I’d say this wasn’t as full blown entertaining as the last two episodes, but it did have some good moment and certainly made me curious about some of these characters. Mysteries just deepened in this episode especially when it came to the Nurse and Miyu. They have done a good job this season making you wonder about her background and just where she’s coming from.

That could be found in terms of how Kuro got into the school. Luvia needing to forge papers and background to get her in. While Kuro it’s understandable to not have a paper trail, it’s more curious for Miyu. Kind of shows though that Kuro was the one to notice that statement while Illya was a bit more flustered by the illegal tone of the whole scene XD.


Honestly this episode did make me feel a bit of sympathy for Kuro and less for Illya. Weird considering the fact that Kuro did make that big push to try and kill Illya. So it’s understandable for her to not be a Kuro fan. You can understand the pressure she feels having this person who looks like her jump into her life. Feels like she’s a threat to the relationships that she’s built up.

And yet Kuro hasn’t done much (outside the kiss barrage) that you’d consider super bad here. Yeah, she spent time with Shirou last episode. But it didn’t seem like she was there to cause harm. Rather it looked like she was just enjoying herself. Again here we could see Kuro enjoying herself with the game. Maybe because she had a huge physical advantage over the others, but she was just smiling and enjoying the moment.

Then of course Ruby pushed Illya and then everything spiraled out of control. Ruby knew that Illya was on edge and just pushed her a bit. Although once Illya stepped forward her thoughts were her own there. Some potentially hurtful stuff there. So much talking about reclaiming her normal life or Kuro just being a fake. Perhaps reflecting her worries about Kuro being more real than herself, but regardless they did lead to Kuro responding with the most hard thrown ball of the game. She was clearly pissed at that point. Although it came back to bite her with the shared sense issue.


Of course the nurse situation had me surprised. She seemed odd to be sure, but I didn’t think they’d go much further than that. With this being a kind of alternate universe situation I’m sure her identity is pretty clear for people really into the Fate universe. Either way she definitely is not a normal person and may be there for her own reasons. Certainly she could understand that Kuro isn’t normal and having little labels given to our small trio of heroines. Kuro = the miracle, Miyu = the happenstance, and Illya = the inevitable. What it all means I’m not sure though it may make some sense as the series goes on.

The little scene with Illya and Shirou was also pretty interesting. It shows the different situation all three characters are in. Illya obviously has Shirou by her side and has that bond. Miyu is a mystery since we really don’t know much about her background, just that Shirou is very similar to her brother. Kuro was probably easier to understand than Miyu. The first thing she did upon escape was go to spend time with him. She clearly has Illya’s memories and seems to want that connection, but as things stand she doesn’t have that. She’s spending time at school, but she’s not returning back to Illya’s place.


I don’t think it was quite as good as the past episodes but it did move some things forward. It again brought up the mystery of Miyu’s background and how little we really know about her. It also made clear that this dispute between Illya and Kuro isn’t going away. Sooner or later this has to be resolved and we need to figure out really what Kuro is. That and wait for things to really blow up.
Score: B

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