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That is just about it for this series. Though it appears we’re not quite done yet with one more episode to go. This episode did take things quickly towards the conclusion though. There aren’t many servants or major characters left at this stage. Even Jeanne is gone, although I get the feeling she will make a kind of last appearance. The first episode’s scene with the dragon just gave the impression that her spirit will somehow find a way back into the story. The ending for this episode was one where things were very much unsettled. Sieg and Shiro were both in a pretty large explosion and who knows if either survived it. But it doesn’t seem like Sieg has paid the prices for his miracles quite yet so I’m sure there will be more going on next time.

Must resist urge to make hand pun…

At least we finally got some kind of picture for what Shiro’s plot entailed. Although we don’t really get to see him actually do anything in terms of making that plan happen. It would have been interesting to actually see something happen there. All that we got to see was basically Shiro gaining a powerup. Still, it is better than being totally in the dark. Honestly still not a fan of his plan in general. His plan was basically turning people into almost non-human entities to remove the negative side of humanity. I get the point of it. He would get rid of conflict and selfishness through that route while leaving love and affection intact. I can see how he would consider this salvation.

I do think though there is a fair counterargument placed. Even if this a path that humanity may eventually reach in that world…it matters if they get there on their own. If it is just something that happens via miracle then they didn’t work for it and they might give up on their potential as a species. While I have issues with Sieg at times…I’ll give him some props here. He hasn’t given up on humanity yet and still sees the good people try to accomplish. Shiro in that situation might ‘save’ humanity, but honestly whether or not they are even human in that state is hard to say. Plus give humanity immortality and who knows what long term that might mean. One kind of conflict might vanish without survival instincts or selfishness. But what if instead of becoming purely rational they become mindless zombies trapped in an eternal existence?

Regardless his plans obviously won’t work out. Sieg managed to get Jeanne back on her feet, though she was at least hanging in there before he arrived. She wasn’t in great shape mentally, but she wasn’t broken either. A push in the right direction was enough to get her going. Plus it is at least easier to see what she thinks of Sieg when he actually does something interesting and shows some real emotions himself. Of course Jeanne couldn’t just bring down Shiro herself. Although I’d say forcing him to cut off his hand was pretty useful. Sadly for Jeanne she isn’t the main character. She may be the main love interest and one of the important characters, but this is Sieg’s show. He’s going to finish this fight one way or another. Though I’m really getting the feeling he’s going to turn into a dragon at some point here.

I’m not sure if Fran still being a factor in this story is brilliant or just a random pull out of nowhere. It seems hard to believe she’s able to involve herself in this story in any respect. I may be wrong, but don’t remember anything that would suggest Fran kept any part of herself around to assist them past the point that she died. But whatever, without a full transformation left this is about the only way Sieg could actually fight with Shiro. Once the story locked in on having this homunculus fight against Shiro then there wasn’t much else to do than find a way to make it plausible. At least it was a fairly interesting clash. Not quite on the level of Sieg vs Karna or some other fights, but entertaining.

And hey Sieg is pretty darn close to human at this point. Not caring so much about the big picture and instead wanting to crush the guy who ‘indirectly’ killed the girl he liked. Sure that attack was a self-destructive move by Jeanne, but it was a necessary one considering the situation. A straight up fight against Shiro would have lead to defeat anyways so she had to try anything she had up her sleeve. Plus he would have killed her anyways so it’s still pretty valid to be pissed off at this point.

Now we just have to wait and see how things play out. While Shiro still has a ‘dying’ Assassin and Caster on his side, if he goes down it doesn’t matter. The question is whether Sieg can endure long enough to find a way to win. With the injuries he sustained it doesn’t seem like his survival is too likely. Although I suppose with the grail still there they could make him human or heal his injuries. At least we’ve got one more episode to find out how this ends.

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