Chiaki’s been working hard on getting the manga out, working against the deadline but without Yuu to help. But there’s Ritsu, Takano and Tori there to help. Yuu does show up and pretty much saves the day. Though he is noticeably cool towards Chiaki and leaves immediately after the deadline was met. One of the assistants has a crush on Yuu and Chiaki is a retard who still hasn’t figured out that Yuu likes HIM. WATTAY IDIOT. Said idiot passes out thanks to exhaustion and a fever and is dragged home (and taken care of for two days) by Tori.

Holy time lapses, so its been like a year since they hooked up. Chiaki wants to go on a trip with Tori but hes like “work first man” and our dense idiot doesn’t like that. And a tad petulantly states that he has more fun with Yuu (seriously, you are the worlds BIGGEST idiot and don’t deserve either one of these guys Chiaki) and asks who Yuu likes. Tori tells him to keep his nose outta Yuu’s business. Because Tori had left an envelope at his place, Chiaki calls the office and he finds out that Tori had actually taken some days off to take care of ill Chiaki. So Tori’s working the next two days and feeling a bit guilty, Chiaki gets to work himself.

Surprisingly, Yuu calls Chiaki up to talk about the assistant schedule and work. And its a day for revelations cause he finds out that Tori called Yuu for help. Though he’s not happy to be breaking his word to Tori (to not do anything alone with Yuu), Chiaki’s still happy to have made up with him. So they work like usual and after the assistants leave, they talk a bit. Yuu’s angry that Chiaki gives Tori more priority over him (especially during that onsen trip). Chiaki tries to change the topic to the girl who likes Yuu but hey wouldja look at that, Yuu is already aware of her feelings. Chiaki stupidly (and happily) says that he thinks that Yuu should go out with the girl but naturally, Yuu gets mad. He confronts Chiaki angrily and whats this? Chiaki…do you FINALLY get that Yuu likes you in a romantic sense? UNFORTUNATELY, just as Chiaki stutters that he likes Yuu too~ TORI enters the room (with some cake) and promptly turns around with a “good luck with your work”.

Naturally because he leaves Tori misses the part where Chiaki’s like “I dont think of you in a romantic sense”. Yuu asks him to think about it and leaves Chiaki at it. Chiaki’s working hard and Yuu’s acting like nothing’s wrong and Tori’s only talking to him through emails or faxes. Still, he mails Tori and asks him to meet him for a talk. Tori shows up and hes totally ready to hear Chiaki tell him that they’re breaking up. Tori’s all stating his case and that is when Chiaki’s so far non-existence spine jumps in and goes “NO. I AM HOMO ONLY FOR YOU. NO HOMO FOR EVERY OTHER GUY.”

Chiaki tells Tori to read between the lines which yeah, its a love confession pretty much. Yuu meanwhile is taking it surprisingly well that Chiaki wants to be friends buuuuut Tori’s not happy with it. like duh.


Score: B/A+

In which Chiaki grows a backbone….and then forgets to feed it and it dies. And I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, “FUCKING FINALLY YOU TWIT!” I mean DEAR GOD. HOW dense can you BE? Chiaki kinda redefined the term ‘dense idiot’. But hey, at least now he knows that Yuu like-likes him and wouldja look at that, he has deeper feelings for Tori than he first realized. Praise the Lord that it only took a year and not YEARS.

Em so … I’m not really a Tori/Chiaki fan…mostly cause of the rape scene. I mean, I’m sorry I can’t get behind that. I just can’t. And the lack of dealing with that particular scene has me more irritated than a man who was given an atomic wedgie. I mean GOOD GAWD. I just cannot CANNOT come to terms with the fact that Tori had raped Chiaki in the beginning (what was it? Chapter 3 of the first novel?) And not to mention that it seems SO out of character for Tori. And yet at the same time it kinda makes sense? Cause Tori’d always been the nice, sweet guy and then at that moment he snapped. Its not totally unheard of for that to happen. But come on. To NOT deal with that just irritates the fuck outta me.

tl;dr: I can’t get over the rape thing and thus cannot get behind Chiaki and Tori as a couple.

And i think Yuu can do better. Hell, even Tori can do better. I know you can’t help who you fall in love with but DEAR GOD, Chiaki? This dense as FUCK guy? Oye to the motherfucking VEY. You both must be masochists I swear. And Yuu? Still not giving up? . . . yep, masochist.

This week, more Chiaki and Tori and Yuu….whee /sarcasm

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