Score: B+

This is looking to be another tough matchup for Class A on the surface. I fully expect that at some point next episode we’ll see Momo utterly turn the tables. Mostly because I just don’t see Kendo as being that much better a tactician than Momo. And that’s nothing against Kendo. She’s a likable character and despite not having a flashy quirk, she has shown her ability to step up when it counts. I just think that Momo has a good plan waiting to be executed. Momo has come a long way from the person who lost her confidence when fighting Tokoyami. I fully expect Momo will pull off some clever tricks even when things are looking dire.

Of course anything can happen. I don’t expect Class A to clear this training exercise without suffering a single defeat. That would go against the whole point of showing Class B as having improved since last we saw them. But that win can come anywhere. Could easily happen during the Deku match if something unusual happens there. I wouldn’t be surprised either if it happened during the Bakugou matchup. I know that guy is really good and is surprisingly a better leader than you’d think…but the pre-game showing really reflects his flaws. But I think trying to guess when and how many wins Class B is pointless at this stage. We don’t even know Class B all that well.

Credit where it is due though. Class B seems to be on top of their game and Kendo’s plans appear rather thorough. Outside of being found by Dark Shadow to start the match, Class B has controlled the match. Much of it has just been Class A trying to respond. Or at least it appears as if that’s what is going on here. Certainly an opponent that can disappear into and control darkness is a real threat to Tokoyami. And in a location with lots of shadowy spaces he is dangerous enough to fight by himself. Of course actually capturing and escaping with anyone is easier said than done. 3 out of the 4 team members in Class A have means of erasing darkness and shadows. Whether it is laser beams, flash bangs, or Toru’s ability to refract light they can erase the dark pretty well.

None of that would have mattered though if not for Tokoyami showing his growth. Honestly it’s a move that should have been obvious, but I didn’t think much of. Dark Shadow can float. We’ve seen that thing zipping around freely from the start. Of course if the right position was taken that Tokoyami could use Dark Shadow to allow himself to fly freely. There can’t be that many heroes that can take to the skies with that much freedom. Tokoyami doesn’t have to propel himself like say Endeavor but instead can just get going XD. It is great to see Tokoyami not just covering for his weaknesses but actually continuing to improve what he does well.

There’s no doubt that his experiences with Hawks had pros and cons. No wonder that he was getting really frustrated after a while. It is obvious that a hero like Hawks would want to keep an eye on the situation surrounding UA. Nothing wrong with him seeking out a student from there and using that connection to keep on top of things. At the same time though…that’s rough for Tokoyami. He probably felt like he gained the least out of anyone from his initial interactions with Hawks. It was only later once he was showing his potential and guts that he got a bit of a push. Was probably also clear that he was getting really annoyed. At least he did finally help remind Tokoyami about what he can do with his quirk. Even if it didn’t settle this particular match it shows how much more capable Tokoyami can become.

While I wouldn’t say this was as exciting as the previous episode, I still enjoyed it. Tokoyami is a character I appreciate even if he does have his odd side. Hopefully he gets more chances to shine in this match. There could be some good chances to make an impact with him carrying Aoyama around. They have mobility and some firepower on their side there. I guess we’ll see what the mushroom girl from Class B can do since she’s making her move right now. Glad the show is maintaining a good bit of momentum even if this kind of matchup stuff isn’t what everyone would necessarily want from the story right now.

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