So, what exactly is Kimi to Boku about? Its about cute and adorable boys doing cute and adorable things. Interested? Go ahead and read this summary. Kimi to Boku is quickly on its way to becoming my favorite anime this season.


Summary: The episode starts out with 4 of our 5 main characters walking to high school for their new term with cherry blossoms in full bloom. We are present to Kaname, Shun, Yuta and Yuki (twins) as they have a small conversation and discussion about cherry blossoms in their hair. Later on, Yuta and Yuki pick on Kaname because  he wasted 100 yen (around $1.50 USD) on oolong tea, calling him a rich boy. The four boys the head on to the rooftop to eat their lunch. It is there that Kaname begins to whine about it being too windy and sand getting in his food. He is told off in a playful matter by the twins and Shun tries to cheer him up. The twins tease Kaname about how he used to be so cute as a pre-schooler and remind him of his crush on his then pre-school teacher.

Throught out the whole episode, we are shown adoringly cute flashbacks about their time in pre-school and how they used to worry and cry over small manners.  The main scene includes how they fret over who sleeps in the middles, since according to them, the person who sleeps in the middle loses years of their lifespan. After a bit of discussion, Kaname sleeps next to them so that they are an even number, hence nobody is the middle anymore. The twins however retort, saying that they do not like being both stuck in between next to each other, that it makes them feel as if they are only one. The boys change positions again, only this time the twins say that they can’t sleep unless they are sleeping next to each other. And so they move again. This time however, their pre-school teacher falls asleep next to them and so Shun is now on the middle. Shun’s adorable in this part as he’s trying to calm down but to no success. Kaname offers to talk about who should be in the middle and begins to cry. Shun begins to cry too saying that he didn’t know Kaname cared so much. It turns out that Kaname only offered and cried because the twins were staring evilly at him.

Back in the present, Kaname begins to say how Yuki (yellow sweater) is too unsocial and that he should join a club or else he will be missing a lot on his high school life.

With that said, the four boys begin their search for the perfect club for Yuki to join. They begin with the basketball club, where Yuki at first shows no interest in and doesn’t even bother to hide this fact. After a bit of provocation from Kaname’s part, Yuki shows off that he  is actually quite athletic and very good at playing basketball. They also visit other clubs such as Judo, swimming, and track but Yuki turns them all down, finding an excuse for not joining.

After a bit of discussion with one of their teachers, the boys decide to keep on searching for more clubs that Yuki can join. During their search, they end up in the tea club where Kaname and Yuki fight over a possible indirect kiss, making fun of Kaname on the way. After a while, the boys eventually give up. However, thanks to an off-hand comment made by Yuki about how he loves anime and manga, Kaname makes him join the manga club and leaves a bit frustrated. Shun tries to make peace with Yuki by telling him that Kaname is only worried about him. Yuki then joins the manga club only to find out that none of its members attend, making it basically a ghost club.

Impressions:  I started reading the manga a few months ago so I was really excited and looking forward to this anime and I can happily say that it did not disappoint. In fact, it actually surpassed my expectations. I laughed so many times during the whole episode and had the biggest smile plastered on my face. The twins are so hilarious and I just love how they pick on Kaname so much. But we all know they care about him in the end.

Also, the animation is so pretty and the atmosphere surrounding it just so serene and adorable. The seiyuus did an amazing job, although I’m not really liking Shun’s voice. I guess I was kind of expecting a softer voice to go with his sweet personality.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most is the grand entrance of Chizuru (the fifth main boy) since he and Yuki are my two favorite characters of this series.

What I liked the most was the ED. OMG, it’s beautiful! And the OP is so adorable and cute and I just feel like I need to spazz. Anyway, I’m already looking forward to the next episodes, I can’t wait! And for those of you that don’t know, Kimi to Boku is a two-cour series with 13 episodes each cour. The first cour is this one. The second cour will start airing in April.

So, comments? Did you like it? Did you not like it?

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