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After a bit of a break we’re back with this show once again. Honestly, this might have been the most solid episode of the season thus far. It was a good chance for Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto to see where they need to go and what they need to work on. I still kind of wish some of the focus was on Shoto improving his ice side and the series not just presuming the only thing he needs to work on is flame control. Ignoring that side of it though, all three got some solid advice and direction. The reason for these work studies now makes good sense. Kind of a bleak situation when the powers above are planning on using students to fight a battle because they simply don’t have enough bodies.

Honestly, I appreciate Shoto laying things down. It’s important to not create misunderstandings and to be honest. If there is any path forward it is through handling things like this. It was just important to make clear that Shoto’s respect is for Endeavor the hero. The father figure has a long road ahead as he honestly should. It shouldn’t be treated like forgiveness that Shoto decided to go there. And honestly I can’t see how anything can be fully worked on until Shoto’s mother is able to leave the facility she’s in and resume some kind of normal existence. And it was definitely proper for Shoto and the show to acknowledge that the person he grew up admiring was All Might. That’s the image and existence that made him want to be a hero despite his upbringing.

What matters from here on out is how Endeavor handles it. At least approaching this from a perspective of teaching this trio should be good. The last thing he needs to try and do is be a father right now. Getting those three on the road to where they want to go is the best thing he can do. And so far he seems to be doing it. He’s actually listening to where they are at and giving directions that can help them take significant steps forward. All three of them have things they can work on and can improve with.

The advice regarding Deku was so on point I wonder if the franchise realizes how it looks. Telling Deku to put aside the new quirk honestly reminded me how unnecessary it was to introduce it in the first place. Deku already has enough on his plate mastering this One for All quirk in general and Air Force in particular. Just having him work on that until he can do without thinking too much is exactly what Deku needs to be doing and how he can get stronger. And it’s fair to draw the distinction between Deku and All Might. I would say though that All Might certainly worked on his quirk as we could see from the flashbacks of Gran Torino knocking him around. But it is fair to say he hasn’t had to think of it on the level Deku has.

We’re still on the road with Hawks who is putting in a lot of effort behind the scenes. The League really is completely involved with this movement and is heading it. Clearly whatever Hawks did to Jeanist and what he did during the arc we skipped worked to really get him inside of this. Of course he’s still being kept out of all the meetings so clearly he isn’t trusted completely yet. But, he’s at least close enough to track what is going on and do some research. The only question is whether he can dig up enough information in time. If he can’t then their plan will get into full motion and the mess could be serious. Not exactly sure what Tomura is going to do, but it probably won’t be a good thing for the innocent people in that country.

It was a pretty solid episode overall. The smaller action bits with Endeavor stopping a hit and run driver along with stopping an out of control bus worked well. You don’t always need the big fights to be entertaining. They are supposed to be heroes at the end of the day. The show itself made the point that their roles are about combat, rescue, and evacuation. You can do more than just focus on combat. Hopefully these episodes help give the characters more to do than just throwing a boss fight at them. I’m also looking forward to the next one. It is nice to spread the focus around a bit. Showing off what Asui and Ochaco are up to will be nice. They can have their own adventures without Deku being around.

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