Summary (22-23)


Back to Ritsu and Takano’s situation with these two episodes. It’s the same work as always with Ritsu working hard to prove himself. Takano seems to be coming down with a cold and Yokozawa attempts to mark his territory aka Takano in front of Ritsu. And Takano being Takano, is gunning even harder for Ritsu and confronts him about what Ritsu said at the New Years Eve party, even going as far as asking if Ritsu even loved him 10 years ago. But Yokozawa interrupts their meeting with some work for Ritsu. While Ritsu is all ‘moya-moya’ over his thoughts, he still thinks that he should focus on his work rather than love. But he thinks that it would be best if he were to talk with Takano bout their whole situation buuuuuut his luck being what it is, Takano winds up taking the next day off cause he’s ill. Ritsu’s surprised to find out at work but tells himself to focus on his work rather than think bout how Takano didn’t tell him. AS IF that stops him from worrying.

And whats this? When he goes to give Yokozawa some work, he’s taken the day off as well. Could it be….? Ritsu winds up getting a bag load of stuff meds, cold compression packs, energy drinks etc whatever) and wonders if maybe he’s overstepping his boundaries by doing this…therefore, the best approach is to just hang the bag on the door, ring the doorbell and dash away before the door opens. But when he hears Takano on the intercom, he stops buuuuuut Yokozawa tells him to get his ass in bed and opens the door. Cue awkward moment from your worst nightmare where Ritsu hands the bag over and asks if he can help in any way. Buuuuuuuuut Yokozawa being his usual self pretty much tells Ritsu to back the fuck off and to stop messing up Takano’s life. He hands the bag back, saying that Takano doesn’t need his concern and he will take care of Takano. And that seeing Ritsu leading Takano along is irritating for him and that the younger man just pisses him off. Besides, HE is the one who loves Takano and is a better fit for him. Ritsu has no right to love Takano because it was nothing but a game to him anyways. In turn, Ritsu gets defensive and tells the man that if he loves Takano so much then he should just go out with Takano because that man has been the biggest pain in his ass since the beginning. Though he doesn’t mean it, he winds up blurting out that he really hates Takano. And oh hey, guess who overheard JUST that last line?

The next day at work, Ritsu’s having a horrible time concentrating and keeps banging into…I’d say stuff but he keeps crashing into bookshelves. He knows that his lack of concentration is because of what happened the other day and that he needs to explain what happened and why he was provoked. However…he thinks back to after he had said that hated Takano. Takano tells both of them to beat it and they both do. Ritsu’s aware that he needs to explain things and that he shouldn’t be avoiding all of Takano’s texts and mails. But he’s not sure of what to say…wouldnt it be better if they maintain a professional relationship anyway? But he can’t stop himself from wanting Takano.

Takano meanwhile, talks to Yokozawa in private and confronts him about Ritsu. Asking him what he said to Ritsu and if he’s being all prissy towards Ritsu cause of how he feels for Takano. He makes it clear that their relationship is nothing more than friends…but does Yokozawa think different? Takano makes it clear that he loves Ritsu and if he further attacks Ritsu then they cant be friends.  Yokozawa tries his version of “snap out of it Masamune!” but yeah, Takano’s all “er hello, open your eyes, thats bullcrap. It wasn’t Ritsu’s fault like you’re making it out to be okay? And please to be butting out of my love life.” Yokozawa tries to appeal to Takano but…poor guy, he gets rejected straight out. Takano confesses that he never thought that he’d fall in love with Ritsu again after they met. Yokozawa and Takano head back to their own offices and what ho? Ritsu’s taken the rest of the day off.

