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This show has remained extremely consistent so far. Each episode has been enjoyable and steadily building up our main characters. This spent a decent amount of time though on clearing things up regarding Mashiro’s grandmother. Though there are hints that we’re getting close to kicking off Mashiro’s character arc, but for now the focus really was on Ellee. That kid needed a break and the chance to see her parents again. No matter how calm the child…there’s only so much a kid can take. Outside of that the episode really was just about deepening the bonds between the main characters. We are talking about a Precure series though. It’s going to have somewhere around 50 episodes to tell its story. There’s time for the characters to literally stop and have a picnic.

More to learn about this hero

While this episode wasn’t as packed as the first episode, there were hints at interesting elements. Sora’s family hasn’t exactly made any sort of appearance yet and she was basically traveling around on her own when the show started. Honestly, I’m not sure how dark the show wants to get here. Is her family alive and well? My gut says that they probably won’t go that dark, but who knows. What was her actual plan before running into the whole kidnapping situation? Was she just on some hero training journey with the approval of her family? There are a lot of heroes though with dead parents…So if they wanted to tap into that I wouldn’t be shocked.

That’s a fair reaction

Mashiro also had some hints as to where things might go for her. There was a lot of focus on her innate kindness and ability to read what people are feeling. That was shown in her noticing quickly how nervous/afraid Sora was despite putting up a brave front. And she was absolutely on the ball in this episode in getting a feel for what Ellee was upset about and needed at any given time. Though it would feel expected that she’s more focused on things that she isn’t good at. Mashiro seems like a sweet girl, and I hope she doesn’t have that many troubles.

The most interesting thing for her is surprisingly finding out that she’s partly Skylandian. If her grandmother fell in love with a human from Earth it would be a small part of herself. Still, that’s a reveal that she’s likely still processing right now. I think it was far more overwhelming for her to find out her grandmother is basically an alien XD. But I suppose family is family in the end. So not like she’s going to be all that shaken up about it for long. I do wonder if her parents already know? But regardless I didn’t think she’d drop the bomb this early. I guess that’s the only way she could show up the various magical tools without confusion.

So far Ellee is doing ok

I want to give props to Ellee for managing to be a likeable character so far. It’s easy for babies in any entertainment medium to get annoying fast. But Ellee has a human quality to her. Of course, a kid is going to miss her family and wants to see them. Even if the people around her are super sweet…lonely is lonely. At least she doesn’t overdo it. There’s some crying, some whining, but in the end Ellee just gives enough for me to want to see her reunite with her parents. There’s an emotional aspect to parents and child crying from joy at least seeing each other again. If the show can manage to keep Ellee as a likable kid then things will be in a good place.

Solid tactic

Not much to say about the action of course. It was fine and did give Sky a bit of trouble this time. This is the third fight and about time for the enemies to start making some basic tactical choices here. At least Sky had to really run around to avoid getting hit from below. I did wonder if she’d take some serious hit from having to guard Mashiro and Ellee, but no harm done this time around. I’m still enjoying the very direct way that Sky picks her fights. Nothing against a good old punching and kicking clinic. And her finisher is nice in that it doesn’t take that much buildup. She just gets ready and punches her enemy hard.

Glad we got to see them at least

I’m still curious to see how the other cast members will turn out. But will wait until they arrive before saying much about them. It was kind of funny to have the show answer a lot of questions I had almost immediately. I was curious about Mashiro’s parents and we got to see them this week. It seems like they’ve got jobs that keep them away from home. But they also seem like pretty loving parents. Hopefully the show can maintain the positive momentum it’s had so far. With so many episodes there are going to be weak episodes. But so far, the show is at least maintaining a standard.

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