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These characters can be up to basically anything and it will still be pretty fun. It was a lot of fun following them around as the younger members prepared for their graduation photos and Cocoa’s Bread Festival got ready for its second year. This time looking to be a lot more successful. Probably thanks to them spell checking her this time and making sure she wasn’t advertising for “Rabbit Horse.” The star of the episode was undoubtedly Chino though. This episode and this season in general has been a great showing of her character growth. We can really see how much more comfortable she is around customers and her friends now. It is no wonder rabbits and kids are opening up to her more. She’s matured into someone that they want to approach.

They totally went natural for this

The haircutting scenes were all pretty fun and cute. All of Megu, Maya, and Chino had good little scenes. Taking great advantage of how all these characters mesh well together no matter what mixture of characters they go with. There was just some positive and cute moments when pairing Megu with Syaro and Chiya. Though things definitely had the potential to get out of hand once Chiya’s grandmother decided to jump in an escalate things. The end result was really nice so no problem there.

Same goes really for Rize and Maya. That pair has really built up some good chemistry over the past couple seasons. They do have a good grasp on the appeal each of them has. A matching pair of hair accessories was a nice win for them. Definitely set her up nicely for the photos. Both of them have a tendency to get embarrassed quickly and react in an over the top manner. But that works for them and makes things rather fun and cute.

Of course things with Cocoa and Chino played out as you expected. The whole time I was keeping my fingers crossed that nothing would be messed up too badly that it would create a major problem. Luckily the only issue was a small mistake that lead to a nice matching look for the two of them. They continue to become closer ‘sisters’ as time goes on. They also fit nice little character moments. Like Cocoa having thought about growing her hair out longer to match Mocha more. Chino showing her growth in being willing to ask for Cocoa to take a shot with her hair. Sure, she had Tippy’s example as a positive, but it was still a gamble. It’s only fitting they finish things off with a matching style even if their hair lengths aren’t quite the same.

Syaro in heaven

The Bread Festival was a blast. We didn’t get a return from “Rabbit Horse” which was a bit sad, but it probably helped them succeed more. Best when people know which café they are trying to find! Honestly the combination of Cocoa, Chino, and Rize made for a great event. Rize’s pasta was in top form, Cocoa has improved her baking even if she’s not at Mocha’s level, and Chino’s new blend reflects her maturity and improvements. A cute flower being added to the blend shows how Chino is willing to let herself be seen more. Adding things she finds cute and fun into her work is creating even more success. There’s no doubt she’ll successfully run Rabbit House in the future. Although it will definitely help if Cocoa sticks around to handle the baking part of things.

No doubt it was extremely cute having Cocoa compliment Chino’s coffee. For Cocoa of course she can’t figure out the different blends still. But she’s being entirely honest with saying that Chino’s coffee has been delicious from the first day they met. Just nice to see how much more you can read the happiness on Chino’s face now. She might still get embarrassed, but you can see it.

Aoyama in hell

Maybe the most hilarious thing in this was seeing the life in Aoyama’s eyes die off when Rin mentioned she’d have the energy to keep supervising Aoyama through all-nighters. That was just glorious. It’s going to create a difficult relationship for Aoyama and Rabbit House if it is helping keep her editor on her case even more than ever!

Combined with that though was the most random part of the episode with Chino and Syaro being surrounded by Rabbits. Of course it was a kind of hell for Syaro, but it was heaven for Chino. Her dreams of not having rabbits flee from her is finally starting to come true! Of course Syaro is still a very powerful rabbit lure. So if she wants to be surrounded she’s probably a necessity. But as the end of the episode showed, Chino has that potential in her as well XD.

This episode was just extremely cute and made this day a great one. Nothing like seeing something so upbeat and cute to start your day. The best thing for me is that this isn’t just about cute things and there is character growth and passage of time combined with it. What makes this episode so good is seeing things like Chino’s progression from S1 to now. All these characters have grown in different ways and are just better characters now. I can’t wait to see what we get next episode.

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