Another solid episode overall and continuing to keep the Marie focus well in hand. It does seem like they might branch into the other new social link of the game next week, but we will see how it turns out. Anyways it was good to see Marie go through that journey to try and find her memories and in the end it didn’t last that long. Might be considered wrapping that up too quickly, but it does leave them room to focus on everything else.

Props to that opening scene Persona 4 XD. That was purely hilarious and a nice way to keep using Marie’s poems without it getting boring. I love the idea of actually using the scooters in the opening and then pointing out how ridiculous that actually is. Weapons were certainly pushing it and can see why the anime cut those out, but scooters were especially silly. How blind would Junes security be if kids could actually sneak large weapons and scooters through the store and through the TV? Someone’s getting fired in the game version of this series.


It was a tough spot for Marie since right after deciding that memories were worth trying to recover, she just kept running into walls. Kind of hard to stay motivated when you are constantly suffering from intense headaches and anything you almost remember just slips away like mist. Certainly says something about how tricky her situation is and the complications. Hard to point at any given source since clearly isn’t a normal existence here. Can’t just chalk it up to a hit to the head or something.

Just adding to the difficulty of course is how her one clue doesn’t exactly lead to the optimal conclusion. The only thing she has is this weird comb and the meaning of it could be problematic. Of course just because an ancient meaning of combs being suffering/separation/etc, doesn’t mean this comb was. After all the group didn’t really understand that themselves until it was explained. But if the person who gave it to her meant it in that way….that doesn’t say good things about the things she can’t even remember.


The positive really came from how the group rallied and responded to this. It was probably the best move to include them in the discussion rather than keeping the whole amnesia thing a secret. Not that they had to explain everything with the velvet room and such, but just explaining the memory loss let them try to find solutions. Not so easy to actually find them, but at least they had somewhere to start.

It is funny how they did manage to include the whole quiz show bit. An interesting method of letting Marie understand that there are things she does know and remember. Like any person she has the ability to make memories every single day and can build from this point on. Even if she can’t regain those memories she can just work with what she has. Maybe not ideal, but it’s not the worst thing either. Too bad though for Chie and Yosuke, they got seriously owned in that competition XD.

The one weak point for the episode I’d say was the animation. It felt at times like they really had to cut some corners here. Maybe they are saving it up for bigger episodes, but it’s a little sad to see. Can just hope that the quality doesn’t dip too often and this is just a rare occurrence.


I wouldn’t say it was my favorite episode, but it was solid. It tackled the memory issue and really progressed through Marie’s story in the game. Only 4 episodes in and a lot of room to tackle the rest of the new material and lead to an awesome conclusion. Should be fun to see the next episode and where things go. Might also finally get Naoto into things since of course she can’t really appear here until she joins up the team and takes part in the new stuff.
Score: B

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