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I’m not surprised that things worked out like this. The story is just about over and they needed to resolve quite a bit of it this week. As I figured they did mostly take care of the situation around Lieselotte and the focus can now shift to the situation outside of the game. Things are getting quite a bit more dire since…Endo and Kobayashi are regular people. Now I wouldn’t be shocked if things get a bit wild in the final episode. That glowing light at the end of the episode could hint at a big move being made by the characters in the other world. Or it could be nothing like the glowing black light when the witch made her move earlier. But I’m still going to lean on the former, being more likely.

This actor has had a rough time…

It does leave me curious to find out how they’ll handle this. You have some god possessing the body of the actor Kirise and who apparently has kidnapped Kobayashi’s sister. That’s a bit serious. If they go with the police option, then the poor actor will end up in jail for something outside of his control. But they can’t seriously deal with a god without some help. It’d be cool if some of the main cast came through the game to Earth. Not sure how this would all work out, but it would make for a wild finale. And it would be nice for Fiene and company to meet the people that have worked so hard to help save their lives.

We can guess how this will play out. They’ll deal with Kuon, separate him from the actor and drag him back into the other world. I’m not sure beyond that how it will work out since Kuon really is obsessed with “Eve”. I’m not sure how that works out. I guess the simplest way would be the Goddess Lirenna winning him over somehow. That or just merging back to one deity with him, but I don’t feel like either option is that great. But the guy is a God, how else do you keep him from causing future problems?

Kuon has definite issues

That also leads to one thing I found a bit odd. They summed up the Lirenna and Kuon thing as a spousal dispute. Which I don’t really get. It doesn’t seem like Kuon ever saw Lirenna as a love interest, much less considered her a wife. She saw things that way, but it feels like a very one-sided desire. I don’t have any problem with Kuon not being interested in someone that he used to be one being with. Not sure how Gods think exactly, but I can believe that’s an awkward relationship.

It’s not even that big a deal for him to have fallen for Eve. Although maybe that is an issue since they created life and one could consider Adam and Eve their children. But Gods across mythology have often shown a lot of…questionable morals. So that might fit extremely well. Plus, I think there’s no good relationships available for them. Either a relationship with one half of themselves or with the life they created. The obvious and colossal issue is…murdering Adam and chasing after this girl’s reincarnations throughout history! Holy crap this guy is the greatest stalker in history! Most stalkers kind of have to give it up when the other person dies. This guy doesn’t even give up when he’s no longer in the same dimension!

Good for these two

Saving Liese was straight forward. The power of love is a very capable thing! Credit to Sieg for never giving up on it the entire time. And credit should go to Endo and Kobayashi. I may have criticized them quite a bit, but they did come through when it mattered. And their desire to save Liese did reach her at the critical moments. There’s no way that this would have worked out remotely ok if Sieg was left on his own. Saving Liese in this case can be considered a true team effort.

And things look wonderful for those two. Their feelings have been fully expressed without reservations. And they are even set to get married before the show is over at this rate! They kind of need to. With the Goddess determining that Liese should be given the status as a Saint, they need to get a move on before she receives the honour. Since getting married after she does would be a paperwork nightmare. Bit of a silly reason to get them married right away, but I’ll take it!

Goddess was entertaining

The Goddess does deserve one credit. She gives good reasons for Kobayashi and Endo getting involved in all this. Lieselotte’s defining trait is that she considers her romantic feelings for Sieg to be one-sided. You could even go a level deeper and say that both characters’ voices are heard in the game because they resonate with the condition of both Sieg and Liese. Both really care about each other, but they can’t express those feelings. It would just hammer home the point already hinted at for Kobayashi. That she absolutely had feelings for Endo this whole time but has been too awkward to confess. She didn’t just help him out because she’s a nice person, but because she wanted an excuse to spend more time with him. That’s not confirmed, but I could see that being the case.

Should be an interesting final episode

So, we are set for a pretty good finale coming up. They do need to deal with Kobayashi’s sister getting kidnapped, Kuon possessing Kirise, Endo/Kobayashi need to confess their feelings, and might as well see how much further things can go for the other main pairs in the show. That’s quite a bit for one episode! But I’m sure they’ll handle it as best they can. There isn’t that much left to deal with. Fiene and Baldur have been confirmed as reincarnations of this universe’s Adam and Eve, Sieg/Liese are set to get married soon, and we’ve even established that this world is an actual fantasy world connected by the game made by one of the Gods of that world. It just needs to deal with a few loose ends and this show can end with a likely happy ending.

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