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While this arc is definitely going to drag on, we did get a solid episode this week. Focusing back on the Todoroki side of things definitely gives the episode a bit more weight and overall plot significance. The issues that exist between him and his father remain a major element in all this. While you have Endeavor trying to reach out, there is no getting away from the costs that come from his terrible actions across much of Shoto’s life. It’ll take time to get anywhere.

Things are complicated

There’s no doubt that learning Endeavor’s Prominence Burn would be a huge gain for Shoto in terms of combat. His flame side is still developing since he spent a long time refusing to use it more than he absolutely had to. There is certainly no one better suited to teach him how to use it than Endeavor. But actually getting Shoto to roll with that won’t be easy. I hope they don’t have Todoroki lose this match just to push him in that direction. I don’t buy that Class A should lose this matchup no matter how they try to spin the opening part of this match. At most I’m fine with them making the point that he could be even more capable than he is.

Well at least the insanity has died off

Honestly the situation with Endeavor remains difficult. Even if you have Tokoyami talking about them fulfilling expectations as ones that have learned from the top heroes, it isn’t that simple. Endeavor is a hero that has risen up to prominence. But the past with the human being behind that hero name isn’t something filled with pride for Shoto. No matter how much everyone wants to give Endeavor huge props for his character arc…he’s digging himself out of a very deep hole. Being better than a total scumbag is nice, but it doesn’t make the past go away. All he can do is carry his sins with him and try to do better in the world. All for characters going on redemption arcs, but this sort of thing can’t be rushed. Will give him credit for the work he’s putting in, but not going to praise him as a great guy.

The focus of the arc here to show character growth remains consistent. A lot of focus going here to Iida who is showing how much stronger he’s gotten. I still kind of wish this was happening during a bigger arc, but will still take character growth. Iida crossed the line in the past with trying to avenge his brother and he’s also someone working to dig himself back out of it. Almost literally in this case. He should be a real force in this coming episode and honestly I’d be a bit annoyed if Class A lost after this. There’s just no way that Iida and Todoroki even just by themselves should lose this thing. And they’ve got solid backup supporting them. Plus it kind of sets a questionable message that the mass destruction caused by the last two Class B teams as actually helping them win.

In a sense there wasn’t that much going on in this episode. A lot of it was aftermath of the last match and flashbacks. Juzo’s handling of things was probably the only other noteworthy element. That unit of Class B was pretty well full of idiots or people without many good ideas to offer. That he managed to actually pull things together despite not obviously taking away leadership was impressive. Although the turnaround for Class B is almost due to this guy and his quirk. Take him out and the whole thing comes apart pretty quickly.

Overall it was a better episode, but we’ll see how this match plays out. Hopefully it doesn’t take the entirety of the next episode. I’d rather get into Bakugo’s match so we can get to Deku’s match. Obviously the major danger is Shinso’s quirk causing an unexpected reaction from One for All which would be problematic to put it lightly. At least they slipped a bit of shipping in there with Mina picking up pretty easily on how up to date Ochaco is about things involving Deku. A bit of embarrassed quirk usage is fine for comedy. Although I agree they need to be on their game for the coming match. That’s a team where I’m just not sure how well it will do.

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