On his way back, it starts to rain! Ritsu takes cover underneath an awning and OH HI THERE TAKANO. Cue awkward atmosphere where they try to make some small talk but yeah, thats not happening with Ritsu worrying himself in knots about what to talk about. Takano quietly tells Ritsu that he’s spoken with Yokozawa and told him to back off…and also explains that Yokozawa always thought that his break down was because of Ritsu leaving. But the real reason was that a shit load of problems just happened to fall on him at the same time so thats why he had a bit of a break down. He was just a kid at the time…and in hindsight, he over reacted. Plus, about him laughing when Ritsu asked if he loved him…he was amused at “why is he even asking this after all we’ve done?” And he never realized who he was on their second first meet was because he never got to see his face properly before. Young Ritsu would always be lookin down or be covering his red face so he never got a good enough look. Ritsu splutters and blushes that he was but a youngun in love so its obvious he couldnt see the person he loves in the face properly!

Plus, Takano didn’t recognize Ritsu cause of his name change…Ritsu’s confused as hell cause…his parents didn’t get divorced or anything like Takano’s thinking. Takano’s like “but wait, your name is different. In highschool, your name was Oda right?” and Ritsu is fucking APPALLED as he recalls that back when he would loan out the same books Takano would, he didn’t write his REAL name. He wrote ODA Ritsu. Takano is more angry than a woman scorned for Sega and is just SO pissed that he spent 10 years not knowing Ritsu’s real name AND looking for an ODA Ritsu. Ritsu’s surprised that the older man actually tried to find him after he left. Ritsu stammers and explains that he didn’t mean it when he said that he hated Takano…and stammers some more when Takano asks then how does he feel about him? Takano tells him that he’s not chasing after Ritsu because of the past…the one he loves is the present Ritsu. A blushing and overwhelmed Ritsu tries to say that he loves Takano BUT a huge downpour drowns him out XD

Takano muses that he missed out something important there and quietly takes Ritsu’s hand as they wait for the rain to let up. Takano muses that the heartbeat is really loud…Ritsu’s about to protest that its not when Takano smiles and says that he meant his own. So they go back to Takano’s place and Ritsu frets that Takano might get sick again but the older man teases Ritsu for focusing on all the wrong things and they make sweet sweet love. The next day, Ritsu’s wondering if he caught Takano’s cold when he meets Yokozawa in the elevator. They talk shop for a bit before Yokozawa reluctantly admits that Ritsu’s a good working and asks if Ritsu loves Takano or not. Ritsu quietly admits that he does. And Yokozawa more or less gives him his approval, much to Ritsu’s surprise. He heads back to his office and meets Takano on the elevator D8 Oh my and they’re all alone in the office~~~ Takano comes up from behind~ coyly asking if Ritsu’s alright and that he forgot to tell him that…the name Saitou-sensei sent in…is totally rejected. Ritsu’s appalled that with the deadline being next week, his boss wants him to re-do it all?! Takano’s like “well thats your job” Ritsu screams that his boss is a monster and that he just wants to quit this stupid job.


Score: A+/A+

All my tears for these two episodes! ALL OF THEM. The whole Yokozawa Ritsu confrontation made me want to weep at Ritsu and want to shake him while going “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and want to slam Yokozawa’s head into the nearest wall at the same time. I get where Yokozawa was coming from but at the same time it was like “Dude, its NOT your fuckning business so stick your big fat nose out of it okay?” No seriously, he didn’t have the right to butt in like that. While Trifecta makes me glad that Yokozawa’s found someone who can put up with his quirks and loves him for them but here, pre-Trifecta…I STILL WANT TO KICK HIS SORRY ASS. NO JUST NO. You can’t stop me from thinking that because Yokozawa was just pushing himself into the picture when Takano didn’t really want it and butting into his love life and going around the whole sneaky route by lying nad [aishdoiahsdoiahdoaihdoisahndoiahsd’sa /rage flips all the tables.

Its always cute to see Ritsu working so hard at his job ;u; It just really is. Those are the best moments in this show. Seeing him put up with his cracked collegues and crazy boss are the true highlights of this show <3 I swear, I look forward to those more than the Takano Ritsu interactions. Poor poor baby *pets Ritsu* Also, man you just gotta admire Takano’s determination to get Ritsu back. I mean, any lesser person woulda just been satisfied with having a mostly sexual relationship with the other party or just giving up like a hundred something days ago but NOT this one. He’s just (pardon the pun) pounding against Ritsu’s gate and going “NO WE WILL TEAR THESE WALLS DOWN”.

And why I LOVE LOVE LOVE these chapters/episodes is where its a true countdown starts. Now its really a downhill journey cause hey hey hey Ritsu knows that he’s in love with Takano. I suppose that we can officially stamp a tsundere sticker on his forehead cause now he’s just gonna be all “NO NO ITS NOT LIKE IM ENJOYING THIS OR ANYTHING OKAY?!” XD But yeah seriously. I love that the last time we saw Ritsu it was the turning point and here its like….its like Ritsu admitting to An-chan was like the opening of a dam. Its out in the open now and Ritsu can’t stop himself from thinking about it so it was adorable to see him worrying about how Takano was doing and if he was seriously ill. Not to mention getting him meds and stuff and then later worrying that he should explain things…but more importantly, that he doesn’t want to let go of him ;u; Its a losing battle Ritsu baby, the sooner you realize that the better. That part, combined with the music made me tear up so fucking badly man. You can feels Ritsu’s pain at that point. He KNOWS that he didn’t mean to say all the hurtful things that he said but he was backed into a corner and all defensive and he said all that shit he didn’t mean to and Takano overheard it and now hes just scared and confused and hurt an;doaisdhoaishda RITSU COMES TO MY ARMS.

I gotta say that I LOVE the break up that they did of these two chapters. I had estimated that 22 would end with Ritsu screaming/yelling that he hated Takano. So it was quite the surprise to find out that nope, its gonna end with Ritsu wondering what he should do. Which turns out to be the best decision because the whole rain scene….THE WHOLE RAIN SCENE MAN. SO beautifully done. The music, the dialogue delivery, the confessions and revelations…oh my sweet heart. It seemed so short and so long at the same time. We finally get so many answers to a good many questions. Why Yokozawa was on Ritsu’s case, Takano’s break down and the causes behind it, he did try to search out Ritsu, why he couldnt find him…how Ritsu actually feels…how Takano feels…oh GOD the music just MADE the scene okay.

The funniest scene…ODA. RITSU. Oh you adorable weebo stalker you. Changing your name like that aosihdaoishdoaisdidas. Torn between laughing my head off and screaming in frustration like Takano. Takano’s anger was so fucking amusing as were Ritsu’s expressions. Urge to hug them both while laughing rising by a factor of 11. Takano saying that the person he loves is the present Ritsu…oh GOD TAKE MY HEART JUST TAKE IT MASAMUNE /throws self at his feet. JUST TAKE IT MAN. And adorable Ritsu being all worried about saying something or not and that “we’re both wet! you might catch a cold again!” aoihsdoaishdoahisda UBLUBLUBLU RITSU YOU SWEETY <3 And you even got Yokozawa to admit that you’re a hard worker (even if you have a ways to go on that front) and you admitted that you loved him ;u; PROGRESS BABY WHY I LOVE THESE CHAPTERS.

So…can i spazz some more on the music for this show? Like I havent enough already. THE MUSIC IS JUST SO GOOD /sobs. It just matches the mood so fucking beautifully man. My heart, my creys, my love – take them all please. There were some animation hiccups here and there (like small head syndrome and overly broad shoulders syndrome) but over all, it was still a dream. ESPECIALLY the rain scene. That shot of Takano’s half face asuihdbaoishdoaihdoaihsdsa oh GOD I fell in love all over again with that man. Also, all the adorable chibi faces <3<3<3 and blushing Ritsu oh GOD DAMMIT /drags him to bed. And I don’t frankly care about the gaffs in these episodes because just the dialogue delivery and the way they told the story totally TOTALLY makes up for it. Thus the A+ rating.

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