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Some shows just deliver a very relaxing atmosphere while still getting you invested in the plight of the characters. The nighttime walk of the main pair was beautiful, but it also made you feel for how tough things have been for these two. They finally gained a feeling of bliss in being able to spend their nights enjoying the company of another person instead of quietly suffering on their own. And yet the episode also seemed to give an idea of how they can find a path forward. That it won’t always be able them struggling to live their lives with insomnia dragging them down.

Less vampires, more drowsiness

It of course makes me think a bit of Yofukashi no Uta. That show did only air last summer and had a main character struggling with insomnia. This one naturally has a completely different tone, however. The two characters haven’t given up on school or anything. But instead, they are trying to balance their lives while struggling with their insomnia. Plus, there is an element of the supernatural removed without the vampires. Which is fine by me since I’m not that big on vampires anyways. But it is somewhat interesting to have another show focusing on insomnia a bit. But this show seems ready to focus way more on that. With Yofukashi no Uta it felt more like insomnia was an excuse to have a vampire focused romance. But this one seems ready to focus more on how insomnia impacts lives.

Of course a person would be stressed in that situation

The episode did a good job establishing how tough things are for Ganta. There was a somber way it started out with him just struggling through a regular night. His friend joked a bit, but this really is less of a gift than a curse. He can spend time trying to study, but all he ends up doing is learning and not actually getting some sleep. The little details just made it all the easier to empathize. He’s clearly trying in the ways he has available to him to tackle it. He’s listening to peaceful music and he’s staying off his phone so not to throw off his sleeping schedule. But it’s just not working.

So of course, that would lead to health problems. Headaches aren’t a surprise with the little amount of sleep he gets. And irritability would be a natural consequence of all of that. It’s impressive that he’s still getting classwork done. Other people with more energy have some to spare goofing off. But all he can do is throw his effort into getting his part of the work and trying to get some sleep. Of course, he’d get annoyed when people that aren’t working are getting on his case.

These two really might save themselves

Everything shifted when he met Isaki. Obviously, it took a bit of time for them to get comfortable with each other. But even by the end of this episode they seem well on their way. Friendship is just a given at this point since they can relate to each other better than they can a lot of people around them. It seems safe to presume romance will be right around the corner also. But the important thing is what it means for their mental states. Having someone that really understands what they are going through means a lot. And obviously Ganta’s friend knows about his situation. But there’s a difference between knowing about a problem and understanding what it feels like.

The biggest thing though is how they might be a solution for each other. It seemed like they got the best sleep they’ve had in a long time in the observatory. And Isaki seemed to fall asleep for a bit when they were hiding from the police later. Maybe physical contact is a difference maker for them. Having another person right there just gives a sense of peace that lets them get some sleep. Now to be fair…even if they find that is a solution that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. A couple highschoolers sleeping together every night could lead to some talk if they can’t keep it under the radar. Although maybe it wouldn’t matter. Highschool kids are probably doing way more than sleeping together even in that school.

Isaki is a fun girl

This show just had a solid first episode. It looked good and the main pair are both likeable. It’s easy to empathize with them since they are dealing with a difficult situation. Obviously, insomnia isn’t the worst possible condition they could be dealing with. But it really has impacted their lives quite a bit. Even more so since they can’t/won’t just broadcast that they are suffering from insomnia to everyone around them. The one nice thing is that these two got to share a beautiful night on the town. There’s a big difference from suffering quietly in their homes alone to being able to share the night with another person. I look forward to seeing how these two grow closer over time and how they can manage their insomnia. It’d be nice if they were able to be more cheerful and less stressed at school thanks to all this.

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