Well if this episode was good for anything it helped give a peek into Eu’s past and introduced a pretty interesting character in Nene. Although at this point I do believe the climax for this series really will be Ayumu tickling Chris into submission and having her join up with the harem.

I mean in preparation for the battle against Chris, Ayumu and company are helping out Nene with her manga. I’m not as surprised as one of the strongest from the Netherworld is working as a mangaka all things considered. Suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the build up to the fight against Chris has been pretty weak since the most serious part of this second season so far has been Ayumu charging at Chris once and getting his punch stopped. So really not like the season has made itself out to be anything more than a harem season with plenty of fanservice.

Nene still was a pretty entertaining character. Love how she didn’t freak out on Ayumu about anything that happened. It’s probably a good thing since a lot of the possible issues were caused by her being so sleepy all the time and falling on Ayumu often. Suppose you can afford to be that exposed all the time when you are extremely powerful. Plus it’s pretty impressive that she’s the one who made Eu’s armor. Besides just really a friendly person who made sure Ayumu left with enough time to at least catch the end of Sarasvati’s concert.

On that note I was a bit surprised with Sarasvati in this episode. I mean we didn’t once have her bringing up Ayumu’s rear and really didn’t snap at him either. This really helped give her an edge since she was pretty cute at times especially when she took the chance for that indirect kiss with Ayumu’s drink. Goes to show there really is a good person behind that tough exterior that is shown off to almost everyone else. It really made me like her character a lot more since we were seeing her be a bit worried about Ayumu being able to go to her show and being so relieved when he was there at the end. Of course with the series being a harem one at the core I don’t expect her to really get much closer to Ayumu than this.

In terms of Eu’s past I did find it interesting how many strong people she had around her back then. it is hard to visualize the conflict between the Virie and the Underworld since really no one has had a conflict in the series overall. The villains of the series has been Kyouko a ‘rogue’ Masou-Shoujo, the Megalo, and the King of Night. Can’t really blame Ayumu for being surprised at the history lesson since even the vampire ninja clans haven’t really fought each other in the series. It was interesting to see that King of Night at a time when he wasn’t so jaded and tired of living. Goes to show how much he cared about Eu back then and how much hope he still had.

Couldn’t help a chuckle at the end with Nene and Chris drinking. Nothing really surprises me and since Chris hasn’t been that hostile there almost isn’t a reason for them not to be drinking and chatting about Ayumu.

So in the end not a bad episode. It gave some development to Sarasvati and introduced a pretty entertaining character. The inner Eu chat at the end of the episode was fun as usual. Love how the Original Eu doujinshi (which I assume was BL) completely had the inner Eu girls going nuts XD. Anyways, not a bad episode since Nene kind of saves it.
Score: A-

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