Summary Key Points:


  • Shouma gives Ringo company underneath Tabuki’s apartment and they talk about Project M until Tabuki sends Ringo a mail
  • Tabuki invites Ringo to go see a show with him and Ringo gets ready for her date
  • The show they go to see? Yuri’s 😛
  • Tabuki is interested in meeting Yuri once the show ends but there’s too big of a crowd so he invites Ringo out for dinner…just the two of them.
  • BUT Yuri has already make reservations at a fancy restaurant and asks them to wait for her
  • Halfway during dinner, Yuri invites Ringo (and Shouma by extension) to a small party she’s having next Friday
  • Ringo tells Shouma to keep a close eye on the ‘black widow’ and Yuri drops a bombshell!
  • She declares her retirement from the troupe and her engagement to Tabuki!
  • Regardless of the announcement, Ringo holds onto her belief that her and Tabuki are still fated to be together
  • Kanba receives more money from the suspicious trench coated individual and asks if one of his (trenchcoat guys) people use the penguin marked bullet
  • Ringo and Shouma break into her school to perform (one HELL of a stupid) occult ritual  (involving this rare frog and its eggs) in the (vain) hopes to make this elixir which will make the drinkers be forever in love
  • After much ahem, tribulations, they DO manage to get the frog to lay some eggs buuuuut Ringo’s completely grossed out and No.2 eats the eggs. Cue a collective grimace
  • Penguin! Himari tells Shouma to do whatever it takes to get the Penguindrum!
  • Ringo meanwhile arrives to the conclusion that the best way to make things go her way is to bear Tabuki’s child
  • OY OY OY!


Score: B+/A+

In which you quickly revise your revised opinion of Ringo and think “Once a stalker girl, always a stalker girl.” but this is after you go “Well Ringo, how do you like DEM apples”. And also that shes just crackers. In the sense that shes just so completely and totally focused on doing this that its just NOT healthy. There’s still so much shrouded in the dark and its getting to be a bit….frustrating really. I mean, I want the pace to move at a slightly faster pace. Kanba seems to have some inside information about who the trench coat guy is but we dont. Why is that guy giving Kanba money anyways? What the hell has Kanba been doing while Shouma has been trailing around Ringo? WHAT is Project M anyways? *ruffles hair in agitation*

I suggest a drinking game. Every time someone mentions the word “destiny” or “fate”, take a shot. Its a sure shot that you’ll be sloshed by the end of every episode T_T I swear, if I hear Ringo say ‘LETS DESTINNNNYYYY’ one more time, I will….seriously consider punching my screen with all my strength. Dear GOD, just SHUT UP about it. You sound like a completely broken record. UGH.

so, Yuri and Tabuki are now engaged. Nanto :O Did NOT see that one coming (and in the related area OMG HAI THAR ROMI PAKU EEEEEIIIII!) and how very interesting. Y’ know, I get the feeling that maybe Tabuki’s on the bad side. Or not on the side of the siblings (and Ringo). I think maybe he’s working with Yuri towards the ‘wrong’ end of Project M. I think its possible that Tabuki lost all hope after Momoka died and thus, in his despair, he doesnt want Project M to go through OR he wants to pervert/destroy the results. Just a random crack theory that just hit me.

Oh dear GOD that crazy occult ritual. Ringo, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE, LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. Get a hobby, hang out with people your own age, BURN THAT DIARY. Dear GOD, I’m BEGGING you. Some semblance of normalcy is SEVERELY required in your life *shakes her* Wake up and smell the roses Ringo! Yer throwing yer life away! D: You are stalking a guy, living under his apartment, breaking and entering, ready to have non-con sex with him and bear his child! *tears her hair out* The message on the train was “know when to give up”! That’s a life lesson that you NEED to follow.

Poor Shouma having to put up with all this crazy OTL and I still get the bad bad BAD feeling that he will end up with Ringo and DEAR GOD D.N.W. Unless she really becomes normal and tosses her stalker girl tendencies out the window and into the River Thames. Its interesting that Natsume’s party also wants Project M to go through. I thought that her party wouldnt want it to go through…hnnnnnnnnnnn *contemplative head tilt*

Kanba’s plan to rely on Tabuki’s err…male instincts just kinda reeks of comedic failure in my books XD I mean, YES Shouma is good looking enough to seduce anyone (male or female) but i dunno…this wont end well at all XD AND SPEAKING of seducing, odds that Ringo pulls the futon back and sees Yuri cuddling with Tabuki? Or there’s no one there? I bet good money on either odd.

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