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The finale really is just around the corner now. The preparations for the witch are going well and most of the game-cast are well developed at this stage. But there’s no telling how things will really play out just in terms of that main conflict. And it is becoming increasingly clear that Kobayashi may be a far more central figure than she realizes in all this. The reason this is happening around her and the reason that actor has his eye on her remains unclear. The only thing clear is that it isn’t just the situation around Lieselotte that needs to be resolved. I’m curious to see just what will end up happening.

That’s some heavy love

Holy smokes that Cecile girl is intense! That girl didn’t really stand out in the earlier episodes. But the second her love interest appears…she is all in! Though that really does sum up the Riefenstahl family. They all seem to lock in on their love interests quickly and without hesitation. Lieselotte was pushed hard to suppress that side of herself, but it seems a common response. Could say that Bal’s handling of courting Fiene was extremely subtle for his family XD. I suppose it is nice that even that character has a ship going for him. Not that I was paying much attention to Fabian in the first place. It’s just funny that she immediately fell for him and rapidly put herself through grueling training so that she could be his bodyguard! That kid might as well give up now. He’s not getting away from that girl easily.

Fiene has the power of meat on her side!

The main couples in the game are all looking good. Fiene and Bal didn’t get much focus here, but things seem to be fine. They are both preparing for the upcoming battle in their own ways. Bal is clearly still working to fulfill his promise of surpassing Fiene so she won’t have to fight anymore. And Fiene…is eating meat! I suppose with her stats maxed out there really isn’t much else for her to do. And not like she wants to get stronger anyways.

Things are far more entertaining with Sieg and Liese. These two are really in full flirt mode with Sieg long having lost any ability to restrain himself around his adorable fiancé. At this point he’s being direct with complimenting her. And of course, she’s kind of snapping more than usual with just being equally blunt about her own feelings. Soft and sweet moments are still tough for her heart to handle after years spent restraining herself. But it does seem very likely that she’s going to get used to that with time.

Really doesn’t want her sister spilling the beans

The interesting thing is what is going on with Kobayashi. That actor still following her around is beyond suspicious. We can still guess who this Eve he’s talking about is. With this show shipping characters all over the place, I’m getting the feeling that this Eve will show up eventually. It just feels as if Shihono is more than just a random person getting access to this game world. There are a few different possibilities, but I’m not sure which of them is most likely. At the very least I fully expect Shihono’s situation to be a major plot point in the final episodes.

Another major plot point should be her situation with Endo. Right now, he’s steadily convincing himself that she only kind of likes his voice and doesn’t see him as a love interest. That’s obviously false as we saw her reactions last episode. But she’s not making it as obvious to him. Her sister is laying it on thick that Shihono sucks at being honest about her feelings. It fits though. The girl that loves the villainous tsundere Lieselotte is herself poor with handling feelings. Shihono is good at trying to chase away her sister before she says too much though. At the very least her sister did confirm how hard Endo has fallen for Shihono. Now it’s just up to these two to admit their feelings for each other. With Shihono’s heritage looking to be a major plot point in the finale…I’m sure they’ll have opportunities for a dramatic confession.

Liese remains a great blushing machine

I’m looking forward to the final part of this series. The battle against the witch is looking pretty good. But it does make me wonder what her story is. It doesn’t seem likely that she’s simply a monstrous entity without any reason for being evil. I can see them winning the battle and then getting completely blindsided by a twist. And it will be even more effective since I can see Endo and Shihono being hit by surprise at the same time. No idea what kind of answers we’re going to get in the final episodes. But I am looking forward to getting those answers.

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