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Things are looking up after a town was wiped off the map last episode. I suppose having a companion that can rewrite memories is pretty helpful to have around. Makes it a lot easier to avoid a whole planet uniting against you! And honestly that’s for the best since they really can’t afford that much trouble right now. It is hard to say if anyone in that world is a match for them at this point. But it is best not to poke a hornet’s nest if possible. Ironic to say I suppose considering the amount of bee-related monsters they killed and processed. But the point remains.

No point even trying to lie

Everyone has a good feel for handling Mio at this point. I suppose that’s a given with how obvious her intentions towards Makoto are. It is almost to the degree that I feel a bit sorry for her. There’s no question that this girl is head over heels for this guy and yet basically got stood up when they were alone in the same room together. In the end Makoto just showed up and went to bed so it isn’t as if he said or did anything improper. But darn it the girl had hopes! It is fair to say that her first impression was as a giant spider that stabbed and nearly killed him. So it might not be easy for him to actually consider her a legitimate love interest here. But I still hope she can get somewhere on that front. Might have to be more direct though.

I did enjoy seeing how even Rinon had a pretty easy time handling her. They may have started on poor footing, but she quickly got the trick. Just praise Mio and talk about how good a pair she and Makoto make. There won’t be any problem handling things. That is probably a good tip to learn though considering how she could be intensely dangerous if she got too jealous. Something that those around her might want to keep in mind. That concern goes out particularly for Toa. It isn’t her fault that she looks similar to Hasegawa. But since his intention is naturally drawn to her it is fair to be concerned that Mio might not be pleased about it. Not that she’d outright kill her since that would definitely piss off Makoto.

Emma is serious about this!

It is hilarious how Emma has gotten so intense. She started out as this fearful character that was ready to sacrifice herself. But now she’s just giving Makoto lectures when he isn’t acting with the prestige that is expected of him. He’s the lord of that domain and she won’t have him acting like he’s anything less than that around them! The one good thing about how quickly time is passing in this show is that you can see how this civilization is taking shape. The various races are cooperating and spreading themselves out in ways that don’t bother the others. And they are well on their way to building Makoto his own castle. Or at least building him a residence that is suitable for how they view him. At this rate they will be pressuring him to get married amongst other things.

His life’s mission to kill Makoto continues!

We’re steadily building things up to something happening. Makoto has a new outfit coming his way. It isn’t quite ready and can’t handle his power yet. But clearly it’s going to be ready eventually and I doubt he’ll be wearing it to a party. Things are going to get serious at some point. There are active conflicts going on between humans and non-humans which isn’t shocking. A lot of it purely goes to the Goddess who has prioritized only humanity and frankly spoiled them a bit. Some of them having been spoiled quite rotten. But not all humans are bad so I doubt Makoto wants to get dragged into a full blown war with humanity. He may be pressured in that direction though. So hopefully he can handle whatever is coming his way.

What is his problem?

I can’t even comment much on the end of the episode. That was a strange cliffhanger they left us on. I’m not sure how Makoto could have run into problem with that quest considering he brought the materials. Was the guy upset that Makoto brought the materials before accepting the quest? Does it matter? I guess we’ll find out at the start of the next episode anyways. As a whole I enjoyed this one. Mio continues to be as cute as can be. I’m sure she’s desperate to get a look at his memories now that some of them have been stored by Tomoe.

Mio is cute…that is all

Things are steadily moving along with Makoto making connections with various humans, building up his hidden nation, and steadily following the path of his parents. I’m curious if he’ll gain anything from that last one. His parents did choose to leave their homeland for a reason. A strong enough one that they cut a deal with that scummy goddess. It should be interesting to see how things will play out from here. Where will the next trouble come from? And when will Tomoe show up again? I get she wanted to journey in order to surpass Mio’s level. But I have a feeling she’ll either find trouble or bring it back with her…

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