I’d say this was a pretty good start for this new Utawarerumono. It did a nice job of introducing and focusing on the main pair and just taking its time in moving things along. I enjoyed the nice pace it had and getting to know Kuon and Haku. Of course it is impossible to avoid trying to compare these two to Hakuoro and Eruru, but I’ll try to hold back until we get some episodes in first. Would be unfair to try and compare characters who had an entire series to ones that have only had this one chance to make a first impression. Of course the similarities are easy enough to spot. We have a male lead with amnesia who is found and helped by a female healer. But certainly there are enough differences between the personalities of these characters to let them stand on their own. Haku being a bit more unmotivated in his current state, but also being a bit easier to relate to. Kuon has some nice energy to her character and seems like the type that won’t take a lot of nonsense from others.

I’d say so far so good for the cast. I found Kuon to be a pretty likable character who had some nice balance to her personality. Kind enough to save someone in trouble and guide them back to the village when it wasn’t really her responsibility to. It wouldn’t make her a good person true, but for that reason she is still a good person for doing it. Plus she seems pretty balanced, not falling harshly into a single stereotype for me. Can be firm at points, but for good reason. On the trip there it made sense to push since there was a risk to staying out at night in the woods and in the village it would be true that they aren’t going to pay someone who isn’t working. It’s not like she was heartless, feeling a great deal of sympathy for pushing him after seeing the injuries on his feet and showing her mischievous side with going for a case of peeping. Not that peeping is often something to praise, but it is nice to see a female character who doesn’t mind evening up the score tin that respect XD. Got plenty embarrassed herself so it worked out. And to top it off she’s pretty darn strong so can count on her in a crisis. A pretty fun main character to keep an eye on.


Certainly Haku isn’t a decisive for powerful character right out of the gate, but he’s not a bad guy. This is someone with a total blank slate and thus no real direction or motivation right now. He doesn’t even really know what he’s good or bad at. Personally I like the guy so far. If he keeps up that attitude when things are really serious I might have issues, but right now I think it is fine. It is a bit refreshing now and then to have someone not that motivated to add to his workload, but you know he’ll be at the center of things with more work than he can stand XD. A pretty solid attitude to the whole amnesia thing. There isn’t anything you can do worrying about what you don’t know and really it is a chance to start fresh since you have no other choice there. While he may not be in great shape or strong, the guy’s brain seems able to problem solve. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this guy and how he develops. Nothing wrong with someone who finds something to stand up for and a reason to push himself forward.

Not too much else to say on the cast since it was pretty focused on these two. You expect the leader of that group will be a key player and since he saw how sharp Haku is, things could start to get interesting going forward. The other interesting existence in this episode was the monsters. You had that giant insect which was an obvious threat, but also what Kuon identified as a curse. Probably not that simple, but the first season did have the people considering a powerful animal as a god so it’s not exactly a crazy thing for them to treat something like that as a curse. It was a strange creature though, attacking that insect and then speaking to Haku. Can safely presume the existence of these creatures will be a key existence for the plot.


Ironically there isn’t that much to say about the episode since a lot of the focus was on just Kuon and Haku getting to know each other and meeting up in the first place. There was some good comedy in this episode though. Those who enjoyed the original Utawarerumono probably expected a tail grab scene like in the original and they did give people what they wanted XD. A very similar reaction, and really can’t blame Kuon for her response to it. Had a good laugh there and when she freaked out during the peeping scene XD. Got a bit more than she expected there. The naming of Haku was a bit fun as well. She probably didn’t need to be the one to do it, but considering he has no memory would he even be able to name himself all that well anyways? I suppose letting the person you owe your life to name you temporarily (until he regains his memory) seems fair.


As someone who really liked the original series I’d say this was a great way to start off. It had a nice pace to it and set things up nicely. A good return to that world and now can follow a new cast as they tell their own story. So far I like Kuon and Haku. So I will cross my fingers that the rest of the main cast turns out to be pretty likable. I’m really curious where the story will end up going. If they will follow the same kind of path as the original show or follow a different kind of adventure. Personally I’m all for some warfare, empire building, and character development. But will see what we get. This is another show I might end up covering going forward, but will have to wait and see on that front.
Score: A-

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