Do you guys like Bleach? Because it really is good.  What’s that? Fillers bore you? Then I totally suggest you read the manga instead. The manga is really good, I myself can testify to that seeing as I don’t see the anime and prefer to stick with the manga.

Anyway, on to the review!

By the looks of it, the “Execution – Fullbrings” Arc has finally come to an end. Ginjou was defeated by Ichigo and has passed on, leaving his comrades behind. In between their tears and promises to some day reunite again, when they are finally more mature and ready to face a new life, the Bleach story moves on. Carrying hope that they must become stronger, the characters of this Arc walk towards a new future. After all, the main thing that brought them together (Ginjou) has passed on, leaving them to pave their way into their new lives.

With this arc finished, I’m wondering what will come next. A new enemy or maybe some further information regarding the whole Substitue Shinigami business. I’m pretty sure a new enemy will show up (because in shounen manga there is never a moment of peace) or maybe Aizen will make some kind of move? Which would make a lot of sense since he is the big boss in Bleach. Anyway, I’m excited to be blogging Bleach so I’m really looking forward to how things will turn out.

Care to read on with me? 😀

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