Well Shana is rapidly moving towards its conclusion as we have to say a farewell and see the creation of Xanadu at last. Not sure what exactly I expected to happen, but can probably say I was just as surprised as the Flame Haze about how this whole event unfolded. Unfortunately not everything was a surprise as we saw with the death of Khamsin.

Regardless its clear that we’ve just about hit the end for Shakugan no Shana. There is only so much more left to unfold before we can say farewell to the series and look back to what this series has accomplished overall.

It wasn’t a shock that Yuji still had a hand to play. Considering how confident he looked we had to assume there was more coming. Of course I didn’t really think that his big move was just to ignore what Shana and company did. It was a surprise that they set things up so the Reiji Maigo would give Yuji so much power that they could simply grant whatever the Tomogara wished for even if Shana had made that move. The scary thing was that Shana didn’t have any other cards to play in that situation. But they couldn’t be expected to predict everything the enemy might do. They got off plenty of surprises themselves its just too bad that it almost didn’t matter. I say almost since it seems like their efforts did have meaning to them. If they didn’t change up the rules for that new world then I’m not sure that things would have been changed to their liking.

We can speculate as to why the Tomogara helped out by not asking for the rule to be changed. It is kind of funny how the Flame Haze’s whole plan was saved by the Tomogara. I suppose one of the biggest things was that Shana’s plan worked to a degree. Sure their additional rule might not have been invincible, but the rest of the plan worked fine. The work of the Three Gods to decimate the Tomogara’s forces seemed to work. They sent home that message that if they ate humans in Xanadu they might unleash a terror upon themselves like they were experiencing right then. Eating humans in Xanadu would undoubtedly lead to Flame Haze being created fresh over there and the cycle would simply repeat itself. Who of those grunts really wants to unleash monsters like that if they can help it? An imperfect paradise is better than one that might unleash monsters like that. There are higher prices to pay than that.

In the end though this is a victory that doesn’t make the Flame Haze feel great. In the end their goal of putting that rule in place while having the Tomogara get the heck off Earth was accomplished. But in the end the plan was saved by the Tomogara not wanting the rule to be removed and not because they had a fool-proof plan. They were saved by the wishes of their enemy and that is all. Kind of a losing the battle, but winning the war kind of situation.

Another thing that completely kills any desire to celebrate was the death of Khamsin. They might have lost a lot of Flame Haze in this war, but this is a loss that will be remembered. Khamsin was pretty much as old as they get, from a different time than the rest. Even the remaining Three Gods aren’t immune to the level of this loss. Maybe with the Tomogara gone it isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it is still a tragic death.

But the one who will probably grieve the most because of this would be Kazumi. In the end he died to keep her safe. He took the hits from that cannon fire and he even made sure to throw her and the others to safety before those robots exploded. Other than Shana I’d say that Khamsin was the Flame Haze that Kazumi was closest to. After all he pretty much told her his own past and that kind of personal information isn’t likely something he’s told many beings. Kazumi took action with summoning Pheles because she couldn’t stand by and do nothing, but in this case all she could do was watch him go.

Still its not like Khamsin died with regrets. The fact that he has someone in the world who will remember him and his story is a precious thing. He won’t be forgotten. It may only last until the end of her lifetime, but that’s a lot of time that Khamsin’s memory will remain. Besides if you are going to go down that’s one nice way to do it. Instead of dying for nothing, Khamsin sacrificed himself to protect someone.

One thing I don’t get from this episode is why Yuji is still going to fight. Well that and why he hasn’t changed back to normal since the Snake of the Festival has left him. It seems like Yuji’s plan has gone off fine and he can go back now. I can’t figure out what else he needs to take care of at this point. Maybe after all that’s happened he and Shana need to beat each other up until someone gives? I’m sure he’ll explain it if there is a reason, but at this point it seems odd. Sure, ending a series like this without the final fight concluded would be weird, but its not often the final fight is between two people who love each other either.

Finally we get to know what Johan and Pheles were up to. Not a bad idea really if Johan is going to vanish to use all that energy left to have a child. It really is too bad that it requires that much energy since it pretty much prevents that kind of thing for most Tomogara and humans. Really though, if all that energy is going to be floating around anyways I don’t see the harm. A new form of life is something to be curious of, but it shouldn’t be inherently dangerous. Somehow I can get a feeling for where this is going to go though. Since that child will pretty much be on its own it seems like a perfect job for Carmel. She’s gotten pretty good at this raising kids stuff so might as well pick up a new one to look after.

We’re just about done with the most pressing issue of Xanadu now complete. I still wish that Khamsin hadn’t died since he was a good guy. We’ll just have to hope there isn’t any more dying done before the series concludes.
Score: A

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