Kimi to Boku manages to remain one of my favorite anime series this season. Seriously, I can not get enough of these cute boys. They just make me wanna aww and hug them. Anyway, huge post up ahead so get yourselves ready!

[Episode 3 – Summary and Impressions]

Episode 3 Summary: Tachibana Chizuru finally makes his appearance as the fifth and final boy of our lovely cast. Anyway, Chizuru is the new transfer student that has arrived in Japan from Germany. Upon arriving and sitting at his desk, Chizuru recognizes Yuuki as the small boy he had played with when he was small during some summer days. Of course, Yuuki doesn’t remember Chizuru at all and completely shakes him off. However, Chizuru does not give up and tries to make Yuuki remember him to no avail. Feeling chased, Yuuki heads on to Yuuta’s classroom where Chizuru finds him anyway. Chizuru is shocked to see the twins and screams out, “A clone!” , only to later realize that they are actually twins.  It is then that it is revealed that the one that Chizuru actually played with back then might have actually been Yuuta. After that, Chizuru sees Yuuki talking to Shun and mistakes Shun for a girl, claiming to have fallen for her. Kaname and Yuuki try to tell him that Shun is not a girl but Chizuru does not listen to them.

We are shown a flashback of that past summer week when Chizuru and Yuuki had played together when they were small. Yuuta had fallen sick so Yuuki was all alone in the park, bored and not knowing what to do. It is there that he meets Chizuru and despite not understanding each other due to language differences, the two get a long surprisingly well and play. Then one day while Chizuru and Yuuki are up in a tree, Yuuki shakes the tree and accidentally causes Chizuru to fall and injure himself. Yuuki tries to go for help but Chizuru stops him and signals that he is ok before hearing the clock chime and leaving.  The next day Yuuki  has fallen sick and is unable to go out to play with Chizuru. He thinks about Chizuru’s injury and feels awful because of it. Since Yuuta is better, he goes buy Yuuki some juice. It is there that Yuuta bumps into Chizuru, but not knowing him, completely ignores Chizuru. Chizuru pulls his arms and accuses him of ignoring him. He then gives Yuuta a Captain Yamato figure he had won while playing with Yuuki and says thank you as he leaves. Back at home, Yuuta gives Yuuki the figurine and tells him about the “straw-colored hair boy” he met on the street. Yuuki is seen sentimental and hides in his covers.

Back to the present, Yuuki still does not acknowledge Chizuru causing Chizuru to wonder if the one he had met back then had really been Yuuta. Because of this, Chizuru finally decides to give up. Later on he is caught up in trouble with some trouble makers in the school. Yuuta and Yuuki see this and Yuuta goes to Chizuru’s rescue, trying to make the boys let him go. Yuuki only reads manga and does not pay attention to them. After things start to get serious, Yuuki interferes and takes both Yuuta and Chizuru away, using the excuse that he wants to borrow Chizuru’s manga. Then in the afternoon, Chizuru goes to see Yuuki on the rooftop where he is reading the manga that Chizuru lent him. Chizuru finally recognizes Yuuki as the one he had played with that day and Yuuki finally admits it. He apologizes for having hurt Chizuru and that he really was sorry. The two make up and can be seen getting along. The next day, Chizuru is up on the rooftop with the guys, waiting for Shun to appear, still fully convinced that Shun is a girl. However, when he finds out that Shun is actually a guy, Chizuru faints from shock.

Impressions: Oh man, I love Chizuru so much. I know I’ve ranted so much about how I love him and all, but he is just so cute and adorable that argh….

Anyway, the anime took a different way of animating the flow from the manga but I still liked it. 8D I specially enjoyed that evening scene between Yuuki and Chizuru becoming friends. I was on the verge of happy tears and going into my “okaa-san” personality. Now that Chizuru has finally appeared, things are going to get much more interesting.



[Episode 4 – Summary and Impressions] 

Episode 4 Summary:  The episode starts out with the boys at a park during the night, apparently holding a Goukun, all Chizuru’s idea because of Tanabata. The boys get into a little fun when Yuuki and Chizuru start to really act like they are in a Goukun. Also, Yuuta subtly flirts with Shun, asking him what kind of person he likes. Shun responds that he likes a kind person and even Masaki is seen excited over this fact. The only one that is actually acting sour is Kaname as he says that they are all idiots. Anyway, Chizuru takes out a few sheets of paper and they all begin to write their wishes down on them. Suddenly it begins to rain and they must leave.

