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This was a case where the main cast really took a heavy hit. This effective skirmish against Tiamat/Gorgon cost them way too much. Ana should be able to recover before the next fight which is good. But they still lost Leonidas and it doesn’t look good for Ushiwaka either. Throw in there for an extra pile of failure that Benkei has basically tapped out of the conflict. I’d tend to agree with his self-depreciation though. Sure, there’s no way to tell that Ushiwaka isn’t dead yet, but regardless he’s bailing out on humanity in general here. For all they know she died to try and protect Fujimaru and he’s just done because he didn’t do anything anyways. Oh well, I suppose that’s a bungle on Gilgamesh’s side. Out of all the possible servants he ended up with Benkei. Sometimes you win when randomly summoning people and sometimes you really lose.

Nothing to complain about when it comes to the action in this one. We got some spectacular showdowns against the Gorgon from a variety of heroic spirits. Merlin was almost cool and useful there. His durability is pretty handy. Just too bad that mystic eyes are apparently really bad for him. Whatever the reason he was effectively removed as a fighting force there. That was more than covered though by the heroics of Ushiwakamaru. She was all over this fight and was spectacular throughout. More than once she fought 1v1 against a monster with a holy grail at her core. She can say that she’s not relying on the power of the grail…but we’ll see about that. That god-tier power is coming from somewhere though.

Leonidas did a masterful job as well. The Greek hero did everything in his power to hold the line. There wasn’t a lack of effort there and he did at least score some mental blows against the Gorgon. Only fitting that there was at least one Greek hero there to face off against her. Obviously with taking on the name of Tiamat means there is more going on than we can tell from the surface, she was still mostly the Greek monster of legend. Nothing bad to say about the power of Leonidas. He held out really well against that intense barrage and still managed to score a significant blow in turn. It just wasn’t enough really. A sad day that they needed an enemy rescue to have any hope at getting out of this situation alive. But sometimes all you can do is work with what you have.

The episode really was mostly just action though. A lot of fighting against the Gorgon and taking hits one after the other. It was nice though to see little moments. Fujimaru stepping up to help unite the people at the wall a bit was important. While it sounds as if the attacks will be limited for the next stretch of days, the biggest attack is coming and the wall needs defending. Good luck of course to the main cast in finding some ways to deal with the attack coming their way. They lost a massive amount of firepower and frankly even with all that firepower they’d still have trouble in dealing with this situation. Not going to be easy in the slightest.

This was a heavier and darker episode. Nothing good can be coming for Ushiwaka though she’s going down with the kind of energy and attitude you’d want to see of someone in their darkest hour. Much like how Leonidas went out like the hero he was, Ushiwaka is bringing all the bite she has to her darkest moment. Didn’t end up a heroic spirit being the type to whimper in the corner when things got tough. Things aren’t likely to get crazy fun either for Fujimaru/Mash with the threat levels coming at them. Hopefully once Ana gets on the mend they can figure out some kind of strategy to deal with this beast. Even with Ana’s effective weapon this isn’t going to be an easy situation. Considering the threat here is Gorgon and Kingu…it will be tough to come out on top. The story hasn’t failed in the slightest to get across the sense of dread and doom on the horizon.

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