It has been quite the wait for the second part of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei, but finally the time has come. The wait has been all the longer since they are starting a few weeks later than most shows (due to the 10 episode count and making it so it will end with everyone else). This was pretty well a continuation of where they left off last season. They barely survived the showdown with Bazett, and have this issue with the 8th card to consider. But they can’t immediately get to it because the area is under the ocean. Luckily….Luvia has an insane amount of money so she can figure a way around that problem. They just need a bit of time.

Time enough for the main cast to have their summer birthday party. But first….swimsuit shopping! Yeah, this was a pretty slice of life episode, but it wasn’t completely devoid of plot. The OP also hinted at it, but it is clear that Miyu is going to be taking a step forward in terms of plot importance in comparison to the first half of 2wei which was much more focused on introducing and developing Kuro. A lot of the mysteries for Miyu are still unresolved and maybe we’ll finally get into those. Regardless her reactions around Shirou have been interesting as well as the point made last season that he looked similar to her own brother. That his cooking tasted nostalgic was again another point of interest. I don’t think it’s as simple as her just falling for Shirou, but rather it tying in with her own past and history.


Yeah, they just had a lot of fun with this first episode. A shopping trip supported by the never-ending wealth that Luvia has. Of course everyone just made a big chaotic mess of the shopping trip. Tatsuko is a dangerous human being….if you take her eyes off her for a minute then chaos ensues. Though I don’t think that group can argue when they did try to get Illya to wear that ridiculous….thing. Sure it was just for picture material, but they did kind of lose their standing at that point.

And yes a big moment was the Kuro needing a refill. Something that isn’t ridiculous though when you considering this is following that insane fight against Bazett. She threw everything she had into that fight and took a lot of damage. It’s no wonder that she basically emptied the mana tank in that fight. She did make an effort to get through the shopping trip, but there was just only so much she could take. Plus it wouldn’t look good if she collapsed due to lack of mana. They did take some time to really go over why Illya and why it has to be a kiss. Sadly for Illya a kiss is actually the most tame way to refill Kuro’s mana. Plus probably because they used to be the same person they have a high compatibility rate so going to Illya is the best refill and doesn’t cause much trouble. The fact that Miyu is secondary in being compatible is interesting as well.

What a shocking event for Mimi though. Of course she has no idea about all the magic stuff so all she knows is that Kuro and Illya just snuck off and starting making out in the mall. It was hardly a minor little kiss. Kuro really needed a refill and went all out to get it. There really isn’t anything you can say about that scene. If you are able to have fun with it then it’s awesome and if not then it’s just weird. Judge it as you will.


The scene back at the house was nice and had some interesting things to it. Again it ties back to Miyu and the mystery around her. We still know next to nothing about her past, her family, her anything. She keeps it all really hidden. I still think there is something bigger going on with her and Shirou, but will have to see what the source of her reactions are.

You really get reminded that Shirou is both pitiable and yet still in a hilarious position. Despite all the joking he basically does have this loli harem thing going on. Although it really is a full blown harem when you consider that both Rin and Luvia are interested in him. It does get pretty tense though when he has to deal with Kuro really pushing boundaries. Though it does show that he has already taken to considering Kuro to be another one of his sisters along with Illya. Though he sure takes a lot of abuse within that home for the sake of this position. I bet he wishes Kiritsugu would come home once in a while so he could have a male ally in the house.

OP [Wonder Stella] by fhana: (A)


The biggest thing that stood out in the OP was the Miyu focus. It also is one of those OPs that gives you the impression that crazy stuff is going to happen. The first episode was pretty light, but you can’t see this season being like this the whole time. I mean Illya had freaking magical wings, and not the cheerful type. It just looked like things are going to get pretty crazy as they go against the 8th card. A lot of action including everyone like Kuro, Bazett, Luvia, etc. Curious to see what happens with Miyu since she looks to be pretty central to events.

ED [Happening☆diary] by Yumeha Kouda: (B+)


The ED was fine. It was a pretty simple ED that went for more cute than anything else. Just showing the main trio cooking and all of them having some focus on charms/trinkets they have. The song itself was fine. They went a bit more upbeat with it which isn’t a bad fit for this show. Just a fun little ED.


Overall it was a nice return to this series. Glad to see the cast again and just having fun with them. Things will get more serious later, but so long as the fun continues might as well enjoy that side of it. For now it looks like they’ll focus in on the beach antics and then move onto the eighth card. Should be some hilarious times ahead.
Score: A-

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