I did come into this season looking forward to this series and it did leave a good first impression with me. It feels like the world here is one that it makes sense that younger characters are playing such prominent roles. Enju is herself a perfect example of why it makes sense for someone that young to be a main character here. With the attacks starting about 10 years ago and the basis of her condition, it just works that she and the other cursed children are all really young still.

Any series that pretty well starts off with a loli kicking through a giant spider…well it’s got something going for it at any rate XD. The action was mostly focused in the first half, but it actually did a good job in setting up the world and giving an impression of what’s going to come next. It’s a world pretty messed up by the Gastrea attacks and that’s putting it nicely. In a sense the world situation is a less extreme version of Attack on Titan. The world hit by a major threat that it couldn’t really stand against has had to fall back. Just instead of walls humanity has created these monoliths out of a substance the Gastrea can’t stand. It’s prevented a full blown invasion of those last bastions, but obviously it’s still possible for Gastrea to slip inside and cause havoc. Another similarity would be that both sides found a method of fighting back though honestly seems like Black Bullet has a better shot at it. Between the Cursed Children and Varanium, it seems like humanity has a chance to push back here.


It is an unsettling situation that humanity there pretty much has no choice, but to use those girls like weapons. Kids infected from birth and seemingly being kept stable through medication. But through that they’ve gained incredible powers that allows them to fight against the Gastrea better than any normal human could. Still since the attack broke out only 10 years ago it means at the oldest these girls are around 10. Probably more of them younger than that. At the same time while the Varanium bullets are effective….girls like Enju are more effective. A case of necessity pretty much.

In terms of the main characters I thought both Enju and Rentaro left a good impression. Certainly Enju seems like the type who is trying to act older. Though perhaps that can’t be helped. When you are living a life as a young kid fighting monsters who knows how that will affect you. Either way it seems like her feelings for Rentaro are genuine though that in itself probably causes him a great deal of trouble XD. A powerful person in a fight, though obviously still is a good person at heart. Nothing but sympathy from her towards the guy who was getting turned into a monster. In the end there was nothing else to be done than was done here. He had to be put down and before he actually killed anyone.


Rentaro seems like a solid lead character. He’s not one of the overpowered types, but at the same time he’s not some pushover either. Put up a good fight against that mysterious guy and did play a role in taking down the Gastrea. While obviously he can’t afford close combat against those things with the risk of infection, he can support from range. And I’m sure he’ll get a chance to take another shot at that weird guy who took down the police early in the episode. Obviously he’s carrying plenty of baggage thanks to the loss of his family although it seems like their fate was up in the air. Not an easy job to be doing, but probably something that can’t be helped, the amount of adults that survived probably wasn’t that high either. At least he looks to be a solid lead who isn’t too weak, but has room to grow also.

Of course another key figure looks to be the President of Rentaro’s company, Tendo Kisara. Certainly appears to be the girl that Rentaro is most interested in. From the limited backstory given it would appear he had to stay with her family (presumably after his went missing in the chaos). A pretty energetic character at any rate. Like most of the cast liked the VA they picked for her. Curious to see what kind of medical situation she has though one can speculate from the fact that she needs hemoidalysis. Considering we’re in a series with Gastrea, it’s possible that’s a treatment necessary to limit the level of infection.


As things stand the situation isn’t that bright for the main cast. While the Cursed Children are the last hope for humanity it doesn’t mean they are in the clear. The fact that they need a last hope period kind of tells you how bad the situation is right now. Plus I just have a bad feeling about the situation.

While first episodes can look better than what comes after I thought the animation quality was good. The Gastrea themselves don’t look bad. Any time I’m trying to compare monsters now I think of the really bad stuff we’ve seen over the years and now everything looks good. Hey if Enju can keep beating up giant monsters then I’ll probably keep enjoying this one.

OP [black bullet] by fripSide: (A-)


The OP was pretty enjoyable. I thought the song sounded good once it got going. I’m not the biggest fan of the kind chanting opening, but it pretty much transitioned into something more familiar after the opening few seconds. Visually it pretty much did it’s job showing who the main characters are and apparently who the villains will be also. Not a bad move to show the anime version of the characters alongside what I presume is the light novel version. As a whole I enjoyed listening to the OP though who knows if I’ll just skip ahead to see the main content after a few episodes. In the end I’ve enjoyed most of the OP’s that fripSide has done and this one isn’t one isn’t bad either.


I think that Black Bullet had a good first episode overall. I enjoyed it and think it has potential to be one of the strong shows coming out of this season. Of course there’s a lot of really good shows so far this season so who knows if that will hold up at the end of the day. I’m curious to see where the story goes in the immediate future. Plenty of dangers out there and time to get more backstory on everyone. Since it’s been a year since Rentaro and Enju met you have to think that flashback will be pretty important. So, good start and let’s see where this leads.
Score: A-

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