An unsealed youkai at Natsume’s school seeks to understand his secret.


It was interesting sending the series into Natsume’s school. He struggles so much with keeping secrets that putting him into that kind of situation would create a lot of stress on him. Tanuma is right that he doesn’t even tell Taki and him everything that’s going on. He hasn’t said anything about the Book of Friends and I suppose the only reason being is that he wants to keep that bond between him and Reiko to himself. Certainly no concerns of either of them misusing it after all. It’s a tough situation for Natsume since he’s gotten worse at lying and yet still lives while concealing things. To a certain degree he’ll always have to be like that though I’d hope eventually he will let them in on what’s going on in his life and what he can see. Anyways this episode was good to highlight how hard it is for Natsume and how worried he is about something big going on at the school.

There wasn’t much to understand about the youkai this time around. It did very little speaking after all. But clearly it wanted to understand Natsume’s secret since after all that kind of youkai has no need for secrets. The very concept of secrets is probably difficult for some youkai to understand. Humans of course have to live sometimes surrounded by lies and secrets as they live their lives. It’s better to be honest with others, but somehow it isn’t so simple. Of course the youkai wasn’t just after understanding, but actually targeting Natsume for his energy and power. Though the secret side of it is much more interesting to talk about :).

It was fun seeing how that festival turned out. Cross-dressing Taki looked just fine though she’s definitely best when looking like her regular self. Natsume was pretty popular though with his looks I’m not that surprised he was getting plenty of attention. Luckily the youkai involved in this episode was quickly dispatched by Nyanko and thus there wasn’t a great deal of danger directed at his friends. The end of the episode was good for some laughs since Taki going crazy over Nyanko is always hilarious. Good for Natsume, Taki, and Tanuma that they overall had a pretty good culture festival. Agree with Taki that they all have had problems with these kinds of events so working hard together now would be a good idea. Taki normally wouldn’t have too many problems, but certainly when she was cursed it was a terribly stressful time.

I liked the focus also on Nishimura and Kitamoto. While they don’t know about what he sees they are his closest normal friends. They could tell that something was bothering him and even went all the way over to his house to check up on him. Not sure what they think about Natsume’s strange actions other than him being a bit odd sometimes. Still it’s obvious how much they care about their friend. Funny how they were the ones who actually taught him how to ride a bike. It was a good message about Natsume’s past and how before moving there he didn’t have anyone he could trust. No way the relatives he was shuffled between would do anything like spend time and teach him how to ride. How angry they were at the end also showed how worried they were. He does some dangerous things sometimes and no surprise his friends get worried. On a lighter note watching Kitamura get all dere over Taki is always good fun :D.

Score: A-

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