Summary Key Points:


  • Kotetsu and Barnaby vs the android as the other Heroes are helplessly watching (Kaede being held in the same room as Rotwang)
  • Kotetsu and Barnaby are unable to activate their powers yet and then Robo-Tiger pulls out a laser gun (dude, not fair!)
  • Saitou tries to hack into the robot’s programming and make it reboot (but the whole explanation kinda goes over Ben’s head)
  • The sponser’s are having an emergency meeting and Yuri recalls when he faced off Robo-Tiger and got laser’d
  • Maverick interrupts the meeting, telling the group that the Heroes are facing a terrorist situation but are working hard to protect the city
  • Yuri clearly is suspicious of the story Maverick just fed them
  • The Heroes are clearly fighting against their despair and trying not to give in
  • While Tiger and Bunny are pretty much dodging Robo-Tiger’s attacks and not really able to fight back
  • While Antonio has a close call, he still refrains from pushing the button
  • The boys manage to activate their powers and go on the offensive!
  • But their combined powers are not a match against Robo-Tiger! Not even the Good Luck Mode attack!
  • Blue Rose appears to come to a decision…she won’t press the button and will belive in Tiger and Bunny and their ties of friendship
  • Kaede meanwhile activated her NEXT powers and creates a sharp icicle to cut the bindings on her wrists
  • Kotetsu manages to grab Robo-Tiger from behind (holding it in place) as he urges Barnaby to grab the android’s gun and to shoot the robot
  • Barnaby shoots!
  • And that’s one android meant for the junk pile!
  • While Rotwang screams at the death of his precious robot and decides to kill all the Heroes BUT KAEDE saves the day by taking down Rotwang (by freezing his ass)
  • With the collars deactivated, the Heroes break out of their cells
  • Barnaby searches for Kotetsu…and finds out that the man has taken a good brunt of the hit
  • Kotetsu reveals that his powers have been on the decline for months and Barnaby scolds him for not telling him before
  • With difficulty, Kotetsu expresses his happiness at having been Barnaby’s partner and at being called by his name
  • Crying, Barnaby tells his partner to hold on and Kotetsu jokes that he’s being held way too close…and seemingly passes away in Barnaby’s arms
  • Saitou is still analyzing the data and they notice that they arn’t getting any signals from Kotetsu
  • Kaede runs into room…only to find her father lying in Barnaby’s arms and the blond crying


Score: A+/A+

I thought a few days after watching the episode my mind would be better able to review the episode but…not really nope. Still reeling from the ending of this episode and I have no clue what I really want to happen in the final episode now. Half of me is clinging desperately to hope while the other half of me is practically screaming for the angst. And then add to that the news that apparently the finale has one MEGA SUPER twist that will leave us shocked….color me completely emotionally fucked.

Dis episode….just…DIS EPISODE. DAT ENDING. Kotetsu….i half want you to actually be dead and half hope that you just passed out. I mean….Saitou said that he’s not getting a reading from Kotetsu’s suit sure but that could be cause most of the suit got blown away to kingdom-come by that laser gun right? Its plausible! Plus, the robot took the brunt of the attack so…its possible RIGHT?! RIGHT?! /half desperate. But at the same time…Kotetsu dying would just be the last straw for Barnaby wouldnt it? He’d have lost EVERYONE he’s cared about….at the hands of Maverick. Mega ultra super revenge trip anyone? I think that sounds positively delish~

I dunno bout the rest of you but the bit with the Heroes in that crazy Saw room…yeeeeeeeeah kinda couldnt take it too seriously. I mean, it was making me wanna giggle more than wanna truly worry.  I just found them worrying on the silly side. Course when Blue Rose breaks out the Power of Friendship speech, I was just “Yes! Thank you! Someone with sense talking here! She just stated the obvious thing here folks, praise to her! +100 points!” And has someone made a pervy track from Antonio’s breathing yet? *looks around hopefully*

Kaede. BAMF baby, BAMF. LOVED that Hadoken/Sub Zero pose btw *giggles* It was fab~ Reference aside, VERY much diggin that she was badass about the whole deal. She wasn’t a damsel in distress, she didn’t wait to be rescued. Heck, she was the rescuer and pretty much saved everyone’s ass. Atta girl baby! *claps and applauds* The heroes of this episode: Blue Rose and Kaede. The girls on this show, seriously. Blue Rose, sorry for every doubtin you man!

Rotwang, glad yer dealt with you anti-NEXT bastard T_T Enjoy your literal case of blue balls srsly. You deserve it. Though I can’t help but give him a small tip of the hat for giving his android a laser shotgun and that err…arm sword thingie. Wicked. VERY wicked. And kinda against the rules I mean….androids dont get THAT kool weapons D8 what the hell man!

So next week…..Eternal Immortality. Thats the vaguest episode title we’ve gotten to date and we all just speculate what it means to imply. Personally i think its reference to Maverick or Rotwang’s ‘ideology’. That you can kill/get rid of a person but their idea or ideology can live forever. Or perhaps its a reference to Kotetsu and the legacy he leaves behind? IDK *head scratching*

I’m really sad to see this series end though. I only started watching it around episode 11 (was half grateful and half peeved at myself for being so late) but man, the past few weeks have been one hell of a ride (partly cause the fandom is SO amazing) and I’ll be super down to say goodbye to Superhero Saturday ;-;

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