This was a good follow-up to the last episode and managed to continue the world building in a direction I did not expect. It really tied in nicely with the flashback story that Adele told in the earlier episode and helped bring into focus the fact that in any given conflict there really are going to be two sides to the story. Verde gave a perspective I hadn’t really considered before this point. What did the demons think about Fi’s quest to rid the continent of demons and pretty well wipe them out?

While a lot of the demons have very wild and animalistic behaviors, there are a few out there that have more intelligence than that. Disciples really changes the equation since they show that there are demons who can function as individuals. You can imagine that a powerful force being brought against them lead to a lot of Disciples being taken down and having to flee to different places like inside the Star Whale. Someone like Verde having to take on a powerless appearance and state to remain safe from persecution. Of course there were legitimate reasons to take the fight to the demons, but I just found it interesting that we got a reminder of how things aren’t always simple.


The flashback for Verde and Aria was pretty nice and cleared things up. It showed Verde’s naive nature and also his disciple nature in how he responded to Aria’s wishes. From his perspective the issue was that Aria was chained down by the Star Whale, her people, the priestess, etc and needed them removed in order to be free and happy. It might be that once he regained his true form that his own anger towards the surface was riled up and his actions got even more extreme. He became unreasonable even harming Aria because he felt she was lying to him and it was necessary.

On the other hand Aria’s point of view was pretty reasonable. She of course wanted to visit the surface. While life was comfortable for her where she was, it was also a bit stale. She saw all that excitement during the war games and wanted to go down to the surface. It wasn’t that simple though since she was pretty responsible and felt that responsibility. I’m sure Verde wasn’t completely off in sensing that she felt shackled by her situation. And certainly for anyone that was hyped about Gaul and Aria, nothing in this episode seemed to make that less likely. He being one of the reasons she was watching the games so intensely XD.

I really liked how Genoise managed to swiftly rescue Aria and also not do anything she told them to do XD. It’s nice now and then to see a group that follows their orders and doesn’t do something stupid just because someone asks them to. If Aria had a legitimate plan they’d hear her out and perhaps that will tie into how things will get fully resolved next week. But they weren’t going to just leave her or throw her into that situation based on the hope that she could reason with Verde, it had gone past that. Feeling responsible isn’t a bad thing, but it can be if it leads you to do something reckless like it was for Aria here.


I’m not sure what to say about Pega’s badass mode, but I guess Sharl needed a ride since the fire dragon was still missing. Hopefully that guy is alright XD. The rescue mission went pretty well. They even managed to find Eclair from wherever she’s been hiding. There wasn’t much action for the side battles since they were against just formless blobs, but at least they had a couple scenes. They did need some backup to hold the lines until Millhi was ready to sing. Even for the heroes the action was surprisingly cut down to the guys with Nanami and Becky not really getting to stand out or use their own power-ups.

The action itself was pretty good for the main duo though. Gaul had the first chance in a long while to stand out in an action scene and be the main fighter for most of it. He did a good job holding his own and really only ran into trouble when Verder got exceptionally pissed and he was feeling some hesitation while considering Verde’s past. Luckily Shinku arrived in time and the guys were able to put a stop to the situation. Verde may have been a match for one of them, but not both. In the end taken out with one super flashy attack and yet still in one piece so he should be alright.

The singing was a pretty nice moment in the episode. Visually it just looked nice and Millhi is always worth hearing sing. Even if her lyrics this time were surprisingly limited XD. I will say I expected some kind of lyrics to be in play, but I guess “la la la” is good enough for the situation XD. Maybe the whale is just very picky about its taste in music. Even if the lyrics were limited the whole scene looked pretty spectacular I thought. The princess really has quite the stage presence XD.


The real shock for me was that it’s ending next week. Which I feel is a fair surprise because the first 2 seasons were both 13 episodes, not 12. It’s only one episode, but that’s still something to feel regretful about. Especially since after all this time has been spent on world building, I feel like the cast itself has barely been around. in some ways we just haven’t seen enough of some characters and yet now the heroes are heading back. I sure hope this means we will get a fourth season at some point, but nothing is guaranteed. Will just have to hope the next episode ends the season in a strong way. This episode though had few issues in my mind, everything just came together nicely.
Score: A+

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