Summary Key Points:


  • Ringo pulls the futon back to reveal….NO ONE! The futon is EMPTY!
  • Next day in school, the boys talk to Tabuki and find out that Tabuki’s moving in with Yuri to a new place
  • Ringo despairs at this new development (while babbling her usual nonsense) and Shouma attempts to talk some sense into her
  • Kanba and Shouma discuss a new plan of action to get Ringo’s diary
  • Ringo visits the penguin display at the aquarium and winds up in the gift shop, where she hides to avoid running into her Dad and his new family
  • She accidentally over hears her Dad proposing! NANTO!
  • But Ringo refuses to give up, declaring that fate and destiny is still on her side (SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP) and that she will see Project M come into being!
  • Natsume continues to further her own plans
  • Shouma helps Ringo move back the second time and she tells him that she’ll let him borrow the diary if their next plan goes well
  • Ringo goes to visit Yuri and Tabuki’s place along with Shouma (along with a box of something she made)
  • Ringo’s gift is a home made curry-rice-shaped-Mont Blanc (with someone suspicious in it) and she offers it to Shouma as well
  • Within minutes, everyone is knocked out cause of the cake!
  • Crazed! Ringo drags Tabuki into the bedroom and disguises herself as Yuri, intent on raping Tabuki!
  • Shouma however has managed to drag himself into the bedroom and Ringo tells him about Project M…Project Maternity (SAY WHAT)
  • Shouma questions this whole crazy scheme and whats written in the diary and calls it a selfish delusion (WORD bro!)
  • But before Ringo can do anything more than stripping Tabuki down to his shorts, Shouma tackles Ringo (or attempts to)
  • Yuri shows up at the door (her plane was cancelled cause of the typhoon) and the teenagers beat a hasty retreat
  • Ringo blathers on her usual BS but Shouma’s had enough and he gives it to her. Straight up. Ringo does not appreciate it and gives it back just as well
  • Ringo walks away, Shouma grabs her by the arm to stop her and in the struggle, her diary falls down into the street
  • Ringo runs to get it. She picks it up.
  • A motorcyclist attempts to grab the diary from her hand!
  • Ringo is shocked by this development and walks into the street!
  • Shouma dives after her!


Score: A+/A+

Oh holy! Pass me that paper bag, imma gunna hyperventilate now. Shouma! My poor Shouma! I did want Ringo to wake up and smell the coffee beans but GOD DAMMIT, not like this! D: WHERE do I start with his episode because my frustration levels have reached new heights with this episode. Frustration towards a character and their….stubbornness and their supreme thick headedness. GYAH RINGO. I WANT TO SLAP YOU INTO NEXT WEEK! You stupid STUPID STUPID GIRL. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

The Shouma getting hit? ALL YOUR FAULT. You and your stupid were the cause of him being hurt like that and if he dies….OH IF HE DIES I HOPE Kanba will punch you out. Hell, I’m STILL gonna hope that he WILL punch your sorry scrawny little ass in the next episode. HOW has she NEVER thought that she can NEVER be Momoka. Momoka was Momoka and she is herself, she can NEVER replace or be her older sister. To think that she can do is so STUPID. STUPID STUPID STUPID. And secondly, she wants to restore her family back to the way it was? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE WEEK OLD ROSES GIRL. Your family cannot go back to the way it was! NEVER. If her Dad hadn’t proposed to that other lady, I’d have reckoned that she mighta had a chance. BUT NO. There is no chance. Her Dad has clearly moved on. As has her mother. Ringo is living in the past and she needed a wake up call of epic proportions to open those damn foolish eyes of hers. Course I never wanted or expected an act like this which would force her to face reality. I was hoping/thinking that someone would literally slap her and then yell at her/some sense into her. This….NO.


Other things that I cant take. Project…MATERNITY? SERIOUSLY? Oo;;;; Who is supposed to get pregnant AND WITH THAT? I keep thinking that it means that it signals the birth of some great Penguin King OTL But…SERIOUSLY? So…when Natsume said that she is also working to get Project M into gear, does that mean that she wants the same thing that Ringo does? And that Kanba could somehow be the key to Project M NOT being put into effect? And how does the penguindrum play into this? And the penguin spirit…does she want Project M to come into effect as well? Maybe its her who wants to come into this world and like will take over the kid once its born and then take over the world or something? Or is that all way too crazy?

This episode made me pity Ringo a bit. Shes had the unfortunate luck to over hear stuff that she has no business over hearing. Starting from that conversation between her parents and ending with her Dad proposing to another lady. But that feeling is fleeting if I’m honest. Because EVERY TIME she opens her mouth and starts RAVING about destiny and it being her fate, I just want to shove a gag into that stupid mouth of hers T_T I mean…has she heard herself talking? She sounds like one of those crazed zealots T_T You just back away from em as quick as you can! Cause you KNOW that they are CRAZIER than a barrel full of monkeys high on CRACK.

I have a theory on the boys and Himari….maybe Himari isnt their biological sister. I think that Himari’s parents and the boys parents used to be very good friends and Himari’s parents died when she was very very young and then the Takakura’s took her in/adopted her. And the boys were told that from now on, Himari would be their sister. Himari is not aware therefore that she is not related to the boys but THEY know that they arnt. And they both are in love with her but they want to stay a family/follow Himari’s wishes! Crazy theory? I think its not as crazy as it might appear. What Ringo taunts Shouma with in this episode clearly hints that them being a family is nothing but an illusion that the boys are fighting to maintain.

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