Kimi to Boku continues with its sweet and lighthearted pace that makes it unique. This time around, we get an episode focusing on their High School festival, which is pretty much mandatory for all slice of life animes.

Summary: The boys’ high school festival is just around the corner. Because of this, they are busy preparing for it, and having some fun in between. Deciding to have a bit of fun, Yuuki and Chizuru make cardboard box trains and take Yuuta and Shun for a ride. This causes great distress for Kaname as he watches them fool around.

On the other hand, Kaname is having a hard time dealing with all of the work and pressure that he is receiving because of the high school festival. To top things off, all of his classmates aren’t being exactly helpful by bombarding him with questions and leaving tasks up to him.

Later, Yuuki and Chizuru head off to make copies but it turns out that they do not know how to use the copy machine. After a bit of them fooling around, Kaname finally shows up and makes the copies for them. Just as they are about to return to their classroom, students from the student council take Kaname away because they need him to solve some problems. Because of this, Kaname leaves it up to Chizuru and Yuuki to sign him up for the position of clerk on the Haunted house that their clasroom is doing. Of course, Yuuki and Chizuru do not do what Kaname says and instead sign him up for the part of a ghost.

Later they run into Yuuta and Shun whom are dressed in skirts, since their classroom is doing a crossdressing cafe. Since Kaname is on to them and furious for what they did, Yuuki and Chizuru hide under Yuuta and Shun’s skirts. After a bit of struggling and teasing Kaname, Yuuki and Chizuru are finally caught and scolded by Kaname. After that, Yuuki asks Kaname if he could possibly take care of a few enlarged copies that the Manga Club needs, since he himself does not know how to use the copy machine. Kaname agrees but he is taken away again by some students.

An exhausted Kaname takes a break by the stairs only to realize that he did not take care of getting the black-out curtains that his Haunted House needs. Luckily, his teacher Azuma helps him and he manages to get a hold of some. At the end of the day, Kaname tells Yuuta that he will make his enlargement copies the next day as they are all walking home together. Yuuki says that there is no need since Yuuta already made the copies. They also say that they just can’t rely on Kaname because he is always too busy with things and that makes him unreliable. Kaname hits Chizuru out in anger, though he’s not really angry. He actually smiles as they all keep on walking home.

Impressions: I really liked this episode, well, that’s kind of obvious because I’m very biased towards Kimi to Boku. Now, as a manga ready I obviously prefer the manga to the anime, but the anime also has its good points so I can’t really complain. I just love these five boys so much. Besides, the high school festival arc was one of my favorites in the manga so I’m really looking forward to more episodes of it.

On another note, I keep smiling at Yuuki and Chizuru’s antics to make Kaname mad. That’s why they’re definitely my two favorite characters. Also, I know Kaname keeps being harsh on Chizuru but deep down he really does consider Chizuru his friend, just saying. Kaname just shows his appreciation in a very harsh way. xD

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