So with this episode we get a sense of the passage of time. It really is amazing that the encounter between Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana took such a short amount of time compared to how much time has passed. Already been half a year since Alibaba and Aladdin cleared that dungeon and got separated.

Morgiana really deserved an episode focused on her since we only had these brief flashes of her character. The flashbacks were rather effective showing how painful her past was. Taken as a kid away from her family, forced into a humiliating/terrifying bidding war, and then put into the service of a psycho kid. The mental stress and trauma on a young kid having gone through that would be pretty extreme. It’s no wonder that she learned to keep everything locked inside. Not really expressing herself very well and keeping that wall up with just about everyone. While she can’t completely escape her past and the effect it had on her, she should open up more and more as the series goes on.

Still I have to say Morgiana was incredible in this episode. She was just owning everyone that came at her and only was slowed down because she was poisoned. Bandits were getting blown away, tigers were getting beaten to a bloody pulp, and she even topped it off by scaring away hyenas with a roar. Kind of reminded me of Horo’s howl in Spice and Wolf. Nothing like scaring things away by yelling at them in a very high pitched voice XD. It really was something watching her fight though. She moved so smoothly through every encounter and delivered incredibly powerful strikes. It was like wielding a bladed weapon with how she pierced the bodies of some of those tigers when she hit them. With Morgiana it’s not just blunt strikes, but she has enough power to really deliver deep and lasting damage. Certainly adds an unique element to the eventual trio.

Might be a bit cliche to say, but one of her most devastating weapons was that smile XD. Haven’t seen much emotion on her face to this point in the series. You could really feel the emotion though when she was comforting that kid (after scaring her to death with her possible future as a slave). Though her best expression was in that pit. Kind of a contrast going from that super smooth smile to just owning tigers the next moment. I think traveling will slowly open her up and allow Morgiana to express herself more. Someone who never had a great chance to grow up and will have to grow emotionally through her journeys.

I liked the caravan, a really nice group of people. I guess you would end up really caring about your traveling companions when out in an unsafe world. Have to be able to count on each other. Plus it does appear that various circumstances lead each member to joining that caravan. Leila and Sasha were a nice duo and clear they cared quite a bit about Morgiana. Can only imagine the little adventure they had with Aladdin when they met him before.

On that note….I can’t believe that guy. Morgiana is out kicking ass and taking names, while Aladdin is chilling out in prison. Then what does he do with his new found freedom? He jumps into Sasha’s breasts, reaffirming that he has not changed one little bit. It’s always about the breasts with that guy. Well I did suspect he was the mysterious kid they ran into, but I didn’t expect to find him in prison.

Still, this episode really was all about bonds. Fate will just find a way to bring together people who care about each other. Though even more important was the message from Goltas. Considering all the mystical stuff going on, it didn’t even feel that strange to have him show up to give Morgiana that message.

So now two thirds of the group are reunited. Now they just have to find out what trouble Alibaba has gotten himself into. I mean let’s face it, there is almost no chance he is just having a relaxing time. There will be trouble and then this group will just have to deal with it. Should be fun to see what next week brings us.
Score: A

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