Summary Key Points:


  • Kotetsu is ready to kick some Hero butt!
  • Barnaby and Robo!Wild Tiger are ready to fight but Maverick tells Barnaby to keep his kool
  • Kotetsu tries to get the other Heroes to remember him by….STRIKING A POSE! ITS NOT EFFECTIVE!
  • Kotetsu dodges multiple attacks from all the Heroes!
  • But he manages to reach the other Heroes by revealing some personal information
  • Blue Rose thinks that a guy like Kotetsu can’t be a murderer
  • Maverick calls Agnes, telling her his company’s heroes are on their way
  • Sky High grabs Kotetsu by the hand BUT KAEDE SHOWS UP ON THE SCENE!
  • As she screams to the Heroes to let her father go, her NEXT powers activate!
  • She uses her last copied power (Mavericks) and undo’s Maverick’s mind fuck on the Heroes! (as Maverick watches)
  • After questioning Kaede, now they know that Maverick is the villan!
  • BUT WAIT! Sky High touched/patted her head so does that mean….Kaede won’t be able to clean Barnaby’s memories now?!
  • The others try to talk Barnaby outta it and Kotetsu asks Kaede to try to use her NEXT powers to help clean Barnaby’s memory
  • Barnaby isnt in any mood to listen and attacks Kotetsu BUT ‘TONIO BLOCKS THE ATTACK!
  • The other Heroes stand up for Kotetsu, asking Barnaby to remember his partner
  • Kotetsu asks Antonio to look after Kaede in case something happens to him and challenges Barnaby to catch him!
  • Kaede is stopped from following her father and Barnaby by the others
  • Kotetsu crashes through a window and runs to Saito’s lab to grab his suit AND SAITOU REMEMBERED HIM!
  • Kotetsu gets into his own suit and bike and leads Barnaby on a bike chase
  • Wild Tiger transforms his bike into a sidecar and attaches it to Barnaby’s bike and asks if he still remembers
  • But of course Barnaby doesnt remember and their chase-fight continues
  • Robo!Wild Tiger goes up against the other Heroes!


Score: A+/A+

*screams at her screen* THAT CLIFFHANGER! ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. SUNRISE?! *flips tables in her rage* That..just….I’m gonna splutter here for a few minutes and try to get my rage in control. Cause DAT CLIFFHANGER. JUST. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ANYWAYS. This weeks episode can be summarized by the following line, which was said by bemysty on the Sternbild (spoilers) channel, “Kaede is a screwdriver! Bunny needs anger management classes! Kotetsu’s muscles look like silly putty!” It pretty much sums the whole episode up nicely I’d say XD But yeah, one HELL of a tense and exciting episode! I was holding my breath, gulping in worry at some points…and laughing my head off at Kotetsu’s dorkiness. Kotetsu, please never change.

Fair warning. I will abuse the CAPS tonight. A LOT. I HAVE A LOT TO SCREAM ABOUT.

Kotetsu trying to convince the others by striking that pose? ahahahahah WHAT? XD Kotetsu, you just proved once and for all, you will never be the brains of the partnership XD I mean, really? REALLY? Though when he started pointing out some personal stuff about each of the Heroes (like, Keith likes to suck the yolk of the egg first), I was like “YES THAT! THAT is the right approach!” (Course when Dragon Kid declares him a stalker, I lost it XD VERY hard) and I think it kinda figures that Blue Rose was the one who questioned what they were doing. But of course thats when Kaede crashes the party.

I wonder how Kaede wound up getting to where the others were come to think of…were there no cops or anything who were preventing civilians from getting too close to the Hero fight? I guess she got past em somehow….though, cue the BIGGEST scream of agony when the realization suddenly came that Kaede copied Keith’s powers. BIGGEST. FUCKING. SCREAM. EVER. I can’t blame Sky High for what happened I mean, NO ONE knew what Kaede’s power so he was just behind his adorable dorky self by patting her on the head. BUT STILL I SHALL SCREAM AND HEADDESK. And on the subject of screaming….Kaede screaming, activating her NEXT powers and cleaning/correcting the other Hero’s memories…okay, knew that would happen just didn’t think it’d happen like that. I think we all pretty much saw that coming after last week. In hindsight, shoulda considered this scenario as well. That all the Heroes would remember Kotetsu and then stand with him as Barnaby attacks him. Its the most dramatic approach you can go for I think.

SAITOU REMEMBERED HIM! *sobs and hugs the scientist* YOU ADORABLE ADORABLE MAN! You remembered him on your own! ;A; THATS SO AWESOME.Though…HOW DID he remember. He says that he remembers him cause of the suit… I guess I was right that if a mind fucked person is presented with the right stimulus, the mind control breaks but…just the suit itself? hnnnnn I dunno. Maybe Saitou had some files on the Heroes and he saw them? Or maybe Kaede’s memory correction blue ball of power covered the entire building? *scratches head in confusion*

For a moment I was worried that Kotetsu might hafta knock Saitou out or tie him up or something but NOPE ;w; SO HAPPY. And holy, his Bike transforming into the side car? TRANSFORMERS! ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! WICKED. Though, Kotetsu, you really REALLY need to think more about how Barnaby would remember you 😛 Though it IS a good approach to take Barnaby to places where they’ve had their more significant moments (read : OHIMESAMA DAKKO) Scuse me while I die laughing as I recall Barnaby’s reaction to being told that he did that to Kotetsu (“SURU WAKE NAI DARO!!”) Sorry Kotetsu, looks like that approach isnt working.

I can’t figure out if Sunrise was doing shoutouts to Matrix and Mission Impossible 2 in this episode or now. I mean, the whole bike chase reminded me of the bike-car chase in Matrix Reloaded and then the raised bridge thing. Admittedly, I groaned out loud when they showed the bridge. I just went “aw come on, dont make it so cliched!” BUT THEN THEY BOTH ENABLED GOOD FUCK LUCK MODE! AND THEY MEET MID-AIR. AND THE EPISODE ENDS. WHAT THE FUCK FUCK FUCK.

HOLY. HELL. SCARF.TAN. SHE SPEAKS SQUEAKS. I never thought that she’d be a speaking role! XD


It was just one HELL of a great episode! Sunrise is keeping the tension levels at a high and teh cliffhangers….as much as I hate em, are keeping the tension levels at a SUPER high. NEXT WEEK! Misfortunes never come singly! . . . that sounds ominous. What bad things are gonna happen next week? D: Is Kotetsu gonna be alright? UNLESS its linked to Barnaby….that when his memory gets fixed, he realizes that not only was Maverick the bad guy but also hes been manipulating him (and the other Heroes) and that he has to take him out, therefore, Barnaby now loses the last ‘parent’ figure hes got in life. Maybe THATS what the episode title means? Cause that would be more than one misfortune…..

Now, I’m gonna start working on a time machine so I can head to next Saturday already. WHO IS WITH ME?

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