Well for me this episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I could see why they handled scenes the way they did. It was right for Kirito and Sinon to come clean to each other about their pasts and what was haunting them. Neither of these two had done a lot of sharing about their traumas. Kirito did a little with that nurse, but this was definitely the first chance for Sinon to talk about how haunted she was. Even if her friend knew the situation, this was a good chance to unload for her.

Of course while that was a good move in general, it did make the episode feel repetitive. We already saw Kirito’s flashback earlier and the same for Sinon. These were stories we already had. I almost wonder if it would have been better to hold both off until now, but it might have made them less easy to understand up to this point. It’s one of those things I think was done for the right reasons and couldn’t be helped. It just didn’t make for a very exciting time, despite the nicely used music.


Well in the end it was Kirito who took that shot as expected. I was a bit surprised he didn’t take the chance to go nuts on Death Gun and try to take him out there. But I guess since he failed to kill Sinon the desire to keep her safe was stronger than any desire to annihilate this guy. Plus like Kirito said he has a lot to look out for now. I mean he’s got a whole harem there waiting for him XD. He can’t die in a place like this. Kind of amazed that Kirito got through all that without saying that he’s in a relationship. This guy wants a harem, there’s no doubt about it. Otherwise at this point he’d be walking around saying “I’m Kirito, I’m dating someone and my harem is full.”

Anyways, the escape itself wasn’t bad. Unfortunately for Sinon she’s hit a bad stretch at the worst possible time. As expected the game has crossed the line and she’s finding it hard to stay stable right now. The weakness with her approach to the game came through at the wrong moment. It prevented them from really being able to stop Death Gun. Although if Kirito remembered he had a light saber he could have destroyed all vehicles that Death Gun could have used to pursue them….but then we wouldn’t have had the scene where Sinon just didn’t have it in her to shoot.


Honestly, I can’t even blame Sinon for feeling near suicidal there. This place was really her last hope to try and become strong enough to not collapse and live in terror. But now that’s followed her right here and her last bastion is gone. In that kind of moment I’m not surprised she almost went out there ready for whatever would happen. Of course I’m glad she didn’t go since dying wouldn’t help things. Will give Kirito props for doing his best to stop her from basically killing herself. Although I’m sure some couldn’t help seeing “Sinion joins Kirito’s harem” flashing on the screen when she basically told him to protect her his whole life then XD.

Will try to ignore how cute Sinon was just laying around there while talking to Kirito. Focusing more on how these two managed to find a chance to rest up emotionally and get ready for what is ahead. Although who can feel safe right now? This guy has constantly showed the ability to surprise and may have even more tricks up his sleeve. Almost every time this guy pulls out something unusual or legendary so why expect that to stop now?

For both of them they are carrying the knowledge that they ended someone. Though neither of them are people you’d consider evil here. They were put into situations outside of their control and had to take actions to stay alive and keep those they cared about alive. That blood on Sinon’s hands kept her safe, kept the people working there safe and kept her family safe. Kirito as well didn’t ask to be basically kidnapped inside a death game. In a situation with Laughing Coffin willing to attack even on the verge of death, Kirito did what he had to in order to stay alive. Many in that raiding party did. But probably a lot easier to say they shouldn’t be as hard on themselves when I haven’t actually killed anyone.


Overall it was still a solid episode. Maybe it wasn’t as exciting to go through the backstories of both these two again, but it was necessary for the two of them. Kind of wish Kirito got to show as much weakness here as he did when talking to the nurse, but he’s got to keep a tough face on for the girl’s in his harem XD. Will also say that I do really like the music in SAO. That song in Kirito’s flashback really is a good one and reminds me why this show is still a good one. Here’s hoping the showdown with Death Gun is all kinds of epic. I’d love to see both these characters work together and bring this guy down. Maybe they can both find a bit of peace and growth in the process.
Score: A-

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