Well this was definitely an eventful episode for Shana as both Yuji and Shana started to play their cards. You knew it wasn’t going to be as simple as Yuji and Shana just fighting until the creation of the new world happened. Of course Pheles and Johan have their own plans and they should still create some chaos before the end.

I really have to start by talking about the end though. Things looked really bad for Khamsin at the end there. I wouldn’t count him out, but things don’t look good either. He really put himself on the line for Kazumi. There’s no doubt his actions were all about protecting her despite the fact that it wasn’t hindering the plan by doing it. Hope he makes it though I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. When he appeared that injured after protecting everyone from the cannon fire it seemed like they were waiving a death flag. Still since it was that obvious I can only hope that he’ll make it. I guess all those interactions with Kazumi made her someone he was willing to put his life on the line for. He did tell her his past which probably isn’t a common occurrence. I know that Kazumi is probably still focused on Yuji, but think if he doesn’t make it that Kazumi will be broken up about it. I just hope he survives and doesn’t get killed off because he’s “one of the old guys.”

I’m glad that Carmel was given the freedom to go help her friends. It was easy enough for Shana to realize how divided Carmel’s attention was. She wanted to help Shana with everything she had. But at the same time she wanted to protect her friends. Carmel was right that she tried to hold on to everything. She was falling short because she was trying to do everything. Shana was right to send her off since she and Magery Daw should be able to match up against Yuji and Sydonay. It makes sense for Margery and Sydonay to go 1v1 with their past and Shana has her own reasons to fight Yuji. I’m sure some combinations will be needed, but they should be fine if spread out.

But regarding Carmel it should be interesting to see what happens. She is working hard to guard Kazumi and of course the Engage Link. There just wasn’t time to discuss what Johan and Pheles had done. That was a weird state and it certainly was telling that Carmel initially thought it was a Reiji Maigo. Now of course that’s not what it is, but you know those two are up to something. Johan is a genius when it comes to this sort of thing so it should be pretty interesting to see what happens. At least if something happens now Carmel will be in position to go ahead with her friends.

Can’t forget about the major fight with Chiara and Seere taking on quite a few enemies. It really is too bad these two showed up at this point in the series since I’m pretty curious about them. Had to do a bit of outside reading regarding Seere and the Professor. Though you don’t need to know much to get a feeling for that relationship. In the end it was Seere who got the last laugh after the Professor thought he had him vulnerable. Of course normally the Professor would have been fine since he always has an escape plan, but sadly for him the Hyakki Yakou shut down his tunnel. It’s too bad to see the Professor go since he was a pretty entertaining. But in that new world he wouldn’t be the kind of guy that you’d like to have around. At least he got to be pretty entertaining at the end. A farewell also to Domino who served that lunatic faithfully for who knows how long. I’ll give credit to Mammon who sacrificed himself to protect the tower. Have to respect someone who will die for what he believes in.

With only a few episodes left things should continue to build up towards the series’ climax. Going to be interesting to see how things end for Yuji and Shana of course, but also for everyone else in the series.
Score: A

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