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We did get a nice episode that this time focused more on the two leads and pushing them together a bit. And the little action we saw in the episode wasn’t stock footage which I’ll always appreciate. It was about time to start actually making the two leads think of each other in a more positive sense. Though it’s always being made uncomfortable with the older guy trying to push these two young teens into a relationship. Shipping can be fun, but having someone like Arima pushing them together is a bit creepy. Especially since while it’s said in a joking manner….he’s not exactly lacking encouragement for Benio to get knocked up at something like 14. Come on man this isn’t the 1800s here. We’re not exactly supposed to be encouraging teen pregnancies please and thank you. I know we’re talking about some kid that will save the world and all…but can the planet just wait until they are in their 20s before pushing this?


In the end the focus was on moving Rokuro and Benio to what Arima would probably consider their love shack. Really just removing all the barriers to hesitation aren’t you? At this point rather than kidnapping the familiar….I’d more expect him to just straight up destroy it. That thing is the biggest barrier to those two getting closer. This is just a situation where a mistake almost feels inevitable. Nice house, isolated, and basically given to them as a pre-marriage present. Certainly pushing for each other to be their first relationship partner and things could spiral out of control in a hurry. Especially if he’s going to force them on occasion to go through various tests that exist for the purpose of making them interact more.

Nothing wrong with them getting along though so long as it’s their will. The test pushed them together, but it was these two that decided how they’d feel about working together. Although it sure feels like the test was designed with their physical abilities in mind and done in order to create temptations. Having to make Benio go first up a lot of obstacles and create skirt temptations for Rokuro. Credit to the show that it didn’t do that much fanservice with Benio outside of clothed areas. No looks up the skirt or anything over the top. While I dislike Arima’s motivations….it works. There is definitely way more physical attraction for Rokuro towards Benio than there was a few episodes ago and same goes for Benio. She’s far more aware of Rokuro in a physical sense than she was before. Given enough time….probably can get these two romantically interested in each other.


In a sense not a lot to talk about outside of the improving relationship. Sure it ends with banter at the end, but it kind of has to since we can’t actually have them get that close that fast. But there was forward momentum and that isn’t a bad thing. Getting along in a fight is actually good for them and it showed in this episode. Everyone has their strengths and Benio pinning down the threat and then having Rokuro finish it off is a good effort. They worked together and got the job done. Team building is good for them.

It was also good for them to actually have Benio open up a bit. Rokuro’s past is mostly an open book though we don’t have the specifics of what happened. The key thing is that Benio mostly gets that something terrible happened to Rokuro and that’s why he is like that. Now we finally get a chance for Rokuro to understand that Benio had things happen in her past as well. Throw up the debate on whether it’s better to have parents abandon you as a child or be murdered….key thing is that neither has parents at this point. And we did get a bit more about Benio’s brother. Though he sure felt more like a sibling that was a couple years older than her twin in that flashback. Though I suppose….people tend to mature when their family dies. Geeze, Benio’s background is just terrible there. Parents? Dead. Brother? Dead. People can go in a couple directions from grief and she chose revenge. Mostly because….she’s got nothing else in her life. Just her talent as an onmyouji. Throwing her whole existence into fighting is where she decided to go.


So now we see where these two go from here. Feels like from the preview that we’ll be delving into Rokuro’s past next time. Looks as well like another important onmyouji will be showing up to put pressure on him….as if that was really necessary at this point. Curious to see since this episode didn’t really leave anything hanging to be picked up next week. Well aside from Mayura murdering her grandfather for allowing Benio and Rokuro to live together.

Not a bad episode. Was nice to see these two getting along, even if a lot of it was just embarrassment from the two characters. Hopefully Arima will leave it at this and the show won’t reach a dark point where their organization literally demands they start trying to have the Miko now…

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