Certainly an eventful first mission for this team. Of course it still feels like roles are being worked out within that group. Teppei still figuring out what he should be doing after his sacrifice last episode. The same could be said for Daichi who is adapting to this supposed leadership position though really it feels more like Akari is running this team XD.

I do kind of wonder how long the “Captain” joke is going to be kept running. I don’t mind them giving Daichi that title since they have reasoning for it. But if they are going to go with someone calling him Captain and him not wanting them to for too long….it’ll get old. Heck it got old by the end of this episode so I fear them trying to make that a running joke for the series.


I did find the new enemy a pretty entertaining character. Zin/Zimbalt had a pretty good introductory episode. Obviously Zimbalt is pretty crazy and a loose cannon, but still pretty dangerous in a fight so is a dangerous one to go up against. Even if it’s possible for Daichi to ‘re-boot’ his unit if Zimbalt is playing it smart he can attack before that happens. Interesting to look Zimbalt before and after he was awakened since clearly the issues he had before tie directly into how he behaves now.

One had to feel for Zin at times in this episode. A guy who just kept being used by others and having the credit taken by those people. A so-called friend and then by his employer. The first of course being a much more personal betrayal than the second. While Zin could have tried to take credit for his work it just showed how his friend was either using him or clearly cared more about taking fame for himself than that friendship. A pretty stupid move anyways. While that photo got him in the door of the photography world it just will lead to him being a one-hit wonder. Quickly forgotten since his actual skills aren’t good enough.

I do wonder if that girl will come into the equation again later on. Might be someone that can pull Zin back similarly to how Daichi was a grounding force for Teppei. Right now he’s fully Zimbalt and is willing to do whatever he wants. From a person who was used to someone who will use his powers to gain what he wants.


Kind of fun to see this series go from the human v human combat to the mech combat. Daichi fighting Amarok in an outfit that really looked too mature for him XD. Still, I guess when you have the ability to summon a beam gun you might as well make full use of it on a regular basis. Certainly seems like this rivalry and bad blood between Daichi and Amarok will remain a focal point for the series.

The actual fight in the mechs later was fine. Daichi was doing decently well considering he was grounded and having to shoot back at his aerial opponent. Certainly Daichi has the skill to make the most out of one chance. He showed that earlier when he shot Amarok’s mech when protecting Teppei and here when he had a showdown. No real complaints from this series when it comes to the action since it usually comes through. Just very fluid action that just occasionally cuts away to the support teams since they are part of the group.


In the end this was a pretty good episode. Looks like Akari will finally have a target on her back since her skills have been constantly causing trouble for their enemies. Maybe this will be a chance for Teppei to get into the action and make use of his livlaster. The series remains pretty good fun from week to week.
Score: A-

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