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This episode was all about the pieces gathering up for the upcoming tournament. Of course hard to say how things will play out with two of the Commandments hosting this event. It could devolve into a straight up fight and toss the idea of a tournament out the window. After all it isn’t as if these commandments are eager to help anyone. They are here to take over everything and wipe out anyone in their path. Although hey the sins are pretty crazy themselves so they might just go along with this thing. At the very least they were willing to head over in the direction of this event. Of course different people are there for different reasons. Matrona and Diane honestly don’t need to be there at all. Rather they just need Elizabeth to head over with them to help heal those kids.

It was nice that the show gave a chance for Ban and Meliodas to meet up. Of course I can get Ban’s frustration that Meliodas is too forgiving. No doubt though that Meliodas is happy for his friend meeting with his loved one once again. These two are pretty entertaining to watch and glad they got this moment before things could turn serious once again. Plus hey Ban does bring some good news with having met Escanor. With the most powerful of the sins they’ve got a chance to turn this conflict around. Depending on the time of day of course. These two will definitely be in sync though since they are both going to be concerned with keeping their loved ones safe and sound.

Credit to her, I hate regular leeches

That was a good bit of development with Diane meeting up with Elizabeth. If there was anyone that could quickly win Diane over through pure goodness it is Elizabeth. This Diane is kind of reset to the time when she couldn’t really trust people outside of Meliodas. But Elizabeth through goodness of her actions and words could get Diane to trust her. And besides Diane is a pretty good person at heart as well. Rationally she may not want to trust people too much, but she’s a kind person who will reach out to help someone she sees in trouble. Too bad for King that she doesn’t have any conscious memory of him, but have to believe that he’ll be able to revive her memories sooner or later.

Who’s that Pokémon?

This episode was a good mix of comedy with a few semi-serious moments sprinkled about. They are playing up this emotional connection between Elizabeth and Meliodas. But hey I’ve got nothing against a kind of romantic bond that lets you sense the other person over distances. We may not have many of those moments available with this commandments close at hand. Some surprising and mysterious individuals sprinkled into this little tournament. Although I suppose you couldn’t just have a showdown just with people we know. Be funny if they just made a point about the commandments being a major threat and everyone ditching the tournament to charge them at once.

It wasn’t a bad episode. Mostly just getting everyone to this tournament and getting Diane back aligned with the sins even if she doesn’t have her memories. From here on out things could get more dangerous. No telling what these commandments might try. Everyone will have to be on their toes for any trickery on their part. But at least we got a lot of good little moments in this episode. I especially did like just the siblings Elaine and King meeting up again. They didn’t get a legitimate chance to talk when the sins visited the land of the dead. Just an interesting note that Elaine is better at that kind of mind reading magic. And both King and Elaine are similar in not having their wings grown out yet. Not sure if that means anything, but worth keeping an eye out for any growth in that area.

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