy. Everything just working out well too. The card competition was great because we saw him handle a real challenge in an amusing way. And his extreme means of getting things going resulted in everyone picking fights on their own. He didn’t try to convince everyone that this was a competition where you had to build your tower and attack others. That should have been the sign that trying to slow this guy down was a foolish decision. Helck just isn’t one to be messed with!

My condolences to everyone that must rebuild the buildings after Vermilio blows them up. Nothing like a lead heroine who is actively the fiery type. I’ll be curious to see how her balance with Helck plays out since she was antagonistic here, but also was cute when eating that parfait. Since her heart is in the right place I presume things will work out just fine between her and Helck. Though I also expect she’ll still blow up quite literally at times.

So are angels invading the Earth?

The curious thing though is on the more dramatic side. What is going on in the world? With the spy visiting several towns only to find no one…that’s concerning. Obviously, the idea that Helck murdered his brother is nonsense considering how happily he talks about him. Even in the unlikely scenario that he killed his brother it would have only been out of extreme necessity. And there’s certainly signs that something is very much wrong. You have soldiers that look like angels on the attack on top of all that. What really happened to Helck’s brother? What drove him so far that he decided to compete in a tournament like this. Has humanity itself gone nuts or is there more to it? I guess we’ll find out as the show goes along.

Curious about Cless

This was a solid start though. Helck himself seems like a fun character. He’s huge, powerful, and amusingly muscular. I’m curious to get a look at him being a bit more serious though. Even more so with serious topics like the potential death of his brother hanging around. With attacks happening it’s not like the story can be totally a comedy. But I suspect they’ll find a decent way to balance both sides out. The tournament is almost done too so we’ll see how things play out once Helck obviously wins the whole thing. I enjoyed the first episode and glad for the suggestions to give it a watch.

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