This might be the episode of SAO II that I’ve enjoyed the most over the past few weeks. It did have a lot of chatting about tactics and Kirito’s killing intent sensor, but it was still enjoyable. Really I just count the killing sense as more proof that in this game Kirito is basically a Jedi. He had a light saber and can do some incredible stuff. While there is an explanation for it, I’m just going to chalk it up as Jedi powers and move on.

For all the talking in this episode the second half was where things started to pick up and had some weight to the events. We had some decent action and things are only going to pick up now that Kirito and Death Gun are in direct combat at the end of the episode. And the way it wrapped up has made it clear that this is not going to be an easy fight. This guy was clearly up there in the Laughing Coffin membership and has some extremely good skills. Also a lot of time was put in for this murder spree. He and his team took the time and effort to acquire rare weapons and items in order to make this guy almost unstoppable. While Kirito has basically just jumped in with the bare minimum he could get on short notice.


The odds are certainly stacked against Kirito which is almost nice to see. It will be a lot more rewarding to have to go the limit to beat this guy. Kirito before would have had all kinds of rare weapons to match up against this kind of guy. But the last few arcs he’s had to rush and been in a time crunch. He’s had to rely on his extremely high stats to make up for the fact that his equipment mostly sucks. A light saber is cool, but I’m sure there is more that could have been done to upgrade that sword or get some ultimate light saber from a boss somewhere. This kind of opponent isn’t at the largest stat disparity even though he probably spent a good deal of time stuck in prison where he couldn’t level. He’s had all this time in GGO to pad his stats and prepare for this kind of encounter.

Honestly I’m curious to see how Kirito is going to be able to win this. Right now he really isn’t at his best mentally either. He’s dealing with that guilt and really distracted because of the stakes for Sinon. I almost think he needs to just stop thinking and go into that berserker mode we’ve seen before. Just focus on taking this guy down at any cost. It might even be necessary for Sinon to take a risk and move in. Some extra fire power might actually help create the opening Kirito needs. Although that is hardly a recommended option since one shot and Death Gun’s partner can make his move.


It’s kind of funny that they spent time talking about the multiple partners thing when I considered that last week. There is no reason to think he was working with just one person. All these guys were murderers. It is not unbelievable for even the majority of them to be working together on this. Thinking otherwise could be a horrible mistake and cost Sinon her life.

The plan they came up with made sense and was necessary. They had to account for a top player suddenly moving in and making sure he wasn’t murdered by Death Gun at the same time. Of course it eliminated the chance to easily take down Death Gun, but with how good that guy was it’s possible he could dodge even without that line giving Sinon away.

What that scene did do was give Sinon a very needed chance to grow. Sometimes being able to ignore your fears momentarily is very helpful. She did a great job getting that shot in despite Death Gun knowing it was coming. She lost her ability to provide sniper support from that point on, but at least she got a chance to take a shot at that guy. It was just necessary in my view for Sinon to face her fear and fire.


At least now with Asuna on the scene Kirito should be pretty safe. He’s in a hospital which will be tough for the LC members to track down and there are too many people to actually try and kill him here. So at least that isn’t a fear

I wasn’t surprised that Kirito didn’t know that guys name. It was kind of funny that he refused to hear it, but really I didn’t expect him to know it. You meet a ton of people all the time and hardly remember each one of them. And trapped in a death game why bother remembering the name of a murderer? The guy is a psycho, just be glad he’s out of the picture and forget about him.

Regardless they should be able to find this guy. His use of a specialized weapon should give him away. An SAO survivor should be able to identify him from that. Maybe Klein will know about it. Either way they know the names of some that survived that battle. Just have the government haul them in and press them for the name of the LC member that specialized in that weapon. Problem solved. Now Kirito just needs to beat this guy so he can’t kill Sinon.


Honestly, I just enjoyed this one. It had the right doses and tone with Asuna, the tactics made sense and it did have some action. That’s a solid combination in my book and made this a good ride. I’m now really excited for next week and what I expect will be the conclusion to the showdown with Death Gun himself. Aftermath might still take an episode all things considered.
Score: A

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