Well I asked for a fight and we sure as heck got it. Not only did we have Shana facing off against Yuji, but we had a much more difficult mental assault being unleashed up on Margery. While Yuji may be part of this unison I can’t see him as being as much part of it as he claims. Mentally breaking Margery and starting a war to erase unreasonable elements…it’s just too insane. Problem is a lot of this is about something we can’t see or measure easily. Trying to measure the influence or if it’s a full merger of two beings is hard to do. Whatever the truth Yuji right now is an enemy that definitely has to be brought down. May be able to understand somewhat where his motivations are coming from, but he’s going to get a lot of people killed in the process.

The first of them could have easily been Margery this time around. Whatever tactical value she almost died right here and now. Using his knowledge about the Silver to break Margery’s mind and nearly have her contract broken in the process. May be able to argue that he thought she could be helped, but at the same time I doubt he cares. His only focus seems to be Shana and he’ll destroy and eliminate everything that stands in the way of his goal. His logic and insights are now being employed to coldly kill and destroy.

The truth about the silver had to be overwhelming for Margery to handle though. I mean she lived struggling and seeking that out. So much was sacrificed so she could live long enough to fight it. Instead she finds out it’s a part of her and in a sense something created by herself to accomplish what she physically couldn’t. The idea of her whole life being meaningless and her mission accomplished before she even started….I’m glad they managed to use Satou as something to ground Margery and someone she has to live for.

There’s no real emotion at all given when asked about his mother though we got some comments last episode from him about that. Still it seems to be a “I’m on my journey so who cares” kind of thing going on. Can only speculate on his plan here. Presumably to create a massive war that will settle things once and for all. If one side if eliminated that erases the conflict. Of course hard to see how his plan will do any good since more Guze will always come either to eat people or to create Flame Hazes to fight them. Unless he can close any link between their worlds it’s pointless. He may have a point about being unable to protect everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s right to set off a war either. He’s just putting those people at risk himself anyways.

Fighting Yuji now is utter ridiculous to do. He’s got an anti-flame ring, Reiji Maigo, and Blutsauger. So you can’t hit him with fire, he can recover at midnight, and has a sword that if you clash with it he can inflict wounds on you. Plus you add in the crazy power that he’s got right now and he’s just stupidly strong. All the things needed to protect him when weak now makes that body nearly impossible to topple. Have no idea why his hair is some kind of weapon, but whatever. The key here is the Bal Masque leader that’s part of Yuji. Guess he managed to reincarnate himself and escape that prison going into Yuji’s body. Clearly he hasn’t changed from what Alastor talked about and still tries to tamper with the very way the world functions. Whatever his exact plan it’s still trying to change the very world itself.

So Margery is down, Haridan is stolen, and Shana is captured. This whole situation is just nuts. Somehow Carmel has to go and rescue Shana on her own when that action should be predicted and so many powerful beings are hanging out where she is being held. This is just proving to be a crazy kind of mission from the start.

The action was pretty good though on some levels this Yuji situation is hard to wrap ones head around. I think it’s just too wild of a plot twist. We’ll have to see where things go from here, but I’m still just shaking my head at all of this.
Score: A-

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