The next day, Kaname seems to have caught a slight cold due to the rain. The five boys pay him a visit with the excuse that they are there to see if he is feeling better. However, they are only messing around much to Kaname’s anger. We are shown a flashback of the days when the four boys were small and in kindergarten. Kaname’s old crush on Kaori-sensei is brought up again and we see how he was totally in love with her. It turns out that Kaname’s current High School teacher was actually a helper in their Kindergarten for one day. Kaname is extremely jealous of him since he thinks that Kaori-sensei will fall for him. After some sulking, Kaname refuses to lose and says that he is a worthy man. However, later when they are out playing in the snow, Kaori-sensei is about to fall but Kaname’s teacher catches her, causing Kaname to become frustrated. Later on the two talk in the classroom alone and they make peace. Kaname cries as he thinks that some day he wants to become  a cool guy like his High school teacher. Thinking back on it, Kaname is extremely embarrassed for having thought like that one day.

Back to the present, Kaname’s mom makes an appearance in his room and messes around with her son, telling embarrassing things about him. Kaname is pissed and embarrased and his mom later on leaves, saying that she needs to go buy groceries for dinner. It is then that Kaname’s friend, Hisako, enters the room and smacks Kaname when he calls her a brute. Down in the kitchen, Hisako is preparing some tea and Shun says that he will take Kaname’s medicine up to him when they hear a crash on the roof. It turns out that Chizuru threw himself on Kaname’s bed. Just when Shun arrives to scold them, Yuuki and Yuuta take him by the arms and run towards the bed, also jumping on it. The five boys hurt themselves while playing but Kaname only laughs. After that, the boys leave with Kaname’s notes, without Kaname noticing that they took them.

Impressions: Well, they skipped on some manga material but alas, I still enjoyed the episode. I specially like how well the five boys get along with each other. Also, that flashback with Kaname being in love with Kaori-sensei was really interesting to watch and answers the question of why he is resentful towards his high school teacher. My favorite scene this episode was definitely when the boys jumped on Kaname’s bed and got hurt, while Kaname laughed at their childish act. 😀



[Episode 5 – Summary and Impressions] 

Episode 5 Summary: With Summer finally here, Chizuru decides to go to everyone’s houses and ask them out to play. However, Kaname, Yuuta and Yuuki all turn him down. With that, he ends up at Shun’s house where they begin to bake. However, Chizuru feels that he is being swept away by the girly atmosphere and he decides to leave. However, Shun suggests that they all go to the Summer Festival at night and Chizuru is pretty excited. Later that day, the boys plus Masaki are enjoying the festival. Chizuru teases Masaki by calling her Mary, because her hair reminds Chizuru of a sheep. Mary gets upset and yells at him before stomping off. Shun however goes to console her and they end up trying to fish some goldfish. Masaki fails and sulks off because she wasn’t able to get goldfish for Shun. Chizuru tries to cheer her up but Masaki only pushes him away and yells at him. Chizuru gets mad at her and leaves her alone. Shun is the only one that can cheer her up and he gives her a small bear keychain as a consolation prize.

It is then that Chizuru realizes that Masaki actually has a crush on Shun, thanks to Kaname’s help. After that, they run into Hisako and her older sister, for whom Kaname seems to have special feelings for. Chizuru invites them along to play with fireworks and they agree before heading out with Shun to buy some fireworks at a convenience store. Masaki comes back and asks for Shun when she realizes that she lost the bear keychain that he gave her. Shun invites her to come along but she refuses since she wants to find the bear keychain. She tries to search for it but to no avail. Chizuru and Yuuki find her and try to help her but she only pushes them away. However, she begins crying and Yuuki puts a funny mask on her face, causing Chizuru to laugh at her and get beaten up because of it.

Chizuru, Kaname, Yuuta and Yuuki try to help her look for the bear and they find it in a shooting gun stall. The owner of it found the bear but refuses to give it back to them unless they win it. After a few tries, Chizuru is able to win the bear and gives it back to Masaki. Masaki smiles for the first time at Chizuru and he blushes while smiling back. Shun, Hisako and her older sister finally come back with the fireworks and Masaki runs towards Shun. Chizuru sulks at this and says that Masaki is not cute at all. The boys then begin playing with the fireworks and have a good time running around.

Impressions: I really liked this episode and laughed so hard at many parts. xD Specially when Chizuru was trying to get Kaname out to play and acting like a salesman. xD  Um, as for Masaki, I don’t particularly have any feelings for her but I’d prefer if she stopped being so stubborn and harsh on other people besides Shun.

Also, the twins were hilarious as alway, what with teasing the goldfish man. 😀 My favorite scene though was the end when they were lighting the fireworks and chasing each other. And I loved the picture that they all together. <3 Oh Kimi to Boku, how you make my kokoro go kyun, kyun. ~



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