Picking up again after the one week break, Naruto takes us back down memory lane. There was a lot of flashbacks that showed the whole Naruto story in about 4 pages (didn’t really count them, forgive me, yes?). I found the flashbacks to be very dull and a waste of space. Instead of going through a trip down memory lane, I would’ve preferred if Kishimoto had used those pages to instead advance in the story.

Anyway, Naruto is hard at work with trying to free Son from the rod that Madara (Nameless?) is using to control all the Jinchuurikis. Although it is proving to be quite difficult, since Son is still under Madara’s control and has to attack Naruto whenever he gets close in order to remove the rod. All of this plot development is laid out with the Nine Tails in the background thinking about how Naruto will not have to prove himself with words but with actions in order to gain the other Jinchuuriki’s trust.

The rod that is controlling Son is proving to be quite difficult to remove, since it is strong and burried quite deeply, but Naruto doesn’t give up. He devices a new plan in which he will instead push the rod from the inside in order to to push it out instead of pulling it from the outside.

And that is how this week’s chapter ends.

Impressions: I have this theory that the Nine Tails is Tsundere for Naruto. Psh, don’t throw tomatoes at me. xD Anyway, it’s kind of funny to see the Nine Tails secretly (somehow) rooting for Naruto to come out victorious. Although a bit odd, I’m sure it was bound to happen sooner or later. After all, what are shounen mangas without the hero saving the bad guys? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.


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