Summary 18


Junjou Mistake, COME TO MY ARMS. I never ever thought that we’d get to see Isaka and Asahina’s story so this is like the BEST treat in that regard. So, many years, in a fabulous apart filled with fluffy white towels, there lived ‘I’m-an-editor-but-I-want-to-be-a-writer’!Isaka and his assistant Asahina. While the pair banter a lot, Isaka is not pleased (read:jealous) at how Asahina seems to like his father. Asahina’s dad attempted a family suicide when his business went bankrupt back when Kaoru was a kid but he and Papa Isaka took Kaoru in to look after Isaka. Although he had wanted to take care of Asahina, Isaka found himself in love but it seems like Asahina respects/admires/loves Papa!Isaka.

So Isaka’s working hard as an editor and having to put up with people who are gossiping about how Isaka is just using his father’s influence to create a best seller, which is something he doesn’t take kindly too. He goes to Usami’s place with a book that Akihiko wanted and finds one of Uasgi-san’s stories. Usagi-san comes in and is all “Please give that!” but Isaka tells him to submit his work to Marukawa and to get it published. Isaka realizes after seeing Usagi-san’s works that he doesn’t have the necessary talent to be a writer and he wonders why he wants to Asahina so badly. Asahina notices that Isaka is not acting like himself  and Isaka impulsively kisses a surprised Asahina. He thinks that Isaka was simply causing him trouble but before they can really talk, Papa!Isaka calls him away for business.

In his anger, Isaka tells Asahina to go and be his father’s secretary and Asahina quietly agrees. So Isaka goes back to his life, trying to get by without Isaka by his side. Three weeks pass as Isaka mopes and wonders what to do…mid-way a minor breakdown, Isaka returns. Just to return a potted plant. Isaka is slightly confused but then he recalls that his mother brought the plant and Isaka in turn gifted it to Asahina. Right after remembering this, Isaka finds out that Asahina has quit the company. Isaka rushes over to Asahina and asks why he hadn’t told him about this. Asahina confesses to Isaka, who in turns asks that doesnt he love Papa!Isaka? Asahina is confused but says that he simply respects the man and its Isaka who he loves. Isaka yells that Asahina knows nothing about him and that he’s been in love with him from the start from when he first gave him that plant…just like Asahina.

So Asahina and Isaka get together <3 Asahina comes back but in the secretarial field and Isaka sets his sights on taking over the company. On their way to work, they find out that Usami’s submitted his work for the Marukawa Literature Prize. Isaka reaffirms that he’s gonna rise to the top soon and gonna have Isaka working with him. And he’s got no regrets about that.


Score: A/A+

Summary 19


Back to Ritsu’s end, he’s running late on the single most important day of his job, the day of the News Year party where all the authors, editors etc come together for a party. Wearing a suit, Ritsu’s ready to start the day’s work when his mother calls him to chew him out about sending An-chan home alone. Ritsu reminds her that he doesn’t want to marry An-chan and his mothers all “well you gotta marry someone cause you’re gonna inherit the biz. You got someone else in mind? no? Kay then I want you to escort An-chan to this wedding. What? you can’t cause of work? Oh your work is in the same hotel? Perfect, escort her. Bye /hangs up”. Ah mothers~ love em hate em headdesk at em XD

Ritsu wonders if An-chan is still thinking of marriage and he sends An-chan a message that he wouldn’t be able to escort her to the wedding cause he’ll be too busy with work. Takano trolls Ritsu in typical Takano manner….as do the other guys in the department. Seriously, dont tease the boy too much guys XD So at the party, the boys are sparkling *shades her eyes* uwaaa look at dem sparkles as the fangirls flail at their beauty! Takano takes Ritsu around the floor, introducing him to various curious mangaka’s. Ritsu also literally bumps into Yokozawa, hai thar sour puss. In typical Yokozawa style, he talks down to Ritsu about talking big about doing a lot for his author but not even putting an event proposal in. Takano however steps in to defend Ritsu, saying that it was Yokozawa’s boss who shot the proposal down. Yokozawa is surprised to hear this and asks when the proposal was submitted (turns out it was a day when Yokozawa was out) and Takano calls him out on his bullshit and to stop and properly look at how Ritsu is working hard and to stop ignoring that aspect.

Ritsu is pleasantly surprised at the defense and that Takano is properly looking at him. Before they move to the after-party, Ritsu quickly checks his phone which is loaded with text’s from An-chan (who is waiting in the hotel lobby) but whoops, here comes more work. Before Ritsu can check if he can go home, An-chan finds him. He apologizes for making her wait and says that he’d been working the whole time so he couldn’t really talk to her. An-chan plainly asks if they’re still really engaged cause she’d like that…but is that really okay? Half way through their conversation, Takano turns a corner and comes behind Ritsu but the couple don’t notice as Takano overhears An-chan confessing to Ritsu. Ritsu however gently turns her down, saying that he can’t love her in the way that she wants…and that he’s refused the whole engagement thing.

An-chan asks if Ritsu is still in love with the person who he loved back in middle school? After a small pause, Ritsu admits that that could very well be the case. Which is when Takano interrupts, telling Ritsu to get back to work. An-chan runs away and Takano admits to have overheard a good part of their conversation and hey look at who got conned into going home with Takano in his car. Ritsu finds the whole car ride awkward aaaand then his mom calls him to chew him out. But Ritsu turns his cell off quickly to dodge the yelling. Ritsu asks how Takano knew about An-chan being his finance and he explains that a guy at his prep school mentioned it. On their way back up, Takano asks Ritsu if he loves someone and Ritsu tries to dodge the question but yeah, thats not happening cause Takano’s after him like a hound after blood.

