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Just another comfortable episode for this show. It’s starting to find a steady pace for itself. Not that Sora’s first day at school wasn’t entertaining, but they didn’t push things as hard in this one as they had in previous episode. This was just a steady episode involving Sora easing herself into school and then realizing she didn’t need to ease herself into school to that degree! Of course, it’s a bit idealistic with a class just happily accepting this transfer student that crushed all their records and is a self-proclaimed hero in training. But it’s not a bad thing to have a bit of idealism now and then. It lets them focus on Sora not having to restrain herself so hard instead of dealing with things like school bullying.

This girl is awful at lying

It is nice that Sora seems aware that she’s insanely honest. Makes for a great hero, but not necessarily great at keeping a secret. She’s already bad at not telling people she’s from another world! It really must be only a matter of time before she starts telling people that they are Precure. But Sora is so earnest that it is impossible for me to dislike her. If part of her character is being intensely honest, then that’s just how it must be!

If nothing else, it was a blast seeing Sora just crush all those records without wanting to! The girl can’t refuse her heroic urges and suppressing natural skill just isn’t that easy. It’s probably for the best though. I think if anyone realized she wasn’t trying then they’d have gotten offended. Pretending to be a shy girl just wouldn’t last for very long.

Mashiro gives her all both in and out of fights

Good on Mashiro for helping as best she could. I appreciate that they did have characters reaching out to Sora before Mashiro had a talk with her. So, it let the supporting cast be seen as good people that already liked Sora. Nothing wrong with Mashiro continuing to hammer home with the point that she accepts Sora as much as she is accepted by Sora. And it makes sense that Mashiro also had a tough time when she first started at that school. It lets her continue to get fleshed out while keeping the focus on the Hero Girl that everyone wants to see!

I do kind of like this sequence though…

One thing that I hope they can figure out is dual transformations. The actual transformations (especially for Sky) are excellent. But the style of it doesn’t really interact with more than one characters transforming at the same time. At least not in the way they are handling it. Right now, it is mostly just Sky transforming…with a few shots of Prism here and there. So, it’s not as good as Sky’s normal transformation and it’s just terrible for a Prism transformation. They do have options. It is possible to take the extra time to have one transformation after the other, only have one get a transformation sequence with the other transforming off-screen or design a better dual transformation. This isn’t working though.

Things will obviously change as they add their third and fourth team members. So maybe they’ll just go with this until then. But I sure hope they have a better plan for that scenario. If they continue with this strategy of Sky getting 90% of the transformation focus with snippets of 3 other Cures then it could be a real mess. Transformations aren’t all that matter in the world. But if the show is going to have them, then might as well make them good. Precure has managed dual transformations in the past (hello Maho Tsukai), so they can figure this out.

Girls are good at wall running

I’m glad the fight was more involved this week. The finisher is still one that I have criticisms for. But eventually they will add the remaining Cures so that won’t be there forever. It was fun seeing the girls make good use of the environment at the school. If fighting head on was risky then they could abuse their speed and agility. There wasn’t much that monster could do besides fire attacks all over the place. They didn’t have to hit the monster too often and instead could wear it out with pure movement. I can get behind a fight like that.

An episode of Sora just being too awesome

This episode was solid. Not necessarily going to be one of my favourites of the show. But it’s a yearlong series. There are going to be some ok, good, great, and fantastic episodes. That’s just the nature of a show with so many episodes. At least they are keeping things fun. And I must agree with Mashiro that Sora looks great in that school outfit. Hopefully the show can keep the good times rolling. We are getting closer to the additional Cures that have been seen in the opening anyways. Fingers crossed that things remain perfectly good even as the cast continues to build up.

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