Nothing exceptionally interesting has happened since Bleach came back from it’s three week hiatus, though I must admit that the fact that Bleach has finally entered its last Arc gave me quite a shock. Although it’s really nothing to be shocked about, since I’ve heard rumors that this final arc is going to be hella long.

So anyway, as I was saying, nothing interesting has really happened thus far. We’ve been introduced to two new Shinigami that are now apparently the ones in charge of purging Hollows that may appear in Karakura town. But since this is a shounen manga, obviously the only character that is supposed to stand out as an all-might powerful being is Ichigo, so he was the one that defeated the Hollow that attacked the two new Shinigami stationed in Karakura Town.

I guess we’ll be getting a new final boss for this final arc, with the pretense that Hollows are disappearing without a reason whatsoever. Maybe the Soul Society King is involved in all of this affair? Or maybe it’s that new creepy “Ivan” guy that showed up at the end of this new chapter?

Well, who knows, but let’s patiently wait every week to find out.

Oh and my apologies that I have not been blogging Bleach and Naruto lately, it’s just that I’ve been so busy and exhausted since my College classes started again.

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