Ritsu keeps trying to deny himself but…its clear that he’s deeply affected by Takano and his words. Takano slips inside Ritsu’s apartment and doesn’t budge even when Ritsu’s yelling at him to leave. But Takano says that he isn’t gonna let Ritsu go this time. Unable to resist, he lets Takano have his wicked way with him. Oh ALL the wicked ways. THE NEXT MORNING~ naked Takano naked Takano oh dammit it why are you puttin a shirt on oh wait you’re talking i cant focus on the words now. As they leave, Takano hugs Ritsu and asks if he could come by again? So they leave the apartment together and get caught by a neighbor…who thinks that they’re from a HOST CLUB.


Yeah right.


Score: A/A+

Like I said before, Junjou Mistake was the best kind of unexpected treat. Its like getting an extra Christmas present or something. Seeing the stories of the minor characters is just one of the BEST things about Sekaiichi Hatsukoi for me. Although this technically isn’t a part of SiH and is actually a JR story but eh, why squabble on the technicalities. And the Ritsu and Takano episode? Lets all just weep together in relief that Takano’s stubbornness in battering against Ritsu’s stupid ‘im never gonna fall in love again and stay in constant denial’ is finally showing its results. Though I think we gotta thank An-chan for playing a big part in helping Ritsu realize that “Oh…I think….that might be the case…that I might still be in love with the same person”. It was just his good/bad luck that Takano overheard that and totally played that to his advantage. Cheeky devil that he is.

Isaka and Asahina are just…..the classic story of ‘I’ve loved this person forever but they don’t love me back’ which turns into a mess when one of them tries to make a move but the other party winds up misunderstanding the intentions and storms out. But huzzah for happy endings where they reconcile after explaining everything <3 I think that’s the most best part about Junjou Mistake. Its not over the top dramatic and yeah, I can see a situation like this happening irl. A similar thing happened to me so its relate-able. (Except the happy ending part, I didn’t get that)

The funniest part about this episode though? Hearing grown-up Usami’s voice in teen!Usaim. Oh GAWD I haven’t cracked up this badly in AGES. I’m sorry but that image and that voice DON’T MATCH. *diez and diez again laughing her head off* Also amusing….Isaka…why do you need all those white towels for? NO REALLY. You are two guys, why do you need THAT many towels? T_T Unless there was a sale on super fuwa-fuwa towels and you didn’t want to miss the kickass deal…..I don’t see why ANY home needs THAT MANY DAMN TOWELS MAN.

Asahina…oh Asahina, your voice is like a dutch chocolate milkshake. Delicious and sweet <3 Speaking of sweet, Isaka after confessing his feelings to Asahina in the end. Awww that precious baby <3 Him wanting to just monopolize and keep Isaka to himself was kinda cute. Oh Isaka *pulls his cheeks* that was incredibly tender…and kinda unhealthy at one level but still, more sweet than anything. As was Asahina confessing his feelings. YOU PRECIOUS BABY. AND YOU KEPT THE PLANT TOO. Uguuuuuuu <3 And half points to Isaka for remembering on his own rather than Asahina having to remind him <3 Yes he gets points for that because it was sweet~

Ritsu….Ritsu Ritsu Ritsu *ruffles his hair* you are a darling boy y’ know? A tad on the cranky side but underneath all the pickles you are nothing but the sweetest guy. I mean seriously. You coulda let down An-chan hard but instead you did it gently, you were so flustered by the revelation that Takano still means the world to you and tried to compose yourself but instead found yourself swept away and kept hiding your shy sweet but highly embarrassed self behind a prickly facade….Just stop being so precious before I steal you away okay~?

On a related note. Takano in a suit? GET IN ME PLEASE. AND on that note, Takano standing up for Ritsu, from a boss’s stand point? Winning, winning! It was AWESOME that he calls Yokozawa out on his bullshit and the way he just has it out for Ritsu without really seeing that Ritsu’s working hard at his job rather than messing around and/or talking big. That was beautiful. Pretty much THE moment I think when Yokozawa kinda realizes that yep, this is a losing battle…and maybe the point where he realizes that hes kinda being small and petty?

Regarding An-chan and the whole finance thing, I cant help but wonder if we’ll ever get to meet Mama and Papa Onedera in the manga. I mean, clearly Ritsu taking over the company is a big thing and if he’s with Takano then heirs is gonna be an issue (like duh) so…are we ever gonna have a chapter (or few chapters) where Ritsu comes out to his parents? My gosh that’d be a sight to see ne? ESPECIALLY if An-chan is there to DEFEND Ritsu saying that she’s never seen Ritsu as happy as he is with Takano ;A; ALL MY HAPPY CREYS FOR THAT.

Oh thank the LORD that ep 20 was Yukina Kisa. BOUT DAMN TIME FOR THAT. I’m thinking to do a single review for both Kisa no Baai chapters/episodes. Though the animation  for 19 was….slightly….off in bits and places wasnt it? I accidentally paused at a close up of Ritsu when hes meeting Kisa and he looked….well a bit cross eyed <<;; Or was that just me?

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