Natsume and his friends continue looking for mirror shards and must confront the hammer wielding youkai who wants the mirror.


It’s pretty hilarious that after all the time we spend watching Natsume, Tanuma, and Taki hunt for mirror fragments that Nyanko-Sensei just walks up with close to 90% of it. Of course he did have all those youkai doing work for him, although with their skills I assume he did have to do some work eventually. Hunting for the shards was pretty fun though. They had to hide what they were doing of course with hilarious excuses.

This was a good episode for the friendship between Natsume and Tanuma. Tanuma even for a bit got to see the world the same way that Natsume does. Not just seeing shadows and having bad feelings, but truly seeing things. It gives him insights into Natsume’s life and how he interacts with the youkai. Natsume as well learns the important of talking about what he experiences. Sure it might not all be good, but his friends want to know and won’t understand anything if he doesn’t talk to them. Dealing with these kinds of things together is just good for bringing people together. Can understand Natsume in that it’s less stressful when he’s possessed, but that’s just for him. It gives him a chance to see how others have to worry when he’s possessed. Taki did her part by worrying and creating those weird charms to help the guys. They might not have done much, but easy to tell how hard she tried for them.

Perhaps the funnest part of the episode was Tanuma shooting a beam at the hammer youkai. It really took him down for the rest of the night, but was pretty entertaining. I mean who wouldn’t like the chance to shoot a beam at someone :)? I suppose Tanuma was a bit drained though since that is a pretty wild thing to do.

The story of the youkai possessing Tanuma was nice to learn. She really was just trying to help her sick friend. Whether he’s still alive to be helped is uncertain, but she had to try. Getting the mirror was a terribly tough mission. Probably what hurt the most was that her friend sent her away without really saying anything. Sure she couldn’t do anything right then for him, but she’s rather know. Still at least it was because he cared and didn’t want to infect her too. It’d be nice to see her meet up with the guy, but we’ll just have to believe that everything worked alright for her.

Another good story for Natsume. The bonds he has with his friends are only going to get stronger and it was a good experience overall for Tanuma. It should be interesting to see what stories are being told during the rest of the series.
Score: A-

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