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We are at the point of the show where the Precure are all going through mini-arcs to set up their futures. This time we got Tsubasa who understandably is a bit lost right now. I’d say he doesn’t have to worry about the Precure power cancelling out his dream since…most Precure tend not to keep their powers after the show is over. I’m sure he’ll be back to not being able to fly that way and will have to figure out how to fly on his own anyways. But I suppose he isn’t aware of the meta situation of the franchise he’s part of. It makes sense that he’d feel a bit lost since figuring out how to barely fly in his small bird form isn’t quite comparable to flying around like Superman!

“Oh right, flying really mattered to me.”

Admittedly this episode kind of comes out of nowhere since Tsubasa didn’t seem remotely conflicted about that since he became a Precure. His big issues as of late involve his parents treating him like a child and dealing with Ageha. I guess unless they wanted to shove his parents into this episode it would have been repetitive to have another episode of him and Ageha working things out. This is just the nature of Precure series though. They have a lot of episodes and sometimes need to do this. An episode that is basically Tsubasa learning that…learning is valuable is what you get.

The dilemma makes sense even if it wasn’t set up leading into this episode. I could see him wondering what he’s even going to do with himself moving forward now that he’s already gotten to experience flying so freely. I honestly think a better focus might have been his relationship with Ellee. He can play the role of her knight right now, but what does that mean for the future? Does he intend to become a knight of Skyland and her personal protector for the long term?

Nice lady that knows her stuff

To be fair, it is a good lesson. While I won’t say that everything you learn will always come back to help you someday, it is fair to say that knowledge does connect in interesting ways. His singular focus on flying has been something he’s cared a lot about and put time into. But I think in part he’s starting to realize that fulfilling his dream doesn’t connect to a specific goal. So, I could understand him feeling a bit lost right now upon seeing those around him learning things that contribute to the goals they have for themselves.

Yoyo is a wise lady. She’s shown the most positive angle of just learning things. She picks up one thing of interest to her and that connects to more things. In the end just learning about herbs leads to making her own garden, fertilizer, and even cooking. Yoyo is the type of person that takes something and just sees how far it stretches out. Some would just focus on the thing they care about and stay within strict boundaries. Good on her for trying to show Tsubasa that his drive to learn can lead to more things than he realizes. You could say though that just randomly learning won’t really do much for him since a person can only know so much. He may just end up with pointless trivia if he doesn’t know what he wants his learning to build up to.

Not sure on these tactics

I did get a bit of a laugh from the rain scenes. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that Tsubasa’s learning about clouds and weather really saved them there. He mentioned it might rain a few seconds before it did. They didn’t move to cover until it was already raining. That’s something they would have done anyways even if he didn’t say anything. Same with the rain ending. When the rain stopped, they’d know it stopped. It’s kind of nice to have an idea how long the rain will fall, but that’s about it.

At least the battle let Tsubasa’s knowledge come into practical use. I’m sure they would have been fine anyways, but at least he used what he knew to gain advantage over the monster this time around. Not bad using their magic tool to create a hailstorm or using updrafts to get altitude. However, I do question using hailstorm attacks over their vegetable fields! I would have actually been fine if they let the fight end with Wing using his personal finisher since this episode was about him anyways. But I guess they have to get their money’s worth from the Butterfly/Wing finisher before switching to what will probably be a group finisher sooner or later.

This guy has worn out his welcome

If nothing else it was a pretty relaxing episode. I’m sure Tsubasa will still run into conflict unless he manages to keep his precure powers permanently. So that will be something else to tackle in the second half of the show. Right now we’re heading pretty close to the mid-point of the show. It’s about time to take care of their current opponent and maybe even let the big bad make a personal appearance before the main characters.

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