So I’ll be following the numbering as according to certain subs out there. So episode 14 = Season 02 ep 02



In this weeks episode, the Grinch….err I mean, Ritsu tries to balance his ‘BAH HUMBUG AT YOU CHRISTMAS’ while dealing with the deadline for the end of year publication. After much running around between the mangakas place, the office and the printers, Ritsu and the others manage to successfully complete their tasks. Ritsu is kinda happy that Takano trusts him to do his job but at the same time, hes still kinda wound up about the fact that they had sex (and he doesnt remember it).

Due to a slight miscommunication (read: Ritsu received the message to go home too late), Ritsu winds up in the elevator with Takano and Yokozawa (…..okay wow brain, why did you just give me an idea for a threesome with that line? Bless you brain, bless you~). Quietly tagging along (and wishing that he could just leave the two alone and go back on his own), Ritsu over hears something about someone’s birthday. When Yokozawa and Ritsu have a moment alone (Takano goes back to get something he forgot), Yokozawa reveals that its actually Takano’s birthday on the 24th (of Dec) AND that he and Takano are going out.  Shaken up by Yokozawa (yet again) telling him off and bullying him (what? thats what it is :I ), Ritsu goes home alone and keeps reminding himself that Takano’s business is Takano’s business and he has nothing to do with it. So he shouldn’t feel affected by it.

At the year end drinking party, the editors are cutting loose and just enjoying themselves but during the course of the entire evening, Takano doesn’t say a peep bout his up coming birthday. He does tease Ritsu a lot though. I mean, like duh. Still, Ritsu wishes him in advance which NAAAAAAAATURALLY winds up with Takano forcing Ritsu into accepting a ‘date’ for his birthday (as Takano’s birthday present cause Ritsu’s a stiny bastard who didnt even get him a gift. Not my words~) Ritsu keeps telling Takano to not expect him to go…Buuuuuuuuut come the birthday, HOW can you resist a man who is kicking at your front door, ringing the door bell AND calling your phone…AT THE SAME TIME?! YOU CAN’T LADIES, YOU CAN’T. For their date, Takano bundles the unwilling Ritsu into his car and they drive off.

Uncomfortable with the strained silence between them, Ritsu chooses to lie about some travel sickness and he dozes off in his seat. You’d think that a drive through the rain with your (not!) lover would be romantic but nope, its nothing but awkward for Ritsu. When Ritsu wakes up, he finds out that not only have they stopped but its snowing. As excited as a kid, Ritsu jumps out and admires the beautiful night view before him. Takano has to go and make the moment meaningful and deep by saying that he’s happy that he got to share this with Ritsu. Ritsu gets all embarrassed and boy DON’T DO THAT. I’ll eat you up T_T and wishes Takano a sincere happy birthday which winds up with him getting his brains kissed outta his head. Which turns into Ritsu mumbling out that Takano has Yokozawa already so maybe he should quit coming onto Takano.

Takano however explains that they USED TO go out and are not any more. It was more of a comfort thing between em and that’s all there was to it. And the deal with Yokozawa having Sorata is cause he took Sorata away from Takano cause of the reason “if you cant take care of yourself, how can you take care of another living creature” End of explanation. But Ritsu’s a silly little idiot and gets yelled at and is called a “DOU AHO!” Which is he….Takano lays it down straight : Hes NOT going out with Yokozawa. Yokozawa is JUST A FRIEND. And that no matter who he had dated, Takano couldnt forget about Ritsu. That he’s been in love with Ritsu for 10 years.

The pair get back into the car and are ready to go back when Takano reveals that he used to day dream bout his birthday when they were doing out. He bemusedly calls it a childish fantasy but Ritsu quietly admits that he used to entertain similar fantasies. Which leads to kissing and a really really sweet pre-sex moment and you can assume that they had hot monkey sex in the car. The next time they meet up at work, Ritsu DID NOT get that cake for Takano but DID get him a present. A very unsexy yet PRACTICAL present. Emphasis by Ritsu, not me. I mean….medicines? really Ritsu baby? REALLY? The pair banter in their usual way as they head into a new day at the office and its a cute happy ending~



Score: B+/A+

A cute episode where we see a lot of significant points coming up. Takano’s trust in Ritsu as an editor and how much Ritsu has already fallen for Takano. But is still firmly swimming upstream in denial over the whole thing 😐 Ritsu…honey…wake up and smell the coffee. Yer already way past the point of “i think i’m falling for him” and firmly entrenched within the ‘oh yeah im totally in love with him *blush blush*’ area kay? Other amusing antics in this episode have to be how Ritsu’s idea of Christmas has changed over the year, the editors getting together for a drink AND Takano yelling at Ritsu, calling him a big idiot. Oh yes, that was major win in my books. (Guess who will be planning to use that for her message alert tone?) And the ending…oh GOD that was such a sweet, heart warming ending!

As always, it was amusing as hell seeing the boys working on meeting the deadlines and griping like HELL through the whole experience. There is nothing more amusing than that seriously. I mean, who hasn’t been in that position where “Dear GOD I’ve got a work deadline and I’m working my ass off but MAN this job sucks cause of external negative externalities!” its just something you can really relate too and in a heartbeat to boot. Makes you really laugh in sympathy with the boys *pats them all on the back* Good work boys~

I’m startin to think that poor Ritsu was born under an unfortunate star. THAT or Fate really loves screwing around with his chain. I mean, managing to finish this job and heading back to the office and THEN finding out that he coulda gone home? Yeah that woulda been bad enough but noooooo. Fate goes “Ohnoz, i can make dis worse.” and then Ritsu has to go out with Takano…AND Yokozawa. Then Fate goes “trolololol U MAD BRUH” in the background (you can hear it if you pay close attention to the BGM~) and then Angst pipes up from the corner “Dude, this is my JAAAAAM” and makes Yokozawa go all “bitch you dont know nuthin bout ma man and yo’ here all up in his face and shit so imma tellin you dis once and fo’ all dat dis here is none o’ you’ business” (I have no idea why I gave Yokozawa a ghetto accent but it sounds really funny in my head). And Ritsu baby angsts as he becomes a bed worm and Fate and Angst high five in their corner as they share a bowl of popcorn.

The little fantasy that Ritsu had of the birthday. Uguuuu you precious precious baby let me love you please! *hugs Ritsu tightly* and that was just made so much more sweeter when Takano reveals that he entertained similar fantasies. *holds her head in her hands* Takano Masamune…Y U NO BE REAL? (y;A;)y SRSLY WHHHHRRRRYYYYYY! Takano really shows his best sides to Ritsu (and well…the worst too if you don’t like his teasing/flirting nature. Personally, I’d love that) but I think that Takano’s honest and forceful approach are really the only ways to get under Ritsu’s skin AND his defenses. Its really the only way to get through Ritsu’s dense head innit? Poor Takano-san…FIGHTO! *waves pom poms under his nose* Keep on kicking on Ritsu’s door while ringing his door bell AND calling his cell phone XD

For some strange reason, this episode made me fall in love with Katsuyuki-san all over again. IDEKW man. I mean, its Katsuyuki-san and I’ve adored him since he did Hagi in Blood+ but…this is just making me wanna cling to his voice as I fall to sleep. What is this strange power? D: … hope it doesnt go away or anything.

So…yeah. No car sex. I can already hear the screams of anger but i’ll be in the unpopular opinion corner and say that I’m glad they arn’t showing the sex. I mean, without the sex these scenes are a lot more…meaningful and sweeter to me. I think I may have teared up just a little when Takano teases Ritsu about the cake and takes a hold of his hand and tells him to keep his eyes on Takano. That…*whibbles and melts* oh dear God that was just too too sweet <3 I wish to find my own Takano Masamune one day ;A;AND THAT REMINDS ME. THAT FLUTE MUSIC *melts in her seat* Who is the music director for this series? And why the HELL haven’t I praised them enough for their work on this series? Its whimsical and romantic and touching in all the right places, playful and teasing in others and just gives such a greater depth to the scenes ;A; Music Director-san, HAVE MY LOVE!

So all the truth has been laid out straight to Ritsu. Yokozawa is JUST a friend AND Masamune is not only single but he is still in love with Ritsu. Which is the only approach with silly little Ritsu because he can’t really bring up any arguments against something presented so straight to him. And bless you Takano for saying what the rest of us have said at one point or another… “RITSU NO DOU AHO!” XD It was a beautiful moment yes it was~ And I am totally gonna rip Takano yelling that and using it on my phone. It’ll be beautiful~ A message comes and Takano yells “LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY TALK YOU DAMN IDIOT!” XD ITS BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! GENIUS I SAY! /end Yzma impersonation

The ending. Oh God. From when they both are in the elevator and Takano starts teasing Ritsu that he really feels loved and all the way till they’re in the office and the boys are teasing Ritsu about not working asihdaoishdsoahdsad *hugs them all* MY GOD YOU GAIZ ;A; The teasing, the bantering and all is just BEAUTIFUL. Poor Ritsu *ruffles his hair lovingly* you are just SO easy to tease baby XD

So next week…Chiaki?! BLEH. Be prepared for A LOT of ranting from my end. Seriously.

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