From the beginning right until the end, Kimi To Boku manages to keep the lighthearted tone that makes it unique. With five High School boys that serve as the main plot element, Kimi to Boku embraces a genre that has rarely been used before.

–Kimi To Boku Episode 11–

How many of you guys actually dedicate yourselve’s to collecting things? I myself have never done it (unless you count collecting anime bishounens to my harem?) so it’s kind of a foreign thing for me. Besides, do teenagers normally collect things such as plates? xD; Anyway, I found it to be a bit hilarious how Yuuki actually has a fascination for collecting decorated plates with the stickers that he gains everytime that he purchases bread. The Cafeteria Lady (reffered to as “Cinderella” by Chizuru) has the same hobby as him so that’s something interesting to see. The pacing of this episode was slow and I like the build up on how Yuuki was somehow aware of “Cinderella”, even if it was in his own special way. I also found it funny but very admirable how “Cinderella” had a mind of herself and stood up for moral rights (pointing out that stealing is wrong, even if they are only stickers) even if it meant that she would be embarrassing herself. All in all, I think it was a pretty nice buildup in Yuuki’s character that managed to show that he is not utterly indifferent to things that are going on around him. Like he stated, he is actually always listening.  😀

Plus, if the anime didn’t really make it clear, Yuuki actually developed a crush on the Cafeteria lady so that was interesting to see. Or well, at least I found it interesting.

–Kimi To Boku Episode 12–

Being the oldest sister, I can testify to how embarrassing it can be when your younger siblings start asking you things about sex and the opposite gender. It really is! I remember a few years back my seven year old sister asked me how babies were made. Now, to many it isn’t a huge deal. But I wasn’t exactly going to go ahead and explain to her the “real” process of how things work, was I? It was uncomfortable but I managed to tell a lie. Oh, and guys. A little heads up: breasts do not feel the same as the inferior part of your arm. I’d just thought I’d throw that out there. Who knows, maybe some guys were actually interested in that little piece of information? xD

Anyway, Shun was adorable as ever in this episode and Chizuru’s antics always serve as a comedic relief. And Yuuki, pfft, always such a lady killer, not that I can blame him with those looks. Anyway, the main focus of this episode was of Shun’s little brother actually having a girlfriend and worrying about how he should go about with his relationship with her. I thought it was very cute how both the girlfriend and he were both very self-conscious about themselves when they were around the around. I can completely relate and so can the rest of you, right? Because when you’re with the person you like, you suddenly become painfully aware of all the things that you do and if they seem obnoxious or annoying. Thankfully, they were able to resolve everything in the end and move forward with their relationship, much to the relief of Shun, who like any older brother, was very worried for this younger sibling.

And my final impressions of this episode? Older sibling pride, FTW!

 –Kimi to Boku Episode 13 —

Are you guys sad that Kimi to Boku has ended? Well, don’t despair because the second season will be starting in April of 2012. Just mentioning this piece of information again, in case some of you did not know. Anyway, moving on. The gang decide to visit their old Kindergaten because of school activities. There, the five of them work as teacher/helpers and have to deal with small children. Now, do you guys remember when you went to Kindergarten? I don’t. xD So seeing how these kids acted was really funny. Specially Ken-chan since he was so easily provoked because he was in love with his classmate. Plus, it was also funny to see how he bickered a lot with Kaname but in the end both of them ended up getting along after Kaname helped Ken-chan resolve his problem of being misunderstood. As a thank you, Ken-chan pushes Kaori-sensei into Kaname’s arms, resulting in embarrassment and frustration on Kaname’s part. At the end of the episode, Shun accidentally reveals to Chizuru that Kaname used to have a crush on Kaori-sensei, which Chizuru finds to be extremely funny and laughs a lot.


 In all, this felt like a pretty decent way to wrap up the first season of Kimi to Boku. I hope you guys liked the first season just as much as I did. So, are you guys up for season 2? 😀 More cute boys dedicating themselves to doing cute things. It doesn’t get better than that.

–Final Overall Impressions–

I’m going to be extremely frank with you guys. My favorite part of Kimi to Boku were the cats. xD Yeah, I’m sorry but that was my favorite part. Now go ahead and laugh at me if you want. Anyway, Kimi to Boku had a good execution so there’s not much complaining on that department. Plus the animation was always top knotch and I really appreciated that. Character interactions were funny and everything was either heartwarming or hilarious. And that’s just right up my alley. 😀

In conclusion, I’d rate Kimi to Boku an 8 out of 10.

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