Let the war begin. Didn’t expect this episode, but I’ll definitely take it since things have finally gotten going. War has been in the background for quite a while now and finally it’s time. Honestly the past few episodes I’ve been ready for something big to happen and it definitely has here. This episode really did blow the last one away. Should be interesting to see how this war evolves and how other parties like the Kou Empire and Sindria will act. I can’t imagine they’ll sit by while two pretty serious powers in the world break out into war.

This was building up for a while, but in the end Titus really did become the trigger. He just couldn’t bring himself to go back to Leam. Now he had things he didn’t want to lose and couldn’t leave behind. His connection to Marga left him with something that he couldn’t give up. Even as he suffered through his self-loathing and frustrations. He feels incredible strain from turning on Leam, but he also feels a lot of frustration and anger. It’s a tough situation and I can’t blame him for making the decision he did. He wanted to live longer and that’s certainly an understandable thing.


One heck of a showdown though with Scheherazade and Mogamett. Kind of a villain showdown in some ways since both have some serious character flaws and both think they are doing the right thing. For Scheherazade Titus is part of her and of course she wants him back. He’s not the first…clone she’s had and thus she’s prepared and accepted his death. While Mogamett sees Titus as a magician so he’s like family and he’ll do whatever it takes to save him and give him as long a life as possible.

The scene showed the situation as it was though. There really were two choices for Mogamett to fight Leam or to fight Kou. Neither of those countries was going to leave that nation alone. For Leam they are probably worried about Kou making a move first and gaining the power of all those magicians. With their pretty open ties to Al-Thamen it’s understandable that people would worry about it getting even more power. But I’m sure there are plenty in Leam as well that want to expand their borders and want to gain more power. With a magi high up in the system I guess magicians wouldn’t be horribly treated, but who knows. We haven’t really gotten to see much of the political situation in Leam with the huge focus on the magicians for most of the season.

In the end the Kou Empire isn’t going to sit back and watch things unfold here. This is a great chance anyways. No matter how the battle unfolds Kou will have a great chance to attack and take Magnostadt. They won’t be any weaker than they will be while fighting off Leam. Things could really spiral out of control depending on how the big parties like Kou and Sindria respond.


Not surprising that Aladdin isn’t leaping to the chance to go to war. Honestly he has a lot of problems with this country and how it does things. He doesn’t have any real issue with Leam that would mean joining the war. Yet he does have friends here so he certainly doesn’t want to see them die. Add in that he knows there are worse things at work here. The risk of what he knows could happen and all the stuff involving the dark djinn. He’s got a full plate that’s for sure.

So this country isn’t completely involved with Al-Thamen but they were. It’s kind of hilarious that they cut ties because Al-Thamen had the nerve to give goi dark metal vessels XD. I guess his hatred for normal people is handy for something. Of course it doesn’t mean that Al-Thamen doesn’t have contact with magicians in the country or maybe even with the goi living underneath. There are dangers in that country all over the place.

One surprise was that Alibaba will be joining the Fanalis corps on their trip. I do wonder how he ended up doing that. Maybe he got pulled in with the whole “rescue Titus” thing or maybe he thinks that this is a good chance to see Aladdin. I’m sure we’ll find out the details sooner or later. It’s just an interesting detail. The Fanalis corps are an entertaining bunch. We did get a nice explanation for how Mu managed to gather all these Fanalis. He used the authority of that family to go around and free all the Fanalis he could find. Many of which decided to follow him out of gratitude. We’ve see the power of the Fanalis so a whole corp of them…whew that’s a pretty powerful group.


So we’re all set up for the battle ahead. Things are going to get crazy especially if they actually unleash the dark djinn’s as a military force. Things could get bad in a hurry there. Hard to say how things will unfold but I think we’re going to see some major action in the coming episodes. Will be quite a reunion with Alibaba and Aladdin. Seeing the Fanalis corps and Mu’s sister did make me think that we really haven’t seen Morgiana in a long while. Not sure how she might get involved but we can’t actually end the series without seeing her can we?
Score: A

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