I find season previews to be pretty darn tough in general. So much is being based on a summary that you don’t really have a picture of a lot of these shows. The occasional PV can only tell you so much. But, so long as blogging continues so must previews. So let us try to figure this out. Fall 2015 is all the harder for me since so much of this season is a mystery. It really is just a mystery to me. Normally you have a handful of sequels or adaptations that you can at least point to and know what you are in for. This season? It’s almost entirely shows I have no knowledge of the source materials for those there are source materials. Thus…we are in for an interesting adventure as I try to point out the shows I’m interested in watching this season and those I’m less excited about seeing. Most seasons have a number of surprise shows that I don’t see coming and really hook me, this season will have to have a lot of those for it to be a strong season.

For more detailed information on everything that is out there next season I’d recommend hitting sits such as AniChart. My focus like the previous seasons is just to discuss the shows that I’m personally looking forward to and why I’m looking forward to them. So for those interested feel free to continue on reading.


Most Anticipated Series:

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
Sometimes you just give a show some anticipation based solely on the material it is connected to. The original Utawarerumono was a really enjoyable anime in my mind. It had some good action, built up slowly from a show with more tactical battles to battles with some over the top characters mixed into the cast. It was interesting seeing this character go from an amnesiac to Emperor and then what happened after. It had a pretty solid story and kept me interested.

Thus when this series was announced it was at least on my radar. You could call it a sequel but it seems to be pretty focused on a new cast and main characters so people should be able to jump in right away. Plus the summary gives it an interesting feel with the lead female character in this one seeming to be much more combat focused than Eruru was back in the original show being more of a medic and healer. While I’m not sure whether this will be a great show or not, I am curious from the setup and the trailers that I’ve seen so far. If it can capture the magic of the original while doing its own thing then I’ll definitely be glad to watch this show next season.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
While the Gundam series hasn’t had a good run lately, I’m interested in seeing this new main series and what it can do. The best Gundam lately has frankly been the Build Fighters series so Gundam has a ways to go to regain its glory here. The last show I really enjoyed was Gundam 00 so…here’s hoping this time they’ll get it right. Still, the setup has me pretty interested and the trailers have looked good. I like the idea of this conflict on Mars, right now a bit more focus on ground combat which has been a bit lost for Gundam series lately, and the OST sounds really good from the songs we’ve heard so far. In the end I am a fan of the Gundam series and I’m hoping this show will turn things around. For the time being I’m willing to give this show some faith and go into it with high hopes. The art and characters look pretty good so far and it hasn’t given me anything to be skeptical about yet. So, with admittedly some fan motivation I’m hoping to really enjoy this new Gundam series.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
This is one I’m interested in based a lot on the PV I saw and the setting. I mean you have a good mix of magic, guns, and swords….that alone will probably get my attention. I mean the pv looked good seeing the main character cutting bullets and creating this interesting mix of things that normally don’t cross paths. The voice cast also seems really strong for this show. The action seems pretty good and Silver Link is handling this so I have some faith it will look pretty solid. I mean we’re talking about squads of witch hunters sounds pretty fun. They may be the cliché underdog squad, but I think clichés can be just fine so long as they are used well. There seems to be a good mix of characters, good mix of weaponry specializations among them, and a chance to have a very fun show.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??
This is a show I didn’t expect to have on this list if I had been asked about this list a while back. I didn’t actually watch the first season of this show when it first came out. It just sounded like something so…normal that I couldn’t see a point in checking it out. Well after a time I made sure to undo that failure of a decision and checked it out. Certainly the show is very slice of life, but that in itself isn’t bad. The first season was kind of amazingly well animated or at least was to me. The show is very colourful and bright and you can’t help but have a better mood after watching some episodes. It is a show with a core female cast and basically just follows their lives. For me the show had a nice sense of comedy which had me laughing pretty regularly and I just liked the characters. A lot of them fell into their respective tropes, but they were still really likable. It’s a cute show that is really entertaining.

Cocoa, Chino, Rize, and Sharo are a fun group and I’m really looking forward to seeing their antics for another season. There is some mystery in the show like how Chino’s grandfather was turned into a rabbit (yeah that happened), and why Cocoa is so obsessed with the idea of being this great older sister figure. Questions that probably will get answered this season, so I am definitely on board to watch this show.


Series of Moderate Interest:

Heavy Object
As someone who enjoys mecha anime…this sounds interesting to me. The trailers have looked pretty good and I’m just curious to see these Objects (well named show) in action. The summary doesn’t say that much to be sure. You have this odd girl who is a pilot for one of these things and a guy who is looking to become a mechanic on them. Visually both seem like nice enough characters and that is about all I can say about the blonde duo at this point XD. But visually the trailer I saw looked pretty good, the animation seems to be pretty solid so long as J.C. Staff brings their best effort and the setting sounds interesting. For a show that I’m moderately interested in that is a pretty good basis to be interested. In general mecha anime haven’t had the most prominence over the past few years with a few exceptions so I’m ready to jump on board if this show can turn into something really good.

Comet Lucifer
In terms of the setting and the character designs, this show looks like it has some potential. It stood out early with just the art of Felia our blue haired female lead. The summary that came after doesn’t sound that original, but I don’t think you need pure originality for a show to be good. It’s a fantasy world, the leading male character wanders off on his own and runs into someone that will change his life forever. The key is that the show looks pretty nice, I like that kind of setup and the music sounds pretty good from what the pvs have given us. It’s a show that seems pretty colourful and visually distinct. That’s enough to at least have me curious to watch the first few episodes and see where this goes. And yeah there is that mecha element that seems to be there too and that isn’t a bad thing in my book. It’s a show with very little to go on other than the impressions I get, but those impressions are positive so you can bet I’m at least going to watch some episodes and hope it really grabs me.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst
This admittedly is not a show that I think will be a great one next season, but I think it will at least be fun. It’s a show that definitely has quite a bit of fanservice especially with the premise. You have demons, you have heroes, and you have contracts of servitude with the main character being almost literally a harem ruler. Oh and if someone misbehaves or refuses to honor the contract…well because it was based on succubi magic it inflicts arousal on that person. Now that element obviously is not exactly what everyone cares for so I’m not surprised on many not watching it. But, I think the show is more than just the fanservice. It does have a pretty capable lead character who can fight pretty well and is trying to be a responsible person in the middle of this harem situation. What made me keep watching last season was how the MC was a good person and that they did have some nice action scenes. The fanservice isn’t a negative to me, it’s just part of the mix that makes up this show. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story will shape up and how things will work out. And yeah it’s got some over the top fanservice that has its own kind of entertainment factor. A show that I’m not super excited about, but I expect will bring enough enjoyment for me to keep watching.

Hidan no Aria AA
I actually enjoyed the original Hidan no Aria anime. I thought it was a fun show, heck it was one of the first shows I ever actually blogged on this site. So yeah, I think an anime on the spinoff sounds like something that would have my interest. I would prefer a full blown second season, but I take what I can get. For me it definitely had a Soul Eater Not, kind of feel to it. The focus isn’t on the main cast though they are around, but rather focusing on the less skilled and more rookie characters. The world that this anime is based on is pretty interesting. You have characters where some are descendants of historical or legendary figures with special abilities and you have this school that develops these butei. Kind of world police in a sense with firm rules about their conduct. They generally carry both close range weapons in knives/swords along with hand guns. The focus of this show seems to be on a less skilled butei who wants to be the protégée of Aria (the lead female from the main show) and become an S-ranked Butei like her. It seems like it could be a fun show and I’m always up to see more from this world. It may not be the sequel I was hoping for, but I’ll definitely give it a look.

Final Thoughts:

Well as one can see this is hardly the most packed of packed seasons. Honestly I had more to say overall about the summer season and when you look at history…that’s just weird. Fall is supposed to be the much bigger and star packed season. That’s how it just goes. But this season fall is very much…unknown. It’s not to say that fall isn’t going to have amazing shows and isn’t going to be purely amazing to watch. It’s just that I don’t know what we’re getting. It’s a mystery and mysteries can be good or disappointing. There is just no way to tell right now. What I do know is that there are only a handful of shows I’ve either seen the first season of or seen the source material. The rest is either being based on summaries, brand recognition, or a short preview.

What I can say is that I expect to watch the first episode for all these shows and then we will see what happens. This isn’t the most obviously good season we’ve seen from fall, heck it may be the most unknown fall season I’ve ever looked into. But let us all hope that at the end of this season we are talking about all the amazing shows that aired here. Since right now there isn’t that much being carried over from the summer season. None of the shows I’ve blogged are carrying on and the only shows I’m watching currently are Ushio and Tora, along with Go! Princess Pretty Cure (what can I say, it actually is a fun show). I look forward to diving into this next season and hopefully when it concludes we will have some amazing shows being blogged on this site. For now, these are my thoughts